Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III coverage wrap-up

03 May, 2012
The Galaxy S III finally went official and it looks like it has what it takes to pick up, where the S II left off.

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  • Barney Tabasco

After all the hype, anything that Samsung announced was never going to live up to it.
Samsung seem to have pushed the features rather than the specification, which makes perfect sense to attract more mainstream customers that Apple now have.
Apple, after all, only push what their phones can do rather than releasing a "geek sheet".
Perhaps Samsung will now get more general respect and gain more market share over Apple that this product, in my opinion deserves.

  • Hamid_Hacker23579

I prefer android for the free source system,these systems that produced in the world can be unlocked like drinking a water,for example locked ios can easily be unlocked,i like apple product special in i pad not in cell phone,in tablet tech samsung and other maker cant be developed as apple and its clear because apple works on these project 4 years sooner than samsung i wish that android tablets can develop sooner,but in cell phon i hated i phones,u maybe know that apple is famous in the world as the limitation,for example u dont have any external port in i phone for memory hdmi etc,although u can use drop box as the lack of memory but naturally its a problem in iphone that has no external port,apples said that this is for more safety but u can see the virus backdoor.flash that destory anything in this ios just in one week,so at last as a result u must have a system that is free,and android is famous in the world as the FREE SOURCE i will promiss u that if the ios dont leave these limitation it will easily fail beside android just in 4 or 5 year after now

  • xman

I like this phone had previous galaxy s have moto razr ..I want to get s3 but I cannot believe that Samsung have still a plastic back ..if Samsung would choose better materials no one would touch they make a super phone...

  • Mobil1

Yani, 04 May 2012Damn you phone manufactuers !!! 1990 - Giant phones 2012 - Dej... moreYour comment is spot on.

I want a device that still fits in my pocket, with its first and foremost function being communication. I am partial to mobiles with a 4 in. display. They can make em' bigger than 4 in. but they need to reduce the size of the bezel and nix the hard keys.

  • N-addicted

Guys why don't stop complaining about the design, it's a super phone with 4.8" screen which is covering %99.5 of the front area, did you expect a grille in the front or a muffler in the back?!?
&99.9 of you will use a case for the phone so nobody is concerns about the back..
I'd rather drive a Prius with a GT-R engine than a Zonda with a 1.5 engine!

  • Anonymous

looks premium compare to S2 ... although the camera, flash and speaker position at the back feels like they ruin the overal design, the could have place it more aestheticly.. and the accessories looks match with it also.. looks like samsung is trying to build their iconic design in galaxy line up!

  • Eyedrop

I have been waiting for this phone for a long time now with all the rumours and leaked images was sure hoping S3 to kick ass. It does in most aspects but what I was disappointed about was its looks major let down and was hoping it to be a 12mp camera.

Jack, 04 May 2012I thought the Galaxy SIII design looked familiar too. Then I saw... moreyou're taking the "it looks like an iPhone" thing way to far with it looks like an iPhone 5 concept. I mean seriously dude. seriously?

  • sug

am a hardcore fan of Samsung galaxy series. used galaxy s and now s2.. but am so much disappointed with outer design of s3.. i know the hardware specs are amazing but it must also look good bcuz there are many other mobile with nearly same spces and looks even better then this like lg 4x and htc one x.
once the smartphones shifted to dual core we doesn't need much,only thing matters after that is increased battery life and memory and mainly it should be awesome looking..
wats with the girlish curved shape like corby...and on top of that it comes in white and blue. the body looks like cheep plastic even if its premium quality ..

  • vinnie

Yani, 04 May 2012Damn you phone manufactuers !!! 1990 - Giant phones 2012 - Dej... moreYou are absolutely right! Now you cannot find a decent 3.7" phone. It all has to be 4.3"-4.5"-4.8". I really dont want to put a TV in my pocket!!!

  • George London


I saw the event live to be very attentive to the full product presentation. There were things I did not like but that's normal for all the expectation and the rumors that had. But after a day every time I like more and everyone thought the same, when we begin to see the evidence we will be total mind possessed by this beast. Now think about changing my galaxy s II for this beauty.

  • Yani

Damn you phone manufactuers !!!
1990 - Giant phones
2012 - Deja vu all over again! --> giant phones
Try to fit your next flagship inside your first iteration flagship next time (SGS4 inside of SGS1 body with lager screen size and no buttons!).

  • Dmjb

Jack, 04 May 2012I thought the Galaxy SIII design looked familiar too. Then I saw... moreGot to say though - even with the similarity the Apple version just looks so much more beautiful!

  • Jack

I thought the Galaxy SIII design looked familiar too. Then I saw this blog


It does look a bit like one of the iPhone 5 concepts.

  • Dmjb

Dmjb, 04 May 2012I hav got to be honest and say that when this phone was first re... moreOh! And one more thing - there aren't many phones with the capability of 128Gb memory!! :-P

  • Dmjb

I hav got to be honest and say that when this phone was first revealed ( I watched it live ) my first reaction was 'shame about the back of it and the fact it's probably nasty plastic!' but I keep looking at it and forgetting those two points.. I also think it'll be a good idea to hold fire with the points of the spec sheet being rubbish - you may not think it has much to offer but I personally think this will be a great asset to us in the real world. I hope GSMArena review it soon - cause that's when we will get a bigger and better picture.

  • Sgs2/3

This Samsung Galaxy S3 Windows Phone 8 looks much better what Android ICS model:­/samsung-mandel-leak/gsmarena_001.jpg&idNews­=4207 ;)

  • rafi

moki, 04 May 2012good point my dear friend u have mentioned many new elements . Y... moreyes xps might not be equal if come t

zerengeti81, 04 May 2012The design is so fresh!!!!!! It's very unique from other sams... moreWTF. are you on drugs?!?! It looks like a Corby and just like its TouchWiz, its boring cheap and ugly.

LOL flagsheeeep...ha wat a crap mobile design. Shame