Black Friday deals are here and we picked out the best smartphone to get from Amazon US

Peter, 18 November 2022

Did you miss out on Amazon’s Prime Day sales? Well, it’s Black Friday now and prices have been slashed yet again – except this time you don’t need a Prime subscription to participate. Here are some of the best deals we found on Amazon US.

Of the major brands, Samsung and OnePlus were the ones most keen to participate. There were some Pixel 7 deals, but by the time we got to them all units were sold out (same with the Pixel Watch too).

Samsung offers a choice of foldable and rigid flagships. If you prefer the latter you can get a Galaxy S22 Ultra for under $1,000. Also, the Galaxy S22+ is the same price as the vanilla S22 due to a higher discount (its MSRP is $200 higher).

There is also the Galaxy S21 FE, if the S22 series is outside your budget. It's still a flagship phone (even though the Snapdragon 888 wasn't the best) and it will still get flagship software support.

Next up, the foldables. The Galaxy Z Fold4 is still quite expensive, no two ways about it. Its clamshell counterpart, the Galaxy Z Flip4, is down to just $800, not far above the S22/S22+.

If you’re in the market for tablets, you can pick from between high end and low end models. The Galaxy Tab S8 is an 11” slate with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and a 120Hz LCD display. Need more room? The Tab S8+ goes up to a 12.4” 120Hz AMOLED display (same chipset). Both have microSD slots, but we’d still probably get the 256GB versions (they cost $30 and $50 more, respectively).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

$150 off, 256GB version available for $30 more
$550 at Amazon US
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

$200 off, 256GB version available for $50 more
$700 at Amazon US

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE uses a weaker chipset, a Snapdragon 778G for this Wi-Fi model, but it is cheaper than the S8 duo and offers a 12.4” LCD (60Hz though).

You can also pick up a Keyboard Cover that is compatible with the Tab S8+ and S7 FE (it’s for 12.4” tablets, so it doesn’t fit the vanilla Tab S8).

Samsung Tablet Keyboard Cover

Samsung Tablet Keyboard Cover

Compatible with Tab S8+, S7 FE
$80 off
$80 at Amazon US

If you just want a cheap tablet, the Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 is a no-frills slate for $150. It still has an FHD+ display (16:10) and quad speakers, so it’s a great pick for streaming.

The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is down to $230 for a 40mm model and $260 for a 44mm one (both Wi-Fi only). There’s no rotating bezel, but this one has a larger battery with faster charging than the Watch4.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5

Samsung Galaxy Watch5

40mm, Wi-Fi
$50 off, 44mm available for $260
Read our review
$230 at Amazon US

Next up, OnePlus. The 10T packs a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, which faster and more efficient than the original 8 Gen 1 inside the Samsungs. This phone is cheaper too, $600 for a 6.7” 120Hz AMOLED display, plus it supports 125W fast charging.

The company also offers some 5G phones on the cheap. The Nord N20 5G is probably the better pick at $230 with an AMOLED display (60Hz) and Snapdragon 695. It has more RAM and storage to boot. The Nord N200 is $50 less, but it has a 90Hz LCD and a Snapdragon 480. Its battery is slightly larger (5,000mAh vs. 4,500mAh), but charges slower (18W vs. 33W).

Finally, a couple of TWS buds – the OnePlus Buds Pro for $80 or the Buds Z2 for $50. Both have Active Noise Cancellation and similar battery life. We have reviewed both and we found the Z2 a bit more comfortable as they are smaller, though everyone’s ears are different.

PS. keep in mind that Cyber Monday is coming in a few days, that tends to have more electronics deals (hence the name). If you didn’t find anything you liked above, check back on Monday.


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  • Nameless
  • 19 Nov 2022
  • 0xQ

who cares notch is 0,1mm bigger. S21FE is half the price of S22.

You can thank Putin.

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