Apple is unveiling the new iPhones on September 10

Vlad, 29 August 2019

As rumored before, Apple has scheduled its iPhone announcement event for September 10. It will take place in the Steve Jobs Theater at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California, at 10 AM local time.

The company has sent out the official invites to the event today, and you can see the included artwork below. Innovation seems to be the word of the day (or rather, of the year) so we're excited to see how that will feature in the new iPhones.

Apple is unveiling the new iPhones on September 10

According to past rumors, leaks, and speculation, we're expecting to see three new smartphones, each a successor to last year's iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The XS and XS Max replacements may be called iPhone Pro, and should get three rear cameras, while the XR's successor is said to make do with just two (which would still be 100% more cameras than on the XR's back).

Additionally, the selfie shooter may or may not have a 120fps slow-motion video capture option, and the Pro devices are said to feature reverse wireless charging of the AirPods' case. Screen-wise, don't expect a revolution. In fact, all three models should retain the same sizes and resolutions as their predecessors, and they may all stick with the Lightning port and not join the newest Pro iPads in the USB-C realm.

The A13 chip is sure to be included in the new phones, as well as Haptic Touch to replace 3D Touch. A wider-angle Face ID sensor may make the cut too, which would make unlocking easier to use with a wider variety of angles you hold your phone at. 5G connectivity is going to wait until 2020 in Apple-land, if previous mumblings are to be believed.



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Well zero but it doesnt matter where i am it matter where it is 5G coverage. Thos epeople would like to have a nice 5G phone. I give up my patience with apple long time ago.

  • Anonymous

What is the 5G coverage where you are again?

So now a 2000 bucks with no 5G phone with no SD support no jack no quickcharge or dash charge no USB-C and only LCD screen with bad reliability. Also no support for windows and without bloatware like Itunes the whole phone will not cooperate at al...

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