Current Nokia phones will not support Project Treble

Peter, 05 December 2017

New Nokia phones come with clean Android and a promise of fast updates, but it turns out they are still not equals to the Pixels – at least not as far as Project Treble is concerned. Here’s the deal: all current Nokia models (which launched with Android 7.x Nougat) will not get Treble.

While it is mandatory for devices launching with Oreo, it requires extra work for devices that came to life with an older version. It’s not impossible – the original Pixels got Treble (of course), but so did the Essential Phone along with the Huawei Honor 9 and Honor 8 Pro. Others – like OnePlus and HMD – are passing on Treble.

That said, HMD is committed to bring the new updates anyway, even though it will have to do more work. It seems that Treble requires a special partitioning of the internal storage that can’t be done over the air.

What’s the big deal anyway? Well, makers will have a much easier time porting new versions of Android to their phones with Treble in place. And even if they don’t, custom ROMs become a breeze.

Here’s an example from XDA: phhusson created a single system image that runs on phones from three different makers powered by two different chipsets. Most times you can’t even get the same ROM to run on different regional versions of the same phone.

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It seems that Treble requires /vendor which HMD didn't need, unlike phones filled bloatware like your S8. And it seems that making a comment requires comprehension and wisdom. You have neither.

  • Anonymous
  • 07 Dec 2017
  • vMf

agree!!!!!!!!! but what is treble?? LOL

Their update situation has got so much better in 2017. Even better than Samsung and LG. I own a P10 Plus, and I get monthly updates with new security patches! This is really good for a smartphone with a heavily skinned UI. Still not in the same leve...

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