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HTC Touch HD

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  • waelsh

great device,but lacks sliding keyboard which is important for business men.Hope they will add a version of HD containing this keyboard

  • Klamath

Just a tought. It not only competes with iPhone but it excells iPhone on most aspects. The iPhone is a phone designed for the masses and, therefore, lacks a lot of functionality that more advanced users miss.

Also, we'll finally have a good, beautifull and user-friendly device that doesn't fear to adopt well standardized interfaces and protocols like USB, 3.5 mm audio, A2DP, NO-ITUNES, mass storage, routable GPS API and, last but not least, COPY AND PASTE!

Let's all welcome the copy and paste revolution.

  • Anonymous

The 5MP camera has no flash ! I doubt HTC will be able to compete with the likes of SE, Samsung, Nokia in that respect

  • dat tech guy

the price is probably gonna be like 1G, but i will pay that for this beauty

  • unknown

well a great phone... i like this phone coz the screen is big. well when this phone launch and how much the price...?


  • Ziad

It's the phone that I look for. The options are exactly what i need no more no less. But I'm still waiting your reviews.

  • Anonymous

perfect phone. i am looking forward to buy it.


superb phone!

  • Saed102

anon, 30 Sep 2008If HTC make Touch HD version with slide keyboard, that will... moreI agree with Anon regarding the keyboard for the HD, but would like also to add a flash for the camera

  • anon

If HTC make Touch HD version with slide keyboard, that will be absolutely awesome.

  • varun

the mobile is excellent in all terms but it is rather rxpensive according to its features.
it is being booked on pre-launch basis at 619 EURO that is 890 dollars that is 41000 rupees

  • Tom

Can anyone tell hoe good or bad this csmers probably is? you seldom find a review of a HTC abd a good compare of the camera

  • nick

i dont think wireless N over wireless G would be that significant. i think the proccessor becomes the limitation.

also has wireless N really matured? you tell me cos im not actually sure!

  • Parab

if it is latest phone then y WI-FI is not supporting 802.11N

  • Moti

It looks as a very good cellphone especially with 288mb of internal ram, high speed cpu, 5mp camera, 3.8 screen and beautiful. I saw it in you tube.

  • TrueTenacity

The phone has 288mb of ram for user files, eg pictures, ringtones, songs, and your user files.

The other 512mb of ram is used by the operating system and running applications.

  • TrueTenacity

The user interface sluggishness is improving with every rom update from HTC... always ensure you have the latest rom update and your phone will most definitely be able to keep up with your fingers.

  • TrueTenacity

The Sunlight legibility of the phone is most definitely and absolutely not affected by the colour depth... that's affected by how the screen is made and how it displays the picture as well as reflecting sunlight.

The N95 and similar phones have excellent sunlight legibility because their screens are designed to use the sunlight to brighten the image... not all cellphone designers have craked this nifty trick yet which is why they don't all look so good in direct sunlight.

as for the colour depth issue... lets do a quick poll... how many people here would willingly sacrifice +- 1/4 of their battery life to in exchange for a 262k / 16m color screen, because the more colours the screen has to display the more power it's going to sap to do so... and driving 384 000 pixels to 16m colours is going to take quite a lot more power than powering those same pixels to only 65k colours... not to mention the probably bump up in power to the backlight to make sure you can enjoy all the colours.

another thing which is linked to the colour depth that i see no one has brough up is the viewing angle... the higher the colour depth the narrower the viewing angle on lcd displays.

  • Moti

Mohsen, 29 Sep 2008MEMORY! MEMORY! why there is no internal memory. And The ... moreWhat is the memory size that mentioned as 288 mb ram and 512 mb rom ?

  • JhorAVi

Almost perfect device. But why its only QVGA videorecording?? It has thesame processor as X1 but X1 can manage VGA 30fps videorecording. Did HTC intentional impair some of its capability just to avoid competition against its own products like diamond?