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  • Mohsen

why there is no internal memory.
And The buttons guy got a point too.
Other than that the phone is evil man!

  • TigerNight

Does it really have TV-out ??
it`s not mentioned in the official HTC site !!

Please correct me >>

  • hasan

Rizwan, 27 Sep 2008truly a perfect business phone. this phone is not for "owl phot... moream agree with u man..

  • John

Can wait for HTC Touch HD Pro (with QWERTY)....

  • Meteor


How much the price will be you think?

  • Anonymous

will the 3g on this work in usa in at&t network when released since the radio built in the touch pro does not work in usa.

  • Wil

I can't wait to see the review. This phone is definitely worth waiting for. Hope GSMArena write a comprehensive review about it when it hits the market! PLEASE!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2008this is an HTC *Touch* HD, which means you can touch the screen... morei know that it is called Touch to be touched...but there has to be at least one customizable button on the side.... i am sure taking pictures with the ToucH HD is not that easy because there is no camera button.
a jog dialer, a d-bad or an optic touch panel... one of these should have been included.

  • Anonymous

This is a nice phone with promising features. Specs and stuff aside though, i've been playin around with the diamond and find theres a slight lag in response that down to the processor?...if so then the diamond and the hd share the same chip and as well spec'd as this phone is it could let it down.
I don't wont an iphone but the responsiveness is so that just down to mac vs windows operating systems...?

  • Anonymous

I can agree with most of this:


You guys get more and more abolutely clueless and funny every day...

1. The human eyes and brain cannot and will NEVER be able to tell the difference between 64k colors or 16.8m colors!

2. Who cares about on-board storage, the iPhone has 8/16GB on board and it can NEVER be changed, the HTC comes with an SD card slot, so you can put in up to 32GB (current biggest card, bigger ones coming) and upgrade when needed.

3. The flash story is bit of a letdown I agree, but if you want the best in photography, get a dedicated camera.

4. They do not use cheap plastics on these phones. They're actually pretty rugged.

5. Lastly, for those of you touting the Xperia X1, that is *ALSO* an HTC phone just sold under a different name through another supplier. So at the moment, HTC's closest competition, is themselves...


1. The ONLY problem I have with the Touch HD is the screen. You CAN tell the difference between a 65k/256k/16m color screen. Compare the screens of a Nokia N95 classic, Sony Ericsson W960, and an HTC Touch Dual. They all have a 240x320 res, 2.6 inch display. The N95 has 16m colors, the W960 has 256k colors, and the Dual has 65k colors. In direct sunlight, the W960's and Dual's screens will be highly illegible, but the N95's 16m color screen will be perfectly legible. In normal lighting, the W960's and Dual's display will look washed out, while the N95's 16m color screen will show everything very vividly.

Is it true that WM limits the screen colors to 65k?

2. True, memory card slots are way better than onboard. Cards slots are totally customizable, and never limited (you can change cards whenever you like). But, 16gb onboard + a 32gb memory card would be very nice. The HD takes microSD, by the way, which is only up to 8gb (or possibly 16gb) at the moment. The 32gb is on the way.

3. I could care less about the flash. I've had my N95-1 for well over a year now, and I have never used the flash in a picture. I'm not sure if the story would be different or not if the N95 had Xenon rather than LED.

I don't have anything to say about #4 and #5.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2008this is a total beauty!!! its only lacking few more buttons... ... morethis is an HTC *Touch* HD, which means you can touch the screen (sick). Why do you need buttons after all?

  • Rizwan

Votings here are not reliable here

some phones with high scores are not still lunched!!like sony ericsson "XPERIA X1".

  • Rizwan

truly a perfect business phone.
this phone is not for "owl photographer" who
take a lot of picture in dark night with
this divice not for the KIDS.
PLZ,raed the "specifications" carefuly then
write any stupid comment on this "good phone"

  • jafar

htc phone lacks in its camera.its camera is good but its lacks flash ie xenon flash ,ie, for a big phone it is a great problem correct it in next phone?

  • jafar

the htc phone is very good but iit lacks its poweronly in one aspect.

  • Anonymous

to the person asking for software in order a pocket pc to be able to be a fax-machine...

go to the xdaforum... and search for the sofware.. or join gsmforum by frankz... you will get lots of software and firmware and upgraded "rom" there for your pocket pc.

it will make your pocket pc versatile... like you have your desktop with you always.

  • Hubba

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2008How can they even compare the HD to others the Htc HD doesnt h... moreThis phone DOES HAVE 3G, as you can read from the specs. HSDPA 900/2100 Mhz.

  • Hubba

'in order to be an iphone killers it needs...'
As you may see for yourself the iphone DOESN'T have a flash, nor 3-band 3G. So what's up with all that 'in order to be an iphone killer' crap? At least from the specs, this phone looks a lot more promising than the iphone 3g, IMHO.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2008In order to be a killer phone it needs: 4 Band GSM 3 Band on 3... moreI agree

  • Anonymous

How can they even compare the HD to others
the Htc HD doesnt have 3G, that sucks :(
So doesnt that make Samsung on Top of the list ?