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  • Anonymous

developing of mobile phomes stared with changing colors not camera!!!
first mobile phones were with white-black colors...after that 265 color...
4096 color... 65K(65.000)colors, 262K(262.000)colors,16M(16.000.000)color in the future it will be develop till 5B( colors are important?
with 5 megapixel camera with 16M color you can make dvd film by your mobile phone and you can watch it in your computer...
but you can not get dvd film with 8 megapixel or 12 megapixel camare with 65K.
after maximum 2 years you could get HD film from your mobile camre that it meeds minimum 5B(
changing display colors expensive than ching camera.HTC plays with us:))
somebody when see 5MP or 8MP camera and say WOW its SUPER phmen:)))
sony-ericsson has a 8MP came with 262K color.but can you make high quality film or picture with this phone? i dont think so:)))

  • z

RaXesh, 26 Sep 2008ppl say that its a amrt phone ? is it ? why it is not... moreWM 6

  • Karema

yea this is like the best htc phone coming out

  • Anonymous

In order to be a killer phone it needs:
4 Band GSM
3 Band on 3G
Include a Flash


  • Fax on HTC

I also will be interested what is the fax application, to make my GSM phone to act as a fax also ... is there really a windows mobile application that when somebody valls you you can give them a fax tone and get the fax on your mobile?

  • Anonymous

this is a total beauty!!!
its only lacking few more buttons... i wish they've added at least a jog button like the one in the TyTN!!!

  • Naga

HTC sucks... Beautiful phones, but they always have a lot of problems.... I tried a lot of HTC phones.... and suffered a lot of problems.... So sad....

  • RaXesh

ppl say that its a amrt phone ?

is it ?

why it is not labled in PDA ?

  • hamzah

ok like i was gonna get the diamond, but is this like the upgrade???

which HTC is the best???

  • Pro

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2008 What the hell is BMW and Toyota stuff included in here? w... moreCan you please let me know what is the program you downloaded for the fax?
I also have HTC touch pro, and I need to check this option.

Will my phone will act as a fax also, meaning my GSM number can receive fax?

Appreciate your help.

  • Anonymous

actually the screen color depth is 256k but its limited to 65k due to the windows mobile os, but still you cant tell the difference between the colors, and its saves battery life by using less color depth... and 65k on window mobile devices isn't bad as many people claim it is (its bad on older non window mobile phones, like the first colored screen phones, or cheap phones with small screens)

  • Anonymous

Sam, 24 Sep 2008Its a failure phone from start...HTC is making the same mis... moreThis is a phone with windows. windows is made for programs not just games. It looks like a great phone that has the software that can do alot of productive things.

  • Blaaat

very well said..

You guys get more and more abolutely clueless and funny every day...

1. The human eyes and brain cannot and will NEVER be able to tell the difference between 64k colors or 16.8m colors! (Actually u can see A BIT of a difference once u place the 2 screens 2gether... No big deal though like many people making it to be)

2. Who cares about on-board storage, the iPhone has 8/16GB on board and it can NEVER be changed, the HTC comes with an SD card slot, so you can put in up to 32GB (current biggest card, bigger ones coming) and upgrade when needed. --- YEP!!

3. The flash story is bit of a letdown I agree, but if you want the best in photography, get a dedicated camera.-- Exactly

4. They do not use cheap plastics on these phones. They're actually pretty rugged.

5. Lastly, for those of you touting the Xperia X1, that is *ALSO* an HTC phone just sold under a different name through another supplier. So at the moment, HTC's closest competition, is themselves... Lol.. basically

  • ugnak

Stop with the comments comparing the X1 and the Touch HD. The X1 is made by HTC, and it does in fact have fabulous specs. But HTC is not stupid, obviously they are going to keep the better stuff for themselves, thus releasing the Touch HD. The only real competitor of HTC IS HTC.

  • MbFnBy

TrueTenacity, 24 Sep 2008You guys get more and more abolutely clueless and funny eve... moreI cant tell the difference between a mobile with 16bit pixels(65k) and a mobile that states is has 16.8million colours... even on my laptop...which has an LCD....

  • Anonymous

gamer play by rotating fliping the phone thatnks to accelerometer or just get a bluetooth keyboard + tv out happy ?

  • Rizwan

i think this is a good phone with a lot of
features,good design,sturdy build quality..
low "voting results" for this "KING" is not
fair,because in my opinion HTC "HD" is
"deserving" for hefty points like......
Design- 9
Features- 9
Performance- 9
so plz, stop the "Disdain" for this "King"

  • JoE

Sam, 24 Sep 2008Its a failure phone from start...HTC is making the same mis... moreThis is a Mobile Smart Phone not a PSP.

  • anonymous

If you want to play games, why dont you spend your money on a 360 or ps3? much cheaper...and better gaming experience...i promise....

  • hehe

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2008Well, give us more incentive to buy others. It's not like ... moreThere are more sites for nokia like the xda dev ! There are alot of them ! try search for binpda