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  • Athe

I believe the WM OS only supports 16bit color depth. So it wouldnt be HTC's fault they dont have more.

  • Silvio Pacitti

Do we have a release month or even week? like we do with the SE X1? Its between the X1 and this phone but the fight might be won by who ever comes out 1st as I have been wating since 1st of aug to upgrade. Anyone have any news?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2008 What the hell is BMW and Toyota stuff included in here? we sho... moreCould you please mention what kind of fax software/plugin for htc you are using, i am interesting also ...

  • Preus

Touch HD, Omnia or Xperia X1 as an outsider. I guess one of those is my next phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Well, give us more incentive to buy others. It's not like HTC is the cheapest PDA phone on the market. To me, XDA developers is reason to buy HTC. They have a whole site dedicated for HTC product. Limitless support from the uber end users. Free OS upgrade is the most important part. Even if HTC decide its an End of Life for a model, you don't get stuck with an out dated OS. Phone/Sim unlock is also useful for many people with a carrier contract who want to bring the old phone to the new carrier. If the other have a site similar to XDA, I can switch.

  • scarnix

i was expecting 16M colours from the device. 65K is really disapointing, 3.8 inch screen useless with 65K. Same about the omnia i900.IMPROVE THE SCREEN MAN....

  • Anonymous

TrueTenacity, 24 Sep 2008You guys get more and more abolutely clueless and funny every da... moreDon't get me wrong. I still think 16 bit color is sufficient and I also prefer the speed over 24 bit. Not too many instance where the difference can be shown between 16 bit vs 24 bit. Here is the link.­shop

I am a MS Window guy, I don't know how to change color depth in Mac. After you have the link open, switch back and forth bewteen 16 bit color and 32 bit (same as 24 bit)in your display setting. You can see the ring in 16 bit but smooth transition from the lightest part to the darkest part in 32 bit. Here is the steps to change color in MS Windows, right click on any empty desktop area, select Properties, go to the Settings tap up on top, you can switch color bit in the Color quality drop down box. Most likely you don't need to reboot for it to take affect.

  • Anonymous

What the hell is BMW and Toyota stuff included in here? we should be commenting on this phone. the Champion of WM Phone. the HTC touch HD.

can iphone send a fax directly? or can it receive fax?-----NO

I have my HTC touc pro and i can send and receive fax data directly. its like i have my fax with me all the time. of course i downloaded a software.
i can even play any kinds of video format...

Bottom line.... Pocket PC(WM) is a true versatile champ over iphone. particularly HTC is the King of WM-phone maker.

  • Anonymous

billkgr, 23 Sep 2008Many people like reliability of Toyota than problematic Bmw for ... moreWhether it's 1.6 or 2.0. Consider how US put in the limit on anything. Most like that's the lower limit not the higher. As long as it stays within the limit, I am fine with that. Besides, it's still a myth that hasn't been proven. No news on if anyone actually was damaged by it or if it was the cause of death after we been using it for all these years. People who cross street has a chance to get run over by a car, people still do it. Like I said before, ozone is bad for you but only in quantity. It's nice to have the ability to think and all but there is a down side of over thinking.

  • Anonymous

nick, 24 Sep 2008no seriously, why would you spend 20,000 on car for a little BM... moreBuying a BM is not just buying a badge. Their break is excellent. If you need it to stop its stop, no delay. Breaking distance is short. Acceleration is also great, slap on the panel and it goes just like that, no delay. My old M3 has a 50/50 ratio makes the handling unmatch with any car. Sure, you can get all these with a Porsche but it costs a lot more and less luxury interior. I still regret switching over to the Lexus. It has all the problem mention above but it does have a better interior IMHO.

  • nick

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2008bmw over toyota anyday. you said "top of the range" (if there a... moreno seriously, why would you spend 20,000 on car for a little BMW badge? it is madness.

whats wrong with a ford mondeo? they never ever break down.

  • Anonymous

Sam, 24 Sep 2008Its a failure phone from start...HTC is making the same mistake ... moreyou probably want people to buy your company's games for htc touch hd. i'm sure people are fine with there not being a 4 way navigation key. this phone has TouchFlo and it is not a gaming console or a psp. if people cared so much about playing games on their phone, they would choose a different brand not htc as htc makes phones designed for mainly businessmen not game addicts.

  • Anonymous

nick, 23 Sep 2008lol yea i agree, bmw's are potentious rubbish where as toyotas j... morebmw over toyota anyday. you said "top of the range" (if there are any) toyota but you didn't say lower end or higher end bmw. bmw cars are not potentious rubbish infact they are very reliable. i'm sure if you gave the choice of a "top of the range" toyota and a "top of the range" bmw, the majority of the people would take the bmw.

so don't write rubbish about something that you don't have. you didn't even put thought into your comment.

  • Anonymous

Sam, 24 Sep 2008:) You are novice in WM it seems... almost 50% of the 3rd party ... moreEvery phone in the market stands out for diferent people and different uses, and i can tell you that WM and HTC were not meant for games no matter how many applications you can get.

if were talking about symbian you can see straight away that there are a lot more games available than WM.

So look at the HTC touch, it is geared for the business user who wants to take advantage of its business features and maybe watch a movie or play music,

not for a business person to sit there and play video games on their lunch break.

i dont believe you when you say the success of an OS relies on 3rd party apps, there are many more requirements an OS needs before we talk about games.

  • scoopyscoopy

I will choose between HTC Touch HD and SE X1 only. Nothing else...

They are coming soon anyway, so that I can compare them in real life...

I hope HD will be a winner as I don't like the keyboard.

Let's wait and see... but not for long..

  • Sam

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2008well maybe you're forgetting the point of it being a cellphone, ... more:) You are novice in WM it seems... almost 50% of the 3rd party applications are Games ! And many applications also uses 4-way button... People don't need a PS3 they want a all-in-one gadget with gaming, multimedia, smartphone support. Not adding a simple button it only draws the phone back alot... The thing that makes an Operating System popular is the large amount of 3rd party applications. The manufacturer who makes the compatibility an issue it only attracts negative experience to the users ... I have many customers who bought the Samsung i680 for example and they were very dissapointed for the un-standard screen resolution and the lack of a 4-way button wich made i680 incompatible with 80%+ of the today's 3rd party software. And YES, Nokia has experience and its smart enough not to do these mistakes ! Do you think Nokia doesn't have the technology to add sensitive buttons ? They do...but they know this would only limit their operating system ! The main rule is keep it standard !

  • Anonymous

iphone is doomed, even if it has a great interface.. if they keep selling the same old stuff with only marketing bullsh.. without carring about their customers expectations and without competing in technical innovation and features... Great work htc!!! A really competing company, with evolving products, giving us much more so many times.

  • Anonymous

Sam, 24 Sep 2008Its a failure phone from start...HTC is making the same mistake ... morewell maybe you're forgetting the point of it being a cellphone, not a PS3?

maybe they should add a 42 inch plasma cause i think that screen is a tad small for ya.

Think before you write, HTC makes the farthest thing from a gaming phone, do your research and goto NOKIA.

  • Sam

Its a failure phone from start...HTC is making the same mistake as Samsung by removing the 4 way controller button wich is so important in games playing. Without this controller no game will work for you! Bad move HTC ! Whats the point on having a WM device if not enjoying the 3rd party applications ? I am a games developer by the way. GameLoft Company