i-mate Ultimate 9502

i-mate Ultimate 9502

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  • anton

imate 9502 mobile phone belongs to me, I will restart suddenly appears on the screen align screen, I've followed the instructions to hit the target to align screen but up to 2 days is not what happens to the alignment screen instructions only continue so that my handphone can not be used, please help I

  • AnonD-15035

since 1 year i am using i-mate ultimate 9502.now i got problem,when i used after few second automatic switchoff.let me know what is the problem.i think problem in battery......now i am in qatar.can u help me to get accesories,especially battery,where i can get it
waiting ur regards

  • Anonymous

my phoneis not vibrating what can i do

  • Papie

I would like to have sreen n' how can I by, thanks alot

  • bineesh

Please help us to find out how to install the OS in I-mate 9502? Expecting the support

  • Max

I bought this imate 9502 Ultimate smartphone.

Can it read microSDHC (High Capacity) storage cards?

- or is it limited to microSD cards only?


  • Anonymous

how to install memory card in i-mate ultimate8502

  • SAM

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2010How to change the language from arabic to english?Go to MASTER CLEAR and at the time of installation deny the arabic aggrement.

  • devendra

i have a i mate mobile ultimate 9502 i want to change whole out side body because my mobile screen is crack how can i get this in bahrain to change

  • vishal

this phone usc video calling

  • Kabeer

I have 1 ultimate 9502,,nowadays battery not working well..So where Can I find it in UAE?

  • Matty

I changed my imate phone lock and can't remember password how do i fix this ??

  • mh

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2010I bought my imate 950 in qatar,like wise the battery does n... morebattery available at batteryupgrade site. U can get it online


QATAR RESIDENT, 23 Jul 2010hi , i have an imate 9502, i reside in qatar.. where did yo... moreiMate 9502 : http://rapidshare.com/files/12980756...NO_CP.rar.html
I am owner of i mate 9502 for more than 2 years.great phone but windows 6.0 are blast.untill i was found original version of 6.1 and i install it in my phone he was alived.before was slow and freezing for many times.it was not up to phone ,but bad 6.0 windows.go on rapidshare address download win 6.1 and install in your phone.they are original i mate windows.STRICTLY FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS and your i-mate will be supermachine

  • lito

my imate have problem on loading his system, when i try to reboot his system it hang on its configuration how to solve the system and change arabic to english...please help

  • isabel

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2010How to change the language from arabic to english?no es iposible que esté el sofware en idioma español, estoy en Perú y se me hace muy difícil manejarlo
¿Donde puedo conseguir un manual?
mi correo chabucalamasv@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

How to change the language from arabic to english?

  • Paul

How to change the language from arabic to english?

  • rahul

tap the screen to set up your window mobile based device. my phone displays this warning after switch on the phone

  • viperyankeemark

i have 9502 it just stop working evrytime i turn it on it only appear wd a blue screen written i-mate www.imate.com and thats it.how can i let it work again?