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Lenovo S850

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  • malaysiaku

guys..u need to upgrade software of this phone if u buy an AP set. If u want to know if the android original kitkat or not, go to setting,about phone and version information. click multiple time at ANDROID VERSION. it will appear kitkat and long press the K word at screen. it will appear jellybean instead of kitkat. i buy an AP set then i upgrade it to its original software. so far not facing any problem. works really fine for me.

  • Anonymous

Please don't buy this phone
Full of Network Problem

  • What is in a name

Where is the user manual for S850? I checked all over Lenovo's site and also on Google etc but cannot find it anywhere. Lenovo's site appears not at all user friendly. I sent them a mail inquiring about it but no response!!

  • Syi

hot chic, 31 Dec 2014is this phone can upgrade to kitkat? pls answer me.. Mine was already upgraded to KitKat version since I bought it for the first time last month. I guess you should ask the phone seller if you want to buy it. Perhaps, you should be gettin the original one too if you are really interested with this phone. Because I never have any problem with network like other user said in their comment previously.

  • charming patel munde

Network issue

  • wathan

don"t to used google

  • Anonymous

how to solve the network problem plz give me suggestion

  • sonu

abg john, 31 Dec 2014basically network problem such as losing signal not compile... morei have lenovo s850 handset but facing the network problem

  • Som

pls do not buy this phone, having 13MP camera but this are not good at all.
Heating problem,
Network Problem.

Good thing about this phone...
GUI, looks, touch experience are awesome.

  • Turtleme

This phone really disappoints me. I'm just using it for texting then suddenly it's not turning on. It's fully charged and i don't know what happened to this phone. I tried to connect it to the computer and still nothing happened.

Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks

  • Anonymous

Google Play Store ang gmail do not open when I connect through 3G, but they work when connected to wi fi

  • abg john

basically network problem such as losing signal not compile with the phone ,but with the sim card itself ..check ur own network coverage wit ur mobile service provider as im using it super fine.. i have 2 s850 and tested it one with 2g and one with 3g..so the network doesnt really have problem with the phone but the service provider..

  • hot chic

is this phone can upgrade to kitkat? pls answer me..

  • fireblade

I want an advise, I want to buy this phone but my problem is I've read a lots of native feedback about it's 3g app is it true or no, can I rely on it.

  • madscientist

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2014I wasted my whole pocket money for this pathetic phone :(can you tell the reason to that?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2014This phone is pathetic.. It's always have network problem,... moreI wasted my whole pocket money for this pathetic phone :(

  • Anonymous

ina, 23 Dec 2014how to make a video callThis phone is pathetic..
It's always have network problem, it's always hanging, and whenever i select silent mode it is getting changed automatic in general mode..
It is my humble request don't by dis phone

  • Syi

jina, 24 Dec 2014android updated to kitkat ?really? how to check that ? help... moreYou can try to look at the Setting. Then, choose ABOUT PHONE. After that, choose VERSION INFORMATION.If it stated there that your phone's android version is 4.4 then it is already upgraded into KitKat. If it still in 4.2, then it's still not uprgraded yet.

  • Anonymous

Heys guys please not west the money in this phone because it has network problem and this problem is not solve by the company

  • summy16

summy16, 25 Dec 2014Can anyone tell me if this has notification lightI bought dis phone 24t of Dec and I must confess, d phone is excellent, camera both front and back are super fine, battery is good, browsing speed very OK, very light in weight, notification light is at d back in lenovo logo, d WiFi is excellent even when u are far from d router and above all its user friendly. U will enjoy every beat of d phone, I even compare it with galaxy s4