Lenovo ZUK Z1

Lenovo ZUK Z1

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  • AnonD-307780

aandy, 06 Jun 2016Yes its having mainly hanging issue aftr ending d call scre... moresame problem i'm facing, returned to amazon.

  • Ritik

Everything is good. But sometimes after unlocking, screen gets blackout and doesn't respond for some time. It's irritating. I can't switch off directly bcoz battery is not detachable. Its a real struggle when this happens. Normally it happens when battery is low.

  • aandy

Yes its having mainly hanging issue aftr ending d call screen got hang some time n u shud restart mbl again n again n its jst irritating thts y i returned it.. Wanted to buy mi note 3 ..

  • AnonD-545772

guys i m having problem with the notification bar/status bar , sometimes it does not open / doesnt comes out
and sometimes it does .

  • Anonymous

I want to buy this phone.can anyone who has used the phone suggest me to buy it or not?

  • AnonD-545757

Does anyone having problem that back side vibrating while calling?
Pls reply

  • Anonymous

Somewhere I read that rooting this phone doesn't voids it's warranty. Is it true. If yes then is it written on warranty card or not?

  • AnonD-545728

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2016yes it does,hanging of phone is totaly depend on the person how you uses it.
best option is that watch zuk z1 review in youtube then u will get to know how smoother to use or how fast it is.

  • Avinash

shaz, 06 Jun 2016Can anyone plz... tell me does it supports OGT...Yes it supports, But you need to have type C converter since it do not have micro usb charging port

  • shaz

Can anyone plz... tell me does it supports OGT...

  • shaz

Can anyone plz... tell me does it supports OGT...

  • Richie

Good phone within 15k range, Highly recommended. Don't go with the comments. After 10days of usage I highly recommend this phone. Look for the youtube tricks to customize your phone to avoid heating problems, lags and sleep issues.

  • Aarya

Its a very good example of total failure, this mobile can be use for calling sometimes but specially made for making omlet fry on it
Bachelors can use for heating bath water provided that phone is water resistant.
Do not keep this phone near any inflamable material it can catch fire any time ,if you want to play games ,buy a burnol cream or use heat resistant handgloves
Battery charging is marvelous but draining with double speed of charging
Recomonded for enemies

  • muba

Shivai, 04 Jun 2016what are vr glasses? Which one to buy btw zuke z1 & mot... morePls by moto g

  • AnonD-545559

Hy guys just bought this phone couple of days back.....can some one say how to keep a separate lock screen and wallpaper.....coz there is only one option for wallpaper and after I keep one the lockscreen shows that wallpaper and I could see only a blurred screen as the wallpaper...saw some videos but those options are not pretty clear...

  • A

Worst phine ever invented!!!!
After a week suddenly stoped working with no option to turn on.
I sent it to the lab after 2 weeks got it back, worked perfectly for a all 2 days! And than the problem repeated it self.
I returned the phone for a full refund
Do not buy this phone!!!

  • AnonD-540321

After installing apps how much memory was available in zuk z1.

  • AnonD-545544

Bought this phone a week ago.This phone hangs out 3 times on first day after ending calls.But it got fixed by disabling the option double tap to wake up and sleep.Little bit heating issues due to heavy battery.Best and affordable phone under 15k. Perfect gaming phone.It supports high end games like nova 3,asaphalt 8 and various high end games.Battery stand by time is upto 6-7 hours on wifi connectivity and gaming.For normal user it will be upto 14 hours

  • Rahul

You must notice that first off all don't listen the trollers review on this device , if you have some problem you have option in settings it will solve your problems, more over the device giving lack of option in settongs , aslo some tips tricks available in YouTube..

  • Rahul

Arpit, 05 Jun 2016guyss!! this phone is coming with Official rom or Custom... moreROM is inbuilt no expandable option their, it is more enough to store the stuff in your device, im already using go for it...