Mobile World Congress 2019 recap: a list of all new smartphones

Peter, 03 March 2019

This was a hectic two weeks – the biggest gathering of smartphone manufacturers, the Mobile World Congress, did not disappoint this year. We’re including the phones from last Wednesday, even though they weren’t announced in Barcelona.

Even if you were keeping a close eye on the launches, chances are you didn’t see everything. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 or so of the most interesting devices (not counting prototypes) to be unveiled.

You’ll notice that MWC 2019 had two major themes – 5G and foldable phones. Neither is quite ready for prime time, but they will be in the hands of early adopters soon. Huawei even combined the two themes into one device, the Mate X.

Multi-camera setups are now a mainstay of modern smartphones, even the entry-level ones. Pop-up cameras are gaining popularity too, with the 32MP shooter on the vivo V15 Pro and the one on the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop – a big name for an even bigger phone.

We’ve also seen mobile displays evolve with the first 4K OLED screen (on the Xperia 1) and the first HDR10+ display (Galaxy S10’s Dynamic AMOLED display). Foldable phones are picking up, but ZTE tried to design a phone/watch hybrid with the nubia Alpha.

So, here’s the “What happened at MWC 2019” cheat sheet. The phones are listed roughly in order of popularity, though we tried to keep all phones from a brand grouped to make this long list easier to navigate (as we said, a lot happened these two weeks).


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 29 Mar 2020
  • 42J

Congratation. U finally found my old posts. But.. i havent change my mind yet. Sony's mobile business is hopeless. LMAO.

You hate tall long design, but all of the phone from any other brand all getting taller and longer such as 20:9 or 22:9 or China's weird 19.5:9 display ratio, so you should cry there until your beloved brand makes the shorter phone, you love shorter...

hardly any compact phone except the very costly galaxies or the very cheap nokia budget offerings..

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