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  • Anonymous

Guys , whats about d video quality ?

  • AnonD-21607

Enjoying the phone, just screen not very bright, hard to make out in daylight, even at maximum settings. My LG Optimus One has much brighter screen, though half the resolution & crispness. Froyo 2.2.2 updated & can't find FM Radio now, help?

  • weng

am a sony ericsson user, but am really interested to buy defy, have 1 question though, can i use defy for skype and ym video calling?
-- would really appreciate ur input. tnx..

  • pratik

guys m using dis phon n i really happy with this phone.....luv it....

  • buying this soon

Hey guys, i have researched about this phone alot, though i have a question, i know that hi end games are capable with this phone but is it after over clocking only ? i mean if i dont root my phone will i be able to play those HD games ? and also another question can i watch HD movies on this phone ??

waiting for your replies :):)

  • shv

hi frds im using defy but im unable to play youtube more then 12 seconds pls help me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Anonymous

Pallavjohn, 07 Sep 2011In specs it show 2 gb memory included ,so i wanna know it'... more2 gb rom + 2 gb card, total of 3.7 gb user avilable

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2011I'm going to buy a new mobile but I can't decide Samsung ... moreace is nothing infront of DEFY...definitely it will defies your needs

  • Anonymous

Moiz, 08 Sep 2011hey guys im really looking forward to buying this amazing p... morefirst you look at stylish design of defy .8.4 scored..than atrix...specs are good enough on defy+

  • Anonymous

AnonD-21379, 09 Sep 2011can u plz help me in the matter that how much it matters th... moredon't be foolish..defy has got good GPU

  • AnonD-19755

Defy HAS GPU in it, look at the Defy+ specs, they are exactly the same, or loot it up in Wikipedia (Motorola is lying about Defy specs) Stop asking in this OPINION and start searching the net., and

It also HAS smart dialing (in stock 2.2.2) or you can use other dialer from market.

It IS better than Galaxy ACE (except maybe camera on ACE is better)

You CAN play videos without converting them using MoboPlayer Free from market (though some videos may lag)
It WILL get 2.3 one way or the other. It already has CM7 and Moto leaked roms if you are not afraid to play wit it.

It HAS 2 GB internal memory, as well as a free 2 GB microSD card

  • AnonD-21379

Moiz, 08 Sep 2011hey guys im really looking forward to buying this amazing p... moresorry buddy, it dosent support so much formats, u have to convert them, it just support basic formats.

  • AnonD-21379

can u plz help me in the matter that how much it matters that defy dosent have gpu in it but other phones with less price have in them.
Plz help gonna buy it.

  • Moiz

hey guys im really looking forward to buying this amazing phone, though had some questions thought would share them with all of you :)
1) is it possible to watch movies transferred directly to the mobile from computer without converting, like .avi, or.flv..
2) will this mobile be too old if i buy it now, comparing to the growing speed of android..

though my main question is about watching movies...

please please reply...waiting for them :)

  • wish

I bought my defy 6 weeks ago and i`m happy with it. Why? Because:
- calling experience is good;
- is fast and not lagging;
- music player very good;
- camera is good in good light;
- battery stand for 3-4 days with two and a half calling hours, moderate internet browsing on 2g network and a few pictures made. Ofcourse when i installed a lot of applications from market + calling + playing 4-5 hours on it the battery last 12 hours;
- i updated to android 2.2 and rooted the phone;
- for extending my battery life i am using: juice defender on agressive profile, built in 2.2 Task Manager for Auto-End list to end selected applications after 2 minutes of inactivity, custom battery profile from battery manager and undervolted my processor with SetVsel;
- also using Task Killer pretty often to kill some apps.

Bad parts for me:
- no 720p or 1080p video recorder;
- gallery in data manager does a lot of internet traffic, no one knows why; managed to stop it by installing Droid Wall from market and block it, but this will also block you`re downloads;
- no smart dialing;
- i experienced twice black screens and nothing to do just to remove battery and start again. I don

  • Anonymous

I'm going to buy a new mobile but I can't decide
Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 OR Motorola DEFY
and if defy has a official upgrade to gingerbread
and if it has a Document editor and flash 10.2 support

  • Anonymous

what is the latest os available with it?
If its 2.2 android will it get an update of 2.3 as motorola is going to launch defy+ soon....

  • Niraj

I got motorola defy few days back.the defy is awsm but there is no loudspeaker for radio.guys does ur defy got loudspeaker for radio?

  • John

specs saying 2 gb internal memory n 2gb card included are they same or there is 2 gb ROM n 2gb card .. Pls clarify..////

  • Pallavjohn

In specs it show 2 gb memory included ,so i wanna know it's ROM or apart from that it's memory card ????