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  • AnonD-19755

AnonD-21093, 07 Sep 2011The Defy is a good phone. Not perfect but very good. Screen... moreOf course Defy has smart dialing... which version of android are you using?? Official froyo Android 2.2 has smart dialing, im using it right now.

  • AnonD-21093

:), 06 Sep 2011i am getting a new phone because my current iPhone 3GS has... moreThe Defy is a good phone. Not perfect but very good. Screen is large and clear, sound is good. Phone functions are OK but no smart dialling. Bluetooth is excellent and there is an edit facility for pictures. Browsing is generally fine. Downloading Apps speeds up some sites. Online use is battery hungry but aren't they all. Overall an easy 85/100 and for size, weight and robust quality I prefer this to the iPhone. The latter will of course do a good deal more and has considerably more Apps.

  • AnonD-19755

Just looking at the color of the Lens WILL NOT tell you the lens type. Use an app called CatLog, run it, Press the 'Home' button on your phone to go to the home screen, start your camera, close it, then open up CatLog again, search for CameraCommon, check if module is Bayer or SoC (Bayer is the better lens often referred to as 'red lens'

you can buy from eBay, seller gplanet at Rs. 13,990, his models are bayer module aka 'red lens', very good seller. i bought from him too... It comes in Orignal company pack With Bill so warranty can be availed.

Its sooo much better than Galaxy 551, better battery, better build, larger internal memory, larger screen, better resolution, much faster processor, better camera, HOW CAN YOU EVEN COMPARE TO Galaxy 551?? except if you want physical qwerty, then go for Galaxy 551

To play any video files, use MoboPlayer.. Android market has tons of apps,

Android OS does not need Antivirus till date, though there are a few starting to pop up, if you install apps from known sources, such as Google Market, then you are fine... for now :) but there are antivirus you can search in the android market

and for technical/software related queries, PEOPLE start reading the defy section in
They are THE authority on hacking Android and Windows phone. PERIOD

  • bony!!!

i heard abt the defect of earpiece in defy!!!! so plz can anyone tel me .....especialy user....!
most of the users said dat der was geting prblm in earpiece of defy after 2-4 weeks of buying......!!! is this true? tell me ...

  • Nina

AnonD-20856, 06 Sep 2011Just look at the lens of your camera under room light, if i... moreWow.. is that simple.. Thanks Dav. I was looking for some manuals to find the lens type :)

  • sathya

anupam, 05 Sep 2011if ur fone goes slow or hang change ROM to miui miui 2.3.5... morehow to change the ROM?

  • AnonD-20996

utkarsh (again), 12 Aug 2011For indian users--i brought this phone for 14400 from delhi... morecould u please make an effort to give me his contact no.?i m interested in buying too..but i stay in mumbai the some of the vendor they sid it will cost me around 17400 which i way outta my budget.

  • AnonD-20996

AnonD-20005, 30 Aug 2011friends, last week i bought DEFY priced around 13k, toda... morefrom where u bought this phone..if u have bill with u then u can go for warranty..

  • AnonD-20856

Nina, 06 Sep 2011How to find the camera lens type as RED or Green?Just look at the lens of your camera under room light, if it is green/bluish green tint then u have a green lens Defy..if it has a red/orange tint then it is a red lens..

  • AnonD-20996

planning t buy this phone but i just want to know any trusted seller in mumbai ,india.Saw some comments saying they bought this phone for 14k in delhi,india
anyone from mumbai who bought this phone for price tag of 14k?pls contact

thank u in advance.

  • Nina

How to find the camera lens type as RED or Green?

  • Robin

The battery of my Defy which is 9.5 months old has developed a strange fault. Since the weekend it is taking a long time to charge up. A day's usage usually drains 60-70% of the battery and while this used to involve charging time of around 2 hours, it is now taking 6hours!!

Is this a common fault? Is it the battery or the charger?

Just wondering if users have experienced this.

Thanks for reading

  • :)

i am getting a new phone because my current iPhone 3GS has been smashed. i'm not looking for an iPhone because i am not really liking them. i might be getting a samsung galaxy 551 or the motorola defy. what one should i get ?

  • Jigiee

AnonD-18832, 02 Sep 2011mabye it's just a virus.. cuz this phone got no problems ev... moreAll, Going to become the owner of Defy soon...Can anyone help me to find the best anti virus to be installed?

  • abhishek4625

It is the best I have ever seen in this price range and also good battery life,better than any android mobile

  • anupam

if ur fone goes slow or hang change ROM to miui
miui 2.3.5 is awesome upgrade for ur fone

  • AnonD-20856

mano, 31 Aug 2011guys plz can some1 tel me whether its btr to upgrade to 2.3... moreCM7 automatically overclocks your Defy to 1Ghz and also it is a Gingerbread rom.

  • AnonD-20575

Thanks Nik for sharing the link, although it didnt work at my end. Kindly check it out at your end.
And yea.. Kapil, I bought it for 14k just fortnight ago from Karol bagh.

  • AnonD-20575

Thanks Nik for sharing the link. But the link is not working. Kindly check at your end as well.
And yea.. I just bought it fortnight ago for 14k.

  • Anonymous

NIK 88, 03 Sep 2011Upgrade. Official upgrade to Froyo 2.2 already available fr... morefroyo update roll has already begun in may to all countries the time for 2.3