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  • PallavJohn

Can we play diff video format by default payer , if not is there any player available in the android market to play those files ..////

  • NIK 88

AnonD-20575, 03 Sep 2011Hey ya all, Firstly, thanks for sharing such useful comm... moreUpgrade. Official upgrade to Froyo 2.2 already available from Motorola, follow the link below. Choose the country you live in. Then choose DEFY. The instruction is very clear just follow.

  • kapil

AnonD-20005, 30 Aug 2011friends, last week i bought DEFY priced around 13k, toda... morecan you tell me the exact price you bought it for, any the place. I'm interested in buying one

  • AnonD-20575

Hey ya all,

Firstly, thanks for sharing such useful comments.
I own MotoDefy and I am unable to view the speed with the in-built GPS, even after switching on the GPS in the settings. Is there any official upgrade available to 2.2 for Defy.
Someone please help.

  • AnonD-20432

i don't know, but i feel it has a little bit hight SAR. plus i wanna know, if i can edit documents as i can view it or not >> thank you

  • AnonD-18832

AnonD-20005, 30 Aug 2011friends, last week i bought DEFY priced around 13k, toda... moremabye it's just a virus.. cuz this phone got no problems ever.. try to install an anti-virus on your mobile..

  • Anonymous

nice0killer, 01 Sep 2011which phon is better than? x10 or DEFY x10 got poor display 256k colour and see the comparison on youtube defy Vs x10

  • nice0killer

which phon is better than?
x10 or DEFY

  • Anonymous

mano, 31 Aug 2011guys plz can some1 tel me whether its btr to upgrade to 2.3... moreflash cm7 that would be better because it comes with need to overclock 1.2 it will harm your hardware in future

  • Ovais

I bought one after going through a lot of reviews and i must say i am not disappointed with this phone. It's an amazingly reliable phone with a rich feature set. It's a good value for money !!

  • mano

guys plz can some1 tel me whether its btr to upgrade to 2.3.4 cm7 or overclock it to 1 or 1.2 ghz. or both r same. will procesr increase if jus upgrade to cm7 , is dat suffficient or increasing processr is a seperate thing to b done.???plz help me out guys i ll b really pleased.. thanku

  • Anonymous

Pk , 30 Aug 2011Can it be used as a data modem to browse internet on ur pc?yes, but you need pdanet on your phone and pdanet desktop on your pc.

  • AnonD-19755

It can be used as a data modem (to share your phone's 3g or GPRS internet connection) using USB tethering or even a wireless hotspot using WiFi tethering.

And android has lots of apps that supports editing and opening pdf/excel/word/powerpoint such as Documents To Go, OfficeSuite Pro

As for rajz, who feels that he is cheated because his phone is acting weird, it could be related to a software issue, (almost sounds like it is overclocked too high), try performing a hard reset, (go to forums such as or and read around, ask for help)

  • AnonD-20005

last week i bought DEFY priced around 13k, today i've opened it... got a basket of gift full of FRAUD.
when i entered 3G sim on it, it goes on the on-off loop. i changed the sim to airtel 2G but it badly hanged after 3 mins.. all the buttons stoped working. finally i removed the battery and restarted it with some home........ faced the same problem once again.

the whole battery discharged within 3 hrs.. when i left the phone hanged for a while, and became too hot to touch.

every effort to turn in ON go on veins...... i'm feeling totally cheated and embarrased.
my first android phone experience... nobody should ever get these type of experience.

please help me out........ i want a replacement of the product.. but motorola cc says... we'll repair it

is it justifiable to manufacture a faulty item....... and repair a mobile having life span of less than a day????

  • Pk

Can it be used as a data modem to browse internet on ur pc?

  • Pk

Hi all of course it is a great phone! I want to buy it, But I want to know whether there is any any document editor(word, excel, power point)and pdf reader?

  • x2

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2011Any one pls let me knw which are good earphones with mike t... morek850i (SE) cheers

  • AnonD-19755

amir, 29 Aug 2011today i will go to buy defy...but i have some questions pls... moreIn reply to your questions... it uses gorilla glass, so yes it is scratch resistant (not un-scratch able but really hard to scratch),

and battery is acceptable for an android phone.

You cannot "upgrade" the processor but it is the same chip used in many other phones clocked at 1Ghz, so you can overclock it to 1ghz safely (you need to root your phone), some have even clocked it to 1.2Ghz safely...

as for android 2.3, it is supported, currently there are CyanogenMod7 Roms as well as leaked 2.3 ROMS that can be used on Defy, more will come later, and since it is the same chipset as Defy+, the ROMS will hopefully be compatible.

All these can be achieved if you are willing to get your hands "dirty" by rooting and installing custom recovery (yes it will void warranty), if not, then you need to stick to the original ROM and configuration which may be a bit slow.. :D

  • amir

today i will go to buy defy...but i have some questions pls help:
1- scratch resistant ??
2- battery?
3- can upgrade to 2.3 or not?
4- what about the processor ...i saw that many persons said : can upgrade to 1 ghz ??
5- the important : there is any problems with the upgrade operation out u.s.a like motorola quench or not??
plzzzz help as soon as possiple

  • Anonymous

mike, 28 Aug 2011wats d cureent price.? is it possible to upgrade as andr... moreyou can't upgrade to 2.3
Just 2.2 as max