Sharp announces 5.5 4K LCD with crazy 806ppi density

13 April, 2015
The panel won't enter mass production until 2016, devices using it will take even longer to arrive.

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  • Ahmedinoh

Let's see what battey (MAH) can handle that screen !

AnonD-135930, 13 Apr 2015In my opinion 760p is enough for 4.7", and 1080p for 5 and ... moreCouldn't agree more

  • AnonD-352374

Smaller pixels are used to create this panel than normal i think battery battery backup will not be a big issue.....i mean small pixels less energy.....

  • Anonymous

Please stop this nonsense!

(i have 65" 1080p tv) i won't even care about uhd on my phone, are you guys alright? 4k on a phone?
i got the feeling there are some people out there who will try to reason with this though.
all those battery,human eye capabilities,screen tearing on hi res videos, issues aside....
the problem is about when using high res screens lower res files would suck because of smaller pixels in comparison!!!!!
how would a hd or fhd content look on uhd or 4k?
not any good.
for example when i have lots of hd videos why would i go even for uhd????,sorry but i can't see it without the market full of high res contents,4k(then comes the storage capacity issues).when this market thing got fixed we can talk about battery,storage, graphic processing , human eyes & other things but before that,well.... i just can't see it through.

  • xps

Ritzie, 13 Apr 2015A 5.5" 4K IGZO LCD @ 806ppi density will require 5000 mAh m... moreIf you would have noticed I said "Al-ION"... Which is the type of battery that was in GSM blog. It is a lot thinner, lighter, flexible, and holds charge longer.­rough-aluminum-batteries/

xps, 13 Apr 2015"You would benefit from at most 765 ppi at your typical vie... moreA 5.5" 4K IGZO LCD @ 806ppi density will require 5000 mAh minimum battery.
Otherwise, you'll either set the brightness levels to zero (goodluck with Sun Legibility) or permanently plug it to a Power Source.

Assuming they have resolved the battery, Im pretty sure you'll complain of how "fat" it is... or how "heavy" it is...

You can't get everything you want with the current technology... people need to understand that.

  • xps

"You would benefit from at most 765 ppi at your typical viewing distance"

Finally a phone that goes over my required PPI! Lol.
With the new AL-Ion batteries hopefully we will start to see some better battery life before phones come with this sort of resolution.

  • AnonD-80583

It's all very good but can you put a little effort in making laptop displays better maybe a more affordable laptop with a fullHD o-led display that works fine. It will be so great if half as much effort was put in laptop technology. Plus Buying aa laptop is such a hectic thing to do we shell out $1000-1300 for a decent laptop that can play good games but they all come with pathetic displays with very awful viewing angles and blacks that look like dark shades of grey. Seriously AMOLEDs have made laptop displays intolerable. Although this not an AMOLED display but still if you get what i am saying.

AnonD-377835, 13 Apr 2015Wait soon samsung copy this too! Sharp is owned by samsung.

  • AnonD-92477

AnonD-131793, 13 Apr 2015Typical blinded haters. Google search for 4K Note 5.If you already learned how to google, please learn how to think as well.

  • Force Majeure

Finally! Now I can watch 4K vids on a mobile, I have waited for this. *NOT!* Now I only have to recharge the ever so shrinking battery every hour.

  • JY

Bet the battery lasts minutes

  • AnonD-147044

AnonD-131793, 13 Apr 2015Typical blinded haters. Google search for 4K Note 5.what are you trying to show us? screens with pixel density beyond 400ppi is the cancer that is killing battery life, no doubt.

and before you retort and say processors are getting more efficient: THe thing is that the additional processing power required to render the higher resolutions is NOT the main factor in additional power consumption due to high Ppi.

I'm not a blind hater at all, I actually KNOW alot about the topic and know that there is literally no benefit when applied in smartphones which are used as such.

  • AnonD-147044

Disgusting cancer.


I used to comment about unnecessary technologies that are being used in some smartphones and some of the commentators were barking like a dog. Do we really need such insane PPI in our phone? Do we really need a flexible screen panel? All we need in smartphone is that the batteries that can last at least 3 days with heavy use, stable softwares, and a top notch build quality. As for me, Full HD is more than enough..

  • AnonD-15182

what do I do with that? I don't find any difference in my G3(2K) & S4 1080p in general life.

  • AwwwYeah

I'm sure images will look .... sharp!

They should improve sunlight legibility, color accuracy, contrast... 1000PPI is useless if you can't see almost anything outdoors in bright sunlight.

  • AnonD-135930

In my opinion 760p is enough for 4.7", and 1080p for 5 and 5.5" display's... Anything more will ruin the performance of the GPU as it happened with the S6 and the iPhone 5s...