Nokia N8 gets lots of stick in early reviews, we wonder why

03 October, 2010
The Nokia N8 started shipping this week and reviews of the Finnish company's latest flagship are spreading like wildfire. Checking out the first batch of those we noticed a certain trend, which we cannot...

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  • Anonymous

Techradar sums up the N8 perfectly.

"If a smaller company like Acer had made the N8, we'd be congratulating it on an excellent device to build on in the future but this is the biggest mobile manufacturer in the world we're talking about here"

The N8 is ORDINARY. Hardly the "iphone killer" that everyone was talking about. That was the Galaxy S.

Poor Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2010This article is not professional. Just to attract ppl attention only. Oh really? "Not professional" is it? And tell me, is Engadget "professional" then, when they can't properly review as simple a thing as camera performance? GSMA is the most professional phone review site there is. Not being biased one way or another is the first sign of professionalism. Now be a good boy and run back to Gizmodo or Engadget where you originally came from. The people have spoken, and they love N8. The scumbags can have fun with their iPhones, we don't care.

  • route47

Hey everybody, i was not suprised to hear of this as i have noticed this anti nokia trend in reviews for some time (not soo much gsmarena but they do seem to judge flaws alot more than the apple iphone). I have also noticed how pissed people are and comparing how much attention nokia get in gsmarena's news posts its clear that these poor N8 reviews are a drop in the ocean (thanks to gsmarena for bringing this topic to light) and judging by how much attention the N8 is getting around the world it seems with symbian^3 OS ,N8 and E7 the company is headed on the rise again and these other review sites realise it and are trying to bring nokia down which is very unlikely. (gizmodo=epic fail)

  • Killersmith

[deleted post]Why depend on somebody else's has their own os...and the fact is...symbian is still the leader in smartfone market

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2010apple may have the american media behind them, but nokia has the... moreRight on! Props to you.

  • RJ11

i think it officially topped the record for most comments on a gsmarena news article!!
is the N8 HOT or what??!!

the last time it went over 1,000 comments was when steve jobs was bashing a Nokia N97 mini..
defending their own iCrap!! haha.. nonsense..

  • kamRan

all the mobile sites are taking i Phone's site like its their own made phone and make look extremely perfect and make n8 look like a stupid phone? why?
any one knows that n8is way more complete in technology than i phone that after 4 series it finally have some differentiates of course n8 is better... why

  • Jon SWE

"If you have been keeping track of our review comments section you would know that we are often accused of having an anti-Nokia bias."

I dont think GSMarena are Anti Noki, but sometimes just a little too much pro Apple...
And the pro Apple-bias is a big problem with much of the tech-media.

The pro Apple bias, gives Apple/iPhone an unfair amount of attention.
The pro Apple bias, means that in reviews of other phones certain features that iPhone is good as are done as a comparisson, but since inte not a comparisson, but a review, the things that iPhone are bad at, or at least not that good, are never mentioned.
And in a iPhone review Apple dont get critisism where it deserves.

That way it seems like iPhone is the ultimate reference.
The pinnacle of mobiles.

And by doing this over and over, the not so tech-oriented crowd is caught in the hype.
And even a lot of tech oriented people get caught in the hype, which makes them loose objectivity.
Sure there are some hardcore apple fans... but then there are hardcore fans of almost any brand. And the hardcore fans is not the problem.
Its all the others wrongfully convinced that the iPhone is such a great device. Its a pretty good device. But its not as great as media makes it out to be. The competition is strong. But the rest of the guys usually have an uphill battle against media. (And in media, especially printed media, Mac-computers are ofthen what used in the office).

But now apparently its turned really ugly... cause now reviewers are lying about other products. And do their best to put them in a bad light against the iPhone.

(cnet complains about a message telling them to contact there operator, because they dont have the internet-settings for their phone correctly, with a sim-locked phone, you dont get that message, but I sure hope you get something like that in a non simlocked iPhone as well. They also complain about the pop-up asking them if they want to use the connection, as most people dont have a fixed data-plan for mobiles, that is a good thing, I would want to think I was on my wifi at home, only to discover that the wifi was down and get a big bill in the mail)
(endagdet cant focus while taking pictures... and leaves the judgement up to the readers... knowing that the oversaturated colors and the boosted contrast of the iphone's picture is meant to pop, insted of fairly capturing whats there... a professional review would have talked about that, and would never have put those out of focus images up there in the first place)
(eldar was lying about the screen, and used a device that was far from release ready like it was a review of a release unit)

Its clearly gone to far this time.

The N8 is not great in every way, but the iPhone is not either.
Both have their downsides. Both have OSes with some quirks (android has some as well). Both have stronpoints against the other.

But the N8 is clearly a good device, and should get the reviews it deservers.

  • Xtc

Thousand comments for this article,wow!

  • Anonymous

apple may have the american media behind them, but nokia has the people

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2010This article is not professional. Just to attract ppl attention only. *coughs* Gizmodo *coughs*

  • carnival

I see some Fruit Companys really worried now.

  • yes ok

iphone is the best cel in the markett... i u r 6 years old... galaxy s is the best cel in the markett... problably right but the time will come

  • MK

You are right that people may be bashing Nokia because of the lousy predecessprs. I have been buying Nokia but of late, I have begun to feel short changed. N72-the best Nokia business phone has a 600MHZ processor while others are talking of 1GHZ and then this is pricey.

The beautiful phones that I bought over the last few years lacked sorely on features. The best Nokias were 6610 and the old 7610 which were in step with the times.

Nokia should worry more about its old customers' jumping to another bandwagon. It should atleast be at par with the best.

  • Dexter knows his tra

Here we have a real iPhone KILLER, Dexter takes care of that :)­nokia-n8-endorsed-by-homicidal-maniac/

  • Anonymous

kashish, 05 Oct 2010how is the touch screen of n8??....n how is the audio output,,,,... moreAbout N8 colors, Blue looks cool and then Silver.
Other colors are just ok ok :)

  • Anonymous

kashish, 05 Oct 2010how is the touch screen of n8??....n how is the audio output,,,,... moretouch response is pretty good. not comparable with any of the older symbian phones :) Audio quality is very good. It supports Dolby Digital Plus.

  • Anonymous

Vishal, 05 Oct 2010Yesterday i visted this site and found only 40 comments and afte... moreThis article is not professional. Just to attract ppl attention only.

  • kashish

how is the touch screen of n8??....n how is the audio output,,,,,n vich colour is the best,,,,please help me with it

  • akash from nepal

nokia release n8 worldwide(hurry)i want to capture snow leopard photo i like that beautiful animal very much