OnePlus 5 caught cheating on multi-core benchmarks

21 June 2017
The way it cheats is similar but not quite the same as the OnePlus 3 before it.

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Oh nooo, hopefully it won't repeat. Shame for OnePlus and everyone who do the same. Because finally are the customers, fans, etc, who will be cheated, misleaded, etc.

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AnonD-660490, 21 Jun 2017After snapdragon 800, i don't know what is going wrong with snap... moreYeah, I agree. I don't care for all the heat coming out of the SD8xx phones.

Good thing I have the Moto Z Play with a SD625, it run faster than my LG G6 with SD821 because of stock Android and have no heat.

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2017It can be considered cheating, as no user would be able to get t... moreNope, they can by playing games, compressing files, encoding videos etc. That XDA author is completely lost or just plain iD!*t and doesn't know what he is talking about. A valid benchmark test is to run the processor in full speed so it is important that you disable any power management. This exactly is what OP did. Again, would you say Ferrari is slow because the driver didn't fully step on the accelerator?

  • AnonD-678640

Bebe Rexha, 21 Jun 2017It's a flagship killer, because for an extra $300, you can get 4... moreDidint got your point or Sarcasm isnt it?
I think you are refering to XZ Premium whatsoever.
For that $300 you can buy another smartphone if thats your issue.

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For those wondering if this is cheating there is one simple way to reach a conclusion: does this limit-lifting happen in the real world, you know, the thing benchmarks attempt to measure? If the answer is no, it only happens while running those benchmarking apps, then you should already know better...

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AnonD-672407, 21 Jun 2017I wonder why people even buy these rubbish phones by rubbish dev... moreSay whatever you want but OnePlus is not rubbish. I bought my OnePlus One 3 years ago and still using it without any major issue. By this time my previous phones (Samsung Galaxy S series) were dead slow and had lots of issues, probably didn't even make it to the 3 year mark. Samsungs are much worse optimized and you still need to pay almost twice the money which is a rip off. Yes, the design may be nicer (although I could argue on the practicability) but then again, it depends on your taste and the camera may be better but the price Samsung ask for their phones is ridiculous. Looking at the price/value ratio, OnePlus is still number one for me.

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"single-core results are unchanged (still, most people just look at the multi-core result)"

That's what I always said (posted it in the comments several times). Most people are primitive and they just look for the highest number they can find in any benchmarks: the multi-core performance. They don't know the fact that single core performance is much more important.

Unfortunately, even GSMArena's old phone reviews (about 2015-14 or older) don't contain CPU single core benchmakrs (Geekbench 3 era) (also the GPU on-screen benchmarks were rare).

Shawn , 21 Jun 2017LG G6 or everyone's favorite s7 edge is the much better choice. ... moreThere is a dude, 3 posts under yours whose name is Alien. :D So you mean he would need 8 giga in his phone? :D
just kidding... :)

myname-is-trump, 21 Jun 2017because op5 is a real flagship killer !It's a flagship killer, because for an extra $300, you can get 4K HDR screen, stereo speakers, 960fps Slow Mo videos, LDAC, IP68 water and dust tight, SD Card Slot option, and definitely no benchmark cheating needed.

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RS84, 21 Jun 2017In terms of what for they were cheating? I much prefer call i... moreClearly it is not capable of these clock speeds if it reaches such high temperatures.

Super Typhoon, 21 Jun 2017If it's true then, the One Plus 5 is not just a Flagship Killer ... moreInnovative? In what way?

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After snapdragon 800, i don't know what is going wrong with snapdragon.. The only good chip set they produced are the 650,and 652.. everything else is causing massive heating problems. just like Mediatek. Only kirin and exynos are doing better year on year. Snapdragon,808,810,820,835.. everything is crap.

Um, did some Volkswagen engineers move to OnePlus in recent years?

  • AnonD-59657

Huawei is a very huge company. They can't afford to tarnish its brand by cheating.

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J o m s, 21 Jun 2017Stop spreading BS, this isn't cheating at all. If you want to te... moreIt can be considered cheating, as no user would be able to get that performance bump in normal operating conditions, its more akin to testing a Ferrari with a modification to remove governors, not the stock Ferrari, thereby your testing a modified Ferrari and telling consumers that it's stock.

If anything, this just is more evidence on how synthetic benchmarks are not the end all for performance, they're just a metric in which to gauge improvement within a series of devices.

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AnonD-145316, 21 Jun 2017The only Chinese Manufacturer that I trust is HUAWEI!!you mean those guys who sell you a device labelled as ufs 2.0 but giving you some old cheap emmc? yeah those ppl are really trustworthy

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J o m s, 21 Jun 2017Stop spreading BS, this isn't cheating at all. If you want to te... moretrue

Prometheous, 21 Jun 2017Not quite. I am from India and have just enough mullah for OP5 b... moreHold out for the LG G6, its a truly special device and it really does the whole dual camera thing right.. Its built like a tank and is a huge step up from the G5

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Apparently enough people, since they had the trouble to do this...

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The only Chinese Manufacturer that I trust is HUAWEI!!