Nokia N9 to miss on some major markets

30 June, 2011
The Nokia N9 certainly made a great first impression and a lot of people are eager to get their hands on it. That's why Nokia put up a webpage, that should help you find out when the device becomes available in your...

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  • AnonD-12379

* Breaking News *
After 2011 Nokia should make a new N70 part 2 . It should have 4.5 inch lcd touch screen, 64 GB phone memory, 2 GB ram, 2Ghz dual core processor, 12MP Back Camera, 5MP frond camera, 64 GB memory card support, mego os, infrared ,bluetooth, wifi, ovi maps, radio, .
It will made a history. May be The best smartphone of entire universe. If you are agree with me please post your opinion ,it will force Nokia to made this phone.

  • Tushar

not available in india (nokia's biggest market) ... stupid

  • jmyjln

They made an impressive hardware with a long waited Meego OS, supported by the linuw foundation, and after Elop saying that they will not release any other Meego devices, now they intend to ship it only in few countries, they're really stupid.
I want one anyway to be part of the Meego story.
Elop sucks.

  • SK

Arvind, 01 Jul 2011India - One of the largest market of nokia, not getting N9. S... morethere was a time when Nokia market share was around 90% in India and now it is around 49%, if Nokia doesn't launch N9 in India then it will shrink further no 1 will buy Windows mobile phone

  • AnonD-1322

y russia zzz nt included?????
G7 nly??????

  • Anonymous


  • AnonD-12138

yes. my country is there...but i will never get this device.

Who will take it in presence on Galaxy S2 & Android OS????


  • undercover_Brother

I have waited around 1-2 years for this phone. Now they are not releasing it in the UK. This is stupid...

  • ejhaykun

if this will release in my beloved phillipines, then sea ray will not? Hmm.. I wonder whats sea ray's tech specs.. To choose.. Ü

  • AnonD-8570

Aaron, 01 Jul 2011Guys, don't beg Nokia to sell their products to us. They should ... moreI agree 10000000 %.

  • Anonymous


  • Arvind

India - One of the largest market of nokia, not getting N9.


  • simple user

list is probably too short.. and wrong.

Anyone knows "SwitzerlanG French"??? ;-D

  • simple user

so who asked if Nokia will successfully fail with N9? :-)

  • nowave7

qwerty, 30 Jun 2011Romania gets it :)So does Serbia. If only I can dish out my entire paycheck to get a phone...
Don't think my wife would approve.... :)

  • Anonymous

n9 > SEA RAY.

all hail meego.

  • janu

very goood hedset

  • mark andrews

is it coming to South Africa? if Yes it just have to i mean come on nokia rules in South Africa. i want that phone

  • Jeeylu

Personally, I don't think that only these country will get the device.
It seems more like a poll to see how well recived is the hanset.
There are other reasons for not posting those countries. Nokia won't skip major market's, that's for sure.

  • AnonD-10768

If you don't see your country on the list, check your country's local Nokia website to see if it is there listed as "coming soon".

Like someone mentioned, Philippines is not listed but it is in Nokia's Philippine website. :)