Sony's Q2 2018 results are in - smartphone sales drop to 2 million

31 July 2018
Sony sees more than a 41% decline in total sales in Q2 2018 compared to last year's Q2.

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Anonymous, 01 Aug 2018OVERPRICED mid-range Sony phones for WEAKER specs where you... moreIn a way I agree.
What Huawei did with Honor brand is a way to go in midrange section....
An enitrely new branded line made in China only, with much cheaper parts, build and no RnD expanses, for lower competitive pricing, would be an excellent move for Sony now.
But knowing japanese buissness ethics and models...

    Denis Thomas, 01 Aug 2018We are hearing that since 2013 and it's 2018. You are borin... moreHe cant help it, its OCD related.

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      • PGq
      • 01 Aug 2018

      OVERPRICED mid-range Sony phones for WEAKER specs where you can get a DECENT phone from another brand for that same price.

        Brandstifter, 01 Aug 2018Well, while I liked the side scanner much more (who wouldn'... moreWasnt that one a disastorous decision?
        USA market obviously doesnt care, as it is ruled by Apple and Samsung anyways. And the rest of the world showed its opinion about it right there, on that sales chart...
        Although I am certain that jacking the headphone jack was the bigger mistake of the two.
        Heres hoping they seriously learn sth from this.

          Syel, 01 Aug 2018I always wonder how a big company like Sony still remain to... moreNothing is burning here, Sony as a company is doing excellent, just Mobile is struggling, but being the smallest operation of the whole, it aint such a problem for Sony as a whole.
          Some other companies that are only mobile oriented, or those that have much bigger mobile operations income dependency, would make more drastic negative moves, if faced with income negatives.(look at Htc)
          Sony Mobile is safe I believe, as long as the whole company is doing excellent.
          But even if going back to some Sony Ericcson scenario again, it would still remain what us users appreciate about it, same things us users appreciated back in SE era.

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            • 01 Aug 2018

            Anonymous, 31 Jul 2018Do you think it's related to their courage to drop the 3.5m... moreYes.

              Tann Hauser, 01 Aug 2018Yup, marketing... But if the havent figured it out in the ... moreWell, while I liked the side scanner much more (who wouldn't?), it's obvious that they had to move it to the back because of some patents in the US. They had to sell phones with disabled scanner there. So I guess they sacrificed it to improve American sales.
              That doesn't explain the position on XZ2 though. Why is it great on XZ2C and uncomfortable on XZ2?

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                • Ubersonic
                • L16
                • 01 Aug 2018

                A notable drop in the quality of products on offer is followed by a marked drop in sales? /shock

                I mean, make something worth replacing my Z3 Compact with and I will do it, but I'm not losing features/convinience just to brag I have a newer model.

                  • Syel
                  • wdK
                  • 01 Aug 2018

                  I always wonder how a big company like Sony still remain to stay sluggish without a care even when it's home is burning down!

                    Anonymous, 01 Aug 2018Rip sony mobile divisionWe are hearing that since 2013 and it's 2018. You are boring with the same copy pasted comments.
                    Sony smartphones aren't going anywhere, deal with it.

                      freespirit16680, 01 Aug 2018Every fool guy keep saying that SONY had a problem with the... moreYup, marketing...
                      But if the havent figured it out in the last 5 years, they will never figure it out.
                      Definitely wrong people at the top.
                      Competitor marketing includes among the usual audiovisual also: payed reviews, even antiSony reviews (Engadget, PhoneArena, Trusted Reviews... alike), gifting review sites, phoneshop payed stands and employee incentives, and I must say, even internet trolls...
                      And Im not making it up. One certain biggest phone company was found out doing all that already.
                      Sony, playing it fair and square, always...all the way to the bottom part of the list, despite top quality products...

                      But also, some decisions like those about headphone jack and fp scanner...are just wrong, fanbase did not appreciate that at all, and it definitely shows on this report.

                      Heres hoping, as I said on XZ2 release already, that they recieve this fanbase "smack" as serious constructive criticism, and return to their fanbase appreciated uniqueness and standouts in nearest future.

                      If they dont, its definitely Htc "curtains" for them.
                      Although excellent phones, equaly ununique looking but too expensive for mass market swarmed with cheaper
                      same looking alternatives, especially if cheaper ones retain the headphone jacks.

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                        • 01 Aug 2018

                        Nothing is like Sony believe me though i got galaxy A8 now cuz I'm forced to due to malfunctioning DJI app on any other phones except Iphone and Samsung

                          regs, 01 Aug 2018It cannot be IP65 and IP68 at the same time. Level 5 is wa... moreYou again? Didn't we tell you why you are wrong last time? Every smartphone company advices not to put a smartphone underwater. Simply because electronicw and water don't mix. Water resistant or not.

                          IP65 is water jet pressure resistant, and IP68 is water resistant underwater. They are different.
                          Of course it can be both and if in your device specifications it says IP65/68, it's both.

                          Where is the source of your claims?

                          As for calling me amateur, I'm working in a mobile shop and know my stuff, period. Check the igness protection sheet mo.ron.

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                            • 01 Aug 2018

                            Sony, make new compact phone with smaller bezels and size up to 130mm in height and I am going to buy it.

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                              • 01 Aug 2018

                              Rip sony mobile division

                                regs, 01 Aug 2018Masterpiece? Do you really believe this kind of marketing w... moreWhat kind of marketing? They fail even at selling awesome devices, they'd fail twice if they started producing poor ones again. Or perhaps their sales would rise, seeing that other companies have no issue selling poor devices.
                                And yes, while XZ2C has some minor flaws (no jack, fs on back), and XZ2 has even more (poor fs position, glass back), XZ2C is an actual masterpiece rivaled only by the Samsung flagship (S9 is a great phone despite having numerous issues of its own, being bigger and more expensive). Sony have finally made the perfect Compact, upgrading the stagnating series with dual SIM, 18:9 and much more ergonomic design (except fs position). Oh, and looks like they have hired their designers back, not relying on copying Lumia design anymore.
                                Two years ago I thought I'd never but a Sony phone again. But now that they've made something so much better than the competition I just don't see any other viable options. Well, other than buying an S9 and carrying a powerbank everywhere I go.

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                                  • 01 Aug 2018

                                  Luxor, 01 Aug 2018Sometimes I find it odd how the smart japanese not so smart... moreSmarter then you think, just watch there long term strategies.

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                                    • 01 Aug 2018

                                    Dave, 31 Jul 2018Understable when you can buy a variety of phones with good ... moreSometimes I find it odd how the smart japanese not so smart at doing this business.

                                      regs, 01 Aug 2018Again. It's a geek site. We don't care about a nameplate an... moreYes it's a geek site but you guys don't talk about specs and others thing. You only talk about looks which is ridiculous when all the other phones look like each other and Sony is the only wants the do something different. The bezels will be less by years but overall it has very great specs and good battery like the other phones but your here to talk about Sony

                                        wadia13, 01 Aug 2018I don't care about the marketing. As I said, I've handled m... moreIf you did handled they'r not justified because people don't talk about other companies mistakes not their negatives as Sony.
                                        I handled Sony and it's really good. It has everything and honestly it's about marketing. If Sony was so successful you and the people would not have talked about any negativity or anything else. You maybe personally would have said one or 2 things but at the end you would say that the is really really good and deserves to be bought.