Sony video teases phones with 3D ToF cameras

01 February 2019
Sony acquired the maker of DepthSense in 2015. A possibly related rumor claims next Xperia flagship will use α1 branding and offer lightning fast AF.

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  • AnonD-826051

Evolva, 06 Feb 2019I'm glad you asked. I personally have an xperia xz2 and my ... moreAnd also... It would be great if we move from this thread to XZ2 thread. This is the news about Time of Flight camera.

  • AnonD-826051

Evolva, 06 Feb 2019I'm glad you asked. I personally have an xperia xz2 and my ... moreOk, now I know. The problem is in me. Because that 5mpx selfie to me look worse than S9s selfie cam. Both in video and pictures. I didn't say it's bad, I just noticed according to my eyes and my taste, that that on S9 is better in my opinion. In most occasions S9 and XZ2 main camera are really close with results. Most of occasions XZ2 will produce better pictures in day-light situations, and most of night-shots will be better on S9. Not all, most of them. Yes I love Sony too, but do I have to be blinded Sony fan? Is everything just HAS to be better than other brand? XZ2 has their cons like every other phone maker. I mentioned selfie cam which isnt so bad as a con, especially if you don't use instagram. But there you go, Sony police arrived to arrest everyone with their different opinions. Someone like me who don't do selfies that doesn't matter. Also I don't listen to music on my phone, so I don't need 3.5mm jack and that is one of most mentioned "cons". What else? Ah yes, the retro design. It's different, but I like different so those are pros for me. I must mention reccoring in 4k hdr. Tell me, do you see your video sttuters a bit? I can't compare that with S9 as it doesn't have that feature. But it sttuters. Nothing big, but noticable. Also, there are still too long picture postprocessing, you know that circle after you take a pic. That was the thing on Xperia X. After me saying all the cons, If you could be so kind and tell me, what are your cons with this device? Don't tell me it's perfect.

  • Evolva

AnonD-826051, 05 Feb 2019So I am accused for trolling just because I share my experi... moreI'm glad you asked. I personally have an xperia xz2 and my two sisters and my best buddy are using note 9 and they all said it themselves that my camera is way better than theirs. They were amazed by how my xz2 puny 5mp selfie camera can produced so much more details than their camera to the extent they are not willing to look at their own photos anymore because they are shocked by the amounts of wrinkles and pimples on their face. As for you claiming being a just a normal person expressing just your own opinion, you failed to noticed that your so called just opinion can mislead other consumer to believe it as the truth. Everyone must be responsible in what they are saying especially when it will influence someone else's opinion and decision. If you are not sure or don't know then don't simply spew wrong information to others.

  • AnonD-826051

Evolva , 05 Feb 2019 This video tells a competel... moreSo I am accused for trolling just because I share my experience as ordinary consumer and that didn't match with some reviewer who said cameras on XZ3 are much superior than S9 or S9+. I'm talking about XZ2 and its weak selfie cam, yes I'm talking about recording in 4k HDR when image starts to stutter. And yes, his pictures were more natural to me. Maybe the problem is in me, I don't know... People are just unbelievable. Apparently no one can say his experience because... hey that reviewer said otherwise.... As I said, I have compare a lot of pictures in daylight and dark situations with both of devices. XZ2 and S9. I'm not talking about S9+ and XZ3, they are maybe similar but I don't have experience with those. I am not a tech reviewer like Pixel peepers are, nor do I know how to use manual mode properly. Results could be better with right use of knowledge in photography which I don't have and neither my friend does. I'm just a ordinary guy who goes on holiday trips with his wife and friends from work. I bet, there are many ordinary consumers like I am. Am I trolling just because of my honest opinion?

What phone do you have? Do you have XZ2? Did you compare pictures of your phone with someone you know who has a flagship model?

  • Evolva

AnonD-826051, 02 Feb 2019My friend at work has Galaxy S9. Besides S9 having 3.5mm ja... more

This video tells a competely different story where the galaxy S9+ which is supposed to be a more superior product than your. much praised s9 from Samsung is proved to be a product full of bulls*it marketing only without substance....Sony nails it hard and put S9+ to shame...I'im guessing you're just simply trolling

Amazing Sony.

  • lm

What a sad thing. Sorry dad, no cake, no balloons nobody is waiting for you at home only thing you can get is some stupid text on your phone...

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2019now this thing will reinvented by apple after few years and... moreNot even years
Apple may have the sensor in the front cameras by this year for this year iPhones , they will take the ToF tech for face unlock

  • Anonymous

now this thing will reinvented by apple after few years and suddenly become very famous among world

  • Cali

Awesome Sony.... Fabulous innovations!!

A concept? Pass...

If they have already the tech, why not just simply use existing AR apps and modify them to take advantage of this TOF to see just how much better is than current tech. I mean, look at the ikea app on newer iphones, it is impressive by itself; a slide of photos showing measures not so much...

I'm thinking if this can possibly be use in table top games like Dungeons and dragons.

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AnonD-826051, 02 Feb 2019My friend at work has Galaxy S9. Besides S9 having 3.5mm ja... moreWhat about performance? Sony is faster of course.

  • AnonD-826051

Shanti Dope, 02 Feb 2019Like they are better at producing unnatural colors and boos... moreMy friend at work has Galaxy S9. Besides S9 having 3.5mm jack and different design which looks better in my opinion, because it looks like XZ3 but more compact, they are really comparable devices.

In day light situations I would say XZ2 has upper hand with photos because it's natural colors. Video looks really good especially in FHD. Unless you use 4k HDR, when it starts to stutter a bit (sd845!?), everything is on pair or sligthly better then on S9 camera.
But in low light situations, I have to admit that S9 produces better pictures with more realistic colors and less noise.
And lastly, I am not a guy who take selfies or do video calling at all, but selfie cam on S9 is much better. In fact, in my opinion selfie cam is the biggest difference between them. That and night shots ofc.

  • Anonymous

Leading camera innovation.
How long for others to copy paste? Lol

UltimateZeroSeconds, 02 Feb 2019Sadly sony's competitors have greater camera quality.Like they are better at producing unnatural colors and boosting brightness way too much?

  • Anonymous

UltimateZeroSeconds, 02 Feb 2019Sadly sony's competitors have greater camera quality.Hmm even though they use sony’s Cameras sure...

This 3D thing Remains Me Of The Xperia Z Ultra

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Anonymous, 01 Feb 2019Dear GSMArena team ...... The device being called xz4 a... moreThere are already reports on geekbench about new XZ4, and we know it will come with Snapdragon 855, so it can't be the new XA line, it can only be XZ.

Btw.. I have Xperia X working great for 2 years and 4 months. Also I was worried about this outgoing trend with extra big screens since I want a compact phone. Xperia X is still compact size for me. But last year I have try the XZ2 in store and I was really suprised. I was sure my next phone would be Sony Compact because in my mind 153cm of hight was too much and 5.7 screen is unreachable for me to use it with one hand. Boy I was wrong... It fits so nicely in the hand, and almost I got the feel that's more handy then Xperia X. So I bought it. It is trully an amazing device and not so big as it looks on the picture.

Mojave, 02 Feb 2019Does that stop their phones from taking great pictures? Abs... moreSadly sony's competitors have greater camera quality.