Weekly poll: will you buy a 5G phone this year?

28 April 2019
5G networks are launching all over the world and there's a quickly growing number of 5G-capable flagships. But is it too early?

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  • Anonymous

First generation devices will be expensive and power-hungry, initial coverage will be patchy, and early adopter tarrifs will be high. 5G this year is a mug's game.

  • Anonym_517

Stay afloat on 4G, my cellphone is still 4G but even then it's still HSDPA, 4G isn't all evenly distributed in the world, it needs infrastructure and networks that exist in certain countries, if 5G ready sure it can spread throughout the world.

  • Anonymous

My country is starting to implement 5G, but i can't say that i'm all that excited for it, our 3 major carriers are pretty competitive so our speeds and coverage are pretty good. What i would rather see is better data plans, it's already hard not to burn through my 16GB within a month.

  • user

It's not worth it. Not only the 5G phones themselves are overpriced and will use a lot more battery while in 5G, the advantages will only available in very very select locations within cities. And in many of such locations there already is a fast 4G connection (speeds like ~200Mbps are very common in my place, at least), so the speedy 5G is not really as much of an advantage.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2019Lol you.are lucky. We didn't even have 4G in 2015 and we are.in ... moreThat's because you live in an ass-end EU country, just like me.

  • Anonymous

No need now. But I will buy in 2020 or later. I will buy just for having it. But I use only WiFi.

  • Arrr

I dont think so its worth buying 5g phones yet. As 5g is not yet optimised as it should be. In South Korea samsung s10 5g phone was facing connectivity issues and also speed issues. In my opinion, we should wait for atleast 1-1.5 years for a 5g phone as then there would also be a budgeted 5g phone then and also 5g pricing may become stable or same as it was with 4g.
There is still a long way to go chips and networks need to be optimised for 5g and muchmore. I think for a year or a year and half a 4g phone would be enough for an average user

  • Anonymous

Nope, not buying into first generation 5G chipsets. They will have inefficiencies and problems that will be worked out in later generations. I'll probably hop on board with the 3rd generation of 5G chips.

4G still have enormous potential. Still , 4G is not well optimized indoor at most networks. I live in the center of Bucharest and in my home i have only 2 bars of signal meter in 4G after so many years. We still need more 4G antennas in the crowded places of the big cities, on the roads, highways and they want to jump to 5G. Useless !!

  • Smith

Walter C. Dornez, 29 Apr 2019Hope they could fix the problems. They shouldn't have rushed it ... moreIf u want to implement 5G reduce to 1r2 connection in Country otherwise it will affect the birds. Recently Netherlands tested 5G many birds r died bcs of the radiation.

There should be a third option: I need a stable 4G connection first.

Zendroid, 29 Apr 2019Well, you can't beta test the galaxy fold, because that phone on... moreHope they could fix the problems. They shouldn't have rushed it though, they have a month and a half till the Mate X

hmm, 28 Apr 2019Most likely to show off that you have some gimmick feature that ... moreYeah, the lower latency does sound useful

  • cruizer

what does 5G bring aside from faster speed due to mmwave technology? mmwave is not very practical and it will likely only be usable in dense cities. does it use the frequency spectrum more optimally compared to 4G?

1% people can buy it without thinking, but 99% people must think twice.
First the Internet package and 5G smart phone must be expensive, second the signals coverage is not completely due to under developing setup for more antenna coverage area.

  • jay

I 'I'm fine with 4G' but that's the closest of the two choices because I'm not in the market for a new phone soon. If I were currently looking for a new, higher end phone, I would go 5G

Why should we buy a 5G phone when 4G connection of many carriers are often slower than Wi-Fi?

It's just a fancy gimmick as of now to show off that you have more money than brains, to show off that you have money to burn on a phone that cannot use its full connection speed anytime in the near future in most countries.

  • Anonymous

Just put "5G" sticker on my current cellphone.

  • Anonymous

We'll see how it goes with the battery life.

  • Anonymous

EE currently struggle to support me on my 20 mile commute each day. I'd like to see a few more 4g antenna first.