Weekly poll: will you buy a 5G phone this year?

28 April 2019
5G networks are launching all over the world and there's a quickly growing number of 5G-capable flagships. But is it too early?

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I more wonder why I should.

  • Anonymous

No, two reasons:
1. They rollout 5G in 2022 here, so no reason to buy a 5G Phone yet.
2. Most people have a 1-10gb plan. Why do I need 5G with 5Gb/sec speed? To go throw my plan in 1 or 2 seconds? xD

Walter C. Dornez, 28 Apr 2019Agreed. As it stands, 5G is in infancy. The only reason to buy a... moreWell, you can't beta test the galaxy fold, because that phone only lasts for a day. But hey, Samsung says it is a new feature. So they planned for it to happen.

  • Sarkirssian


I like my Huawei P9 Plus.

  • Moj

since my phone update road map is buy one use it for 2-3 year as main device than use it as secondary one so i do have note 8 and it is not that long ago i bought it hence i voted "I'm fine with 4G for now" but in my next update probably 2 years from now i'll definitely would get an 5G phone!
Also add that 5G does not available every where like 4G is now and in 2 year it would come close to it!

Mousey, 28 Apr 2019Fck 5G. It's a useless junk gimmick that's not only harmful to h... morequick, put your tin has on, the idiots are about spouting health problems with yet another generation of phone connectivity, you clowns surfaced at 2G, 3G, 4G spouting all your nonsense regarding RF Radiation and health problems, and yet here we are, its a proven fact that phone radiation isnt even dangerous for people, 5G is already expected to follow suit albeit with mmwave tech of course further study is advisable but stop wittering about health when you have no clue

wac, 28 Apr 2019It won't be a gimmick in a few years. But now - it is.no it isnt, it is a very real and new technology, gimmick is something that isnt real or not serious or downright stupid or have no value, this has a value and is a real product, the only difference here is that its not widespread, but gimmick it is not, especially if you live in a 5G area

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 28 Apr 2019Depends where you live bro. If you living in S.Korea the 5G netw... moreAha, that is true. I live in the US (Orlando, FL) where I believe Verizon is testing 5G but I'm on Sprint currently. I can still wait as I have Spectrum's local hotspots and the Wi-Fi at my home which are perfectly fine for fast speeds. Otherwise, I get great 4G LTE coverage out here.

  • just having beer

this year, or next year, or even following year, i will not get 5G phone. not worth it.

  • Anonymous

getting a new phone this year i will not change until 4 years later so dont really care about 5g. even if 5g comes in my country data plans dont worth it

  • hmm

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2019Lol you.are lucky. We didn't even have 4G in 2015 and we are.in ... moreI am in EU too in a small Northern country and well we have connection holes even in capital for 4G, but we have mostly all country covered with that and i have 15GB plan from my carrier for 7 Euro plus unlimited calls and text. I hardly use like 1-2GB a month but my connection plan before was like 250-500mb for a month and that was not enough. As many times i listened radio trough internet cause FM was stuttering or with static sound.

There are area where we have 5G for pack robots and self driving bus testing and evolving it. 4G can get up to 1TB of speeds so there is no need for 5G for just speed only.

I'm hyped about 5G, but as you guys have pointed out in another article, sadly it'll take 2-4 years to become fairly mainstream and affordable (in developed countries) - and of course, it will also very likely introduce a higher paid packages to receive higher speeds.

  • hmm

Walter C. Dornez, 28 Apr 2019Agreed. As it stands, 5G is in infancy. The only reason to buy a... moreMost likely to show off that you have some gimmick feature that isnt working cause there is no network for it. But when you get to area where it is you just have it but it's still useless.

I have a district for collage that have that 5G network up.
In few years even budget phones will have that 5G on them and wont be even higher price for the feature. 5G is more for industrial use or for self driving cars and buses.

Im living in Denmark EU, we will get 5g in 1-1½ because our government lick US government... guess where, so now Ericsson instead of Huawei will build 5g for us, so now we have to wait longer because of the US circus (damn paranoid folks out there).
In Switzerland, the whole country will have 5g in the end of the year... So very different and depend where we lives.
The day i can see i really have somthing i can use it for, THEN i will have 5g of course i will.
But now with 4g im capable to download with around 250 Mbps with my M20X where i live right now, i really dont have the needs for more.

Cancer hmmm, what do i know, but many in here do know or do u guys? :-)
I will get cancer if i am paranoid with all i do in my life.

  • T M

I won't for a while. 5G is a rushed to market gimmick at this point.

  • Anonymous

Dorsefrith, 28 Apr 2019Most of people will buy a 4G phone or will not buy any phone. I ... moreSo you thing your phone having early adoption of 5G hardware that not even tested with 5G network will work later on? LOL you are 100% wrong.
How could you predict a 5g hardware will work with 5G network which not even started and there are still many problems even with existing 4g bands which makes certain network unavailable.
Its better to not buy phone 5G phone now as i don't think early adoption of 5G hardware will work properly and the phones are more costly too

4G barely works in most of Brazil, and at speeds that would make 3G users pissed in most of Europe and US. The situation is so bad that we can't even have VoLTE yet!
I'm not bothering with 5G until I do have a real 4G, with real 4G speeds, and really decent coverage. And my guess is that most Brazilians feel the same way.

  • Andy

I'll probably wait a year or 2 before getting a 5G device

  • AnonD-784107

ProJames-CHM, 28 Apr 2019Wait, you PAID to get cancer before? Sounds like you got ripped ... moreYes totally agree. All these Muppets complaining about cancer and 5G. And there on 40 a day lol. Come back to when you have fact not cock and bull stories from wikileaks.

  • AnonD-784107

Personally I probably would not get a 5G phone. As like all emerging technology it will have teething problems. So the first year will be shocking. And the fact like in the UK. So nearest city will be Cardiff. So again when its more widespread.