Here's why the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ don't have a headphone jack

07 August 2019
The company anticipated the backlash, and thus had a few reasons at the ready.

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NotCory, 08 Aug 2019Then explain why Galaxy S10 5G/A70 have 4,500 mAh and M20/3... moreMan comparing a flagship with a low end device is bad you know???

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Alex272727, 08 Aug 2019Or maybe it's time to these companies get a big F U from cu... moreThe issue is that 99% buys it and doe not even realize it has no jack until after purchase... x-x

  • John

I think lack of the headphone jack is not a problem here, the problem is lacking innovations.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

They just killed the reason to buy this over a Huawei... x-x

  • Sam

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019They provide you with type-C earphones which you CAN use, i... moreOh nice, and try to play a game using your wired headphones (that is usually what to do while charging due to the high demanding comsumption) while it is charging on the wireless dock it'll be really fun...

Absolutely useless when is more needed.

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Worst - note - ever.. I'll rank it lower than the exploding... moreHey man your comments is copletely funny.
Would like to see some samsung CEO reading it and would like to see his face and what he is thinking.
Pass over it. Its not that big deal.
n the world much worse things happens every single day.

Vinz, 08 Aug 2019And yet they manage to make a phone with 4500mah with head... moreHey man pass over it they dont care anyway.
With money samsung earns every single day, they can buy you your family your town your people and you wouldnt care.
Its just that easy if you sells milion phones a day. And more than 20 milions of anything everything and all with samsung sticker on it daily.

Here we go to the party no jack no problem.
Expect the upcomming S11 line without jack as well.
There is no need for that big fat useless pointless hole whiich had no place and space in future like phones.
Samsung can go very well without it and they will do.
Other brands will follow soon.

We were forced to stick with non removable batteries and here we go are forced again to live without jack. People complain and companies doesnt care.
Its like always same story. Words are spoken and the bread is eaten and on the end of the day noone will bother.
Hey its the samsung so what.
They have the money to do whathewer they pleases.
Thus the story.
So come and get over it. We have no choice anyway. Just to live with it.

  • Mohit

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019They provide you with type-C earphones which you CAN use, i... moreAre you serious ?? Lol

  • Anonymous

First of all, that excuse is pure bullshit.

Now let's make some math: Note 10+ has a 4300mAh battery so that 100mAh equalts to a battery 2.32% bigger! Wow Samsung thank you!

A load of nonsense. I don't believe the removal of the jack has anything to do with the battery size or vibrator. But even if it did, 100 mAh can't be considered a battery upgrade if you're forced to used Bluetooth which uses a lot more power than wired audio.

  • Alex272727

Or maybe it's time to these companies get a big F U from customers for their stupid reasons. I'll never buy a phone without a headphone jack, so if Samsung get rid of it they'll never get another cent of my money

L973, 08 Aug 2019...and not a single mention of their revolutionary innovati... moreThey provide you with type-C earphones which you CAN use, if you know where to plug it.
Seriously people, it's just a round hole replaced by square one.
and if you want to charge and listen to music at the same time, just buy a wireless charging dock. Problem solved,

P.S: I'm not Samsung nor LG employee

AverageUser, 08 Aug 2019I would be happier with smaller battery and headphone jack.... moreYou get type-C earphones out fo the box Note10 which you can also use everyday....
And type-C earphones are better quality because the converter have its own DAC,

So what's the fuss people mad here?

  • ovi

Obviously, lots of Bull$%^t.

...and not a single mention of their revolutionary innovative earbuds :D
Screw ya Sammy. You had great phones. Keyword being "had". And I imagine there won't even be an adapter included in retail versions while the common affordable Aliexpress ones won't work with this proprietary "AKG-enhanced" abomination :P
GSMA team, you too ;) Better be ranty than apologetic, especially when it comes to large scale enterprises. However "shilly" or "biased" Notebookcheck is, they usually have it right when calling out on trash moves pulled out by companies, no matter who "ordered" the article (aaand it's still not proven).

  • Anonymous

Shoot from the Hip, 08 Aug 2019It's quite funny reading all the posts on here.... Whilst I... moreYou talk about productivity yet think the front camera is only about "selfies" and vain people using it. I am a productivity person and I use mine for long distance interviews and meetings. I guess you are not as productive as you think you are. :/

  • James

What a pathetic excuse. This will be the first note that I will not buy.

I would be happier with smaller battery and headphone jack.

I mean I have Exynos version of S10e. I like the compact size, flat screen that's easy to protect with glass screen protector, flagship chipset (not that good like Note10 chipset tho, and you get less RAM). Not having third camera isn't that bad... but I have a headphone jack. And I use it daily. That's one of reasons why I bought it. And my battery life is doing OK.

Note10 for 950€ definitley is a better phone but S10e for 450€ is a better deal.

So it's just vibrations and extra juice. What about making it IP69K? Removing a hole makes it easier to sport that ingress protection, right?

Wired audio is miles better than just these minor things. At least we still have companies who are fighting back like Asus, LG and well, that's it. Xiaomi's premium flagships (not flagship killers) don't provide headphone jacks, Oppo's flagships don't provide one too, Pixel 4 didn't have one despite fan praise for Pixel 3a because of headphone jack presence, Sony Xperia won't have one, HTC made that stupid decision and Apple still unlikely to get it back even after Jony Ive is gone.