Here's why the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ don't have a headphone jack

07 August 2019
The company anticipated the backlash, and thus had a few reasons at the ready.

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  • Spot the LG employee

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019I'm sorry for your experience with your LG V20... The thing i... moreHaha what is this LG employees to drive up business you and HTC have cooked your goose lol

Doom, 08 Aug 2019Audio jack alone does not make a good phone. The 3.5mm jack is a... moreI'm sorry for your experience with your LG V20...

The thing is, I saw so many people naturally switching brand after they have one bad experience, and never looked back. One dear example is HTC, which was one big player and they messed up with camera on M7, M8 and M9....
And they just fix it on Htc10, but it's too late with so many dissapointments.

My own experience, I'm own HTC phones ever since Android invented and move briefly to Asus Zenfone5 before switch to LG V35 which I love.

I have zero complaint on my LG phone because it delivers on every aspect especially audio (well off course) and WIDE Angle camera. They're, unlike Samsung, have wider apperture 16MP f/1.9 and delivers fantastic shots.

Great audio and wide angle (back or front) are essential to me, I get that only from LG.
Pixel have wide angle selfie but their audio sucks, which a massive disaapointment knowing the google employees are ex HTC's.

So, all in all is LG for me.. V60 is my next one.
I hope this brand still survive in the midsts of fierce chinese brands competitors.

  • MD AD

Samsung is just trying to follow the big apple ..
Soooo disappointed.

  • Anonymous

All good, better and best headphones and earphones have 3.5mm jack.
Besides this, the reasons here are next to useless. 3.5mm jack should live on as long as the quality of bluetooth is at par with wired, and price too. Or we come up with some other wirelsss tech that achieves this.
Carrying an adapter is not convenient and majority of headphone makers will not start making usb c headphones overnight.

Shoot from the Hip, 08 Aug 2019It's quite funny reading all the posts on here.... Whilst I agre... moreYou asking "Why may I ask Sir would you even use a phone for music? More relevantly why use a power house phone like a Note 10 for just music?"

There's something wrong with your premise: Who Sir, on this beautiful earth, gonna use phone like Note10 just for music? the answer is NOBODY.

But if I may say.. WHY can't we have it all, poweruser phone and great audio experience all in ONE device?

Its a friggin $1,000 tool, certainly it's not too much to ask, no?

There is NO legitimate reason. Samsung are hypocritical A holes. They mocked Apple, now they've copied them. Pathetic decision

Put the jack back!

Oh and the Micro SD why you're at it

Levy, 08 Aug 2019LG sound is just ok.What LG phone you based your comment?
I think LG audio from LG G6 and olders are just mediocre, even V20.

You got premium HiFi Quad DAC from V30 upwards.
They added boombox to the table since G7, too..

Only HTC matchs LG on audio departement so far as I can search

  • TheArtist

My Vivo Z1 Pro has larger battery than(5000 mAh) Note 10 & Note 10 Plus and still retains the headphone jack and has 4D Vibrations. The explanation given by Samsung hold no ground in reality. Haha.

  • Shoot from the Hip

It's quite funny reading all the posts on here.... Whilst I agree totally with people arguing about the removal of the 3.5 Jack on the Note 10, I have to say if your like the certain individual ranting about being an Audiophile and getting LG or HTC, Why may I ask Sir would you even use a phone for music? More relevantly why use a power house phone like a Note 10 for just music.

I think we as mobile phone users have become to demanding in some ways as to what our requirements are, I don't need 16 cameras on my phone and more likely that's where your space is being consumed internally.

Originally the Note series was about Productivity e.g.

Best Big Screen
Removable Battery
Micro Sd/ Removable Memory
Top Processor
Plenty of Ram

To me a decent SINGLE rear camera would be adequate enough.... I don't need a selfie or front camera ever, I'm not that vain! If I want the best pictures then I get a device for it called a DSLR camera!

What I'm saying in a nutshell is that Samsung perhaps is trying to appease the wrong market with what *some people want these days.

What makes me laugh is that many of you will still go and buy the Note 10 or Note 10+ regardless despite all your moaning.

You want the 3.5 Jack back? Make Samsung feel the pain by send them a complaint with the copy of your receipt for your new Non Samsung phone, When Samsung removed the Micro SD from the Note 5 the backlash from the consumer was amazing.

kiasunkiasi, 08 Aug 2019not just Samsung I hope all other phone manufacturers too... pl... moreS10 can

sohail shafayat, 08 Aug 2019what a silly and lame excuse regarding space!!! the Asus Zenfone... moreShow me the S-Pen thats lenght matches the phone Asus has then. S-Pen takes a hellish amount of space

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019That lame excuse really tick me off. After reading it I search t... moreThat one doesnt have S-Pen tho. Dont get me wrong Im against the massacre against 3.5mm but still...

Heng Chamroeun, 08 Aug 2019Mainstream media mocked Apple over no headphone jack. Now, many ... moreThere were Android manufacturers that ditched headphone jack before Apple did.

T M, 08 Aug 2019Pretty sure 99.9% of users to sacrifice 100 mah for the headphon... moreMore like 0.1%

Whackcar, 08 Aug 2019You know what? LG sales might actually improve now that Samsung ... moreAudiophiles were already buying LG or HTC, so perhaps not.
By the way, one can get even better audio quality from wired type-c headphones.

  • Anonymous

Ridiculous explanations. 100 mAh? lol

  • Buxz777

this is funny to me .... i tell you what could have got the note10 a headphone jack and made more room in the phone .... if they had got rid of the sd card and used huawei nm cards instead ... that way the sim and memory card reader would be half the size allowing a 3.5mm jack ;-)

see huawei knew space in the phones was getting tighter , this is why they made the nm cards for their flagship phones , perhaps samsung should have given them a phone call and said hey we are copying your design and colours can we also copy your nm cards please huawei lmao ;-)

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019You guys are heaps of hypocritical geeks. Here stands LG V30,... moreYou know what? LG sales might actually improve now that Samsung has killed the jack.

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019And crappy built quality lol.Probably... that is the only thing holding me back from pre-ordering... I have to wait and see real users reviews....
Otherwise I might end up with an S10 or something...

  • T M

Pretty sure 99.9% of users to sacrifice 100 mah for the headphone jack. Might as well not even respond if youre going to say something so stupid Samsung.