Here's why the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ don't have a headphone jack

07 August 2019
The company anticipated the backlash, and thus had a few reasons at the ready.

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  • Buxz777

this is funny to me .... i tell you what could have got the note10 a headphone jack and made more room in the phone .... if they had got rid of the sd card and used huawei nm cards instead ... that way the sim and memory card reader would be half the size allowing a 3.5mm jack ;-)

see huawei knew space in the phones was getting tighter , this is why they made the nm cards for their flagship phones , perhaps samsung should have given them a phone call and said hey we are copying your design and colours can we also copy your nm cards please huawei lmao ;-)

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019You guys are heaps of hypocritical geeks. Here stands LG... moreYou know what? LG sales might actually improve now that Samsung has killed the jack.

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019And crappy built quality lol.Probably... that is the only thing holding me back from pre-ordering... I have to wait and see real users reviews....
Otherwise I might end up with an S10 or something...

  • T M

Pretty sure 99.9% of users to sacrifice 100 mah for the headphone jack. Might as well not even respond if youre going to say something so stupid Samsung.

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019You guys are heaps of hypocritical geeks. Here stands LG... moreAudio jack alone does not make a good phone. The 3.5mm jack is an essential part of smartphones for a long time, but that does not mean that its quality is essential. Most people don't really care about great audio quality, as long as the quality is decent, it is enough for most. The important thing is to have the jack in the first place.

I had the same thought as you 2 years ago, and proceeded to buy the LG V20. It is the worst smartphone I have owned, in terms of long term usage. The phone lags from time to time when opening apps, taking up to 15 seconds to load WhatsApp (yes, I actually counted).

On the V20, audio was fantastic. No doubt, 100 marks. But in other departments, it is severely lacking. Phone uses a LCD that had screen retention after just 1 month of use. Heat management was bad, phone would heat up every single time when used under bright sunlight, rendering it very slow and not usable. Battery only lasted till 3pm. Web surfing was somewhat slow at times due to lag in processing. Phone updates were almost non existant.

The point is LG got a lot of extra bells and whistle, but it's core is an unfinished product. UI experience is something we used daily, but they botch it up. Battery consumption is just off the roof. Heat management is a real issue whenever there is sunlight or extended usage. All of these issues made me swear to never go back to LG. No amount of good audio is going to convince me to stay.

  • Woow

Wow they even copy the replies from Apple

  • Anonymous

That lame excuse really tick me off. After reading it I search through internet and found many models with 5000mAh with headphone jack, one of them is 'SAMSUNG GALAXY A9 PRO' and that was the model launched in 2016. (based on this website's information)

  • Proudly Note9 User

If the headphone jack isn't available anymore at least Huawei flagships phone still have the IR blaster to compensate. To be bonest, I need IR blaster more than headphone jack since I'm using Galaxy Buds as it so convenient to move around while watching video on the phone. Time to switch to brand then.

  • Anonymous

Expect sh*t and lame excuses before reading the article, was not disappointed.

Mainstream media mocked Apple over no headphone jack. Now, many Android phone manufacturers follow the path. PATHETIC

  • Levy

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019You guys are heaps of hypocritical geeks. Here stands LG... moreLG sound is just ok.

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019You guys are heaps of hypocritical geeks. Here stands LG... moreExactly...

No headphones no buy for me

sohail shafayat, 08 Aug 2019what a silly and lame excuse regarding space!!! the Asus Ze... morePlease think in 3D, Asus ROG phone is almost 1 cm thick ~ 20% thicker than note 10.

Whoops thought it was ROG, but zen phone is like 15% thicker.

  • Anonymous

Samsung will go down like Sony and LG

  • Anonymous

Some bs reason, Asus Zenfone 6 got microsd slot, headphone jack and 5000mah battery.. Bye samsung.. Such an idiot..

  • CboyC95

If a phone does not have a headphone jack, it shouldn't be considered an audio device. It should be just that. A phone. Might as well bring back MP3 player if this the path we're heading.

Apple made the same excuse too, but nobody really cares about the haptic engine (not as much as the jack at least)

what a silly and lame excuse regarding space!!! the Asus Zenfone 6 has a smaller body, still has the headphone jack and a larger 5000 mAh battery.

  • sparky

at thus point just go for a s10 or s10+