Here's why the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ don't have a headphone jack

07 August 2019
The company anticipated the backlash, and thus had a few reasons at the ready.

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  • Anonymous

"Luckily, Samsung seems to have anticipated the backlash, and thus prepared a couple of explanations."

Way before (Cr**)sung knows a backlash is looming, the r/Samsung reddit fans (credits to user named 3.5mm jack Fetishist) are already roa**ing the Note 10 Series with the cold hard trurths.

Now the Ingenious double dongle commercial is a joke and a hypocri** now :(

All BS reasons as usual by (Cr**)sung. Someone will prove that a 3.5mm jack can still be squeezed in just like someone did it with iPhone 7 and minds will blow for DJ Koh (officially an (Cr)apple shi**) and his fat cats. Wish JK Shin was still there and he would have kept the jack, microsd slot as it is. This is an officially sad day for smartphones. #willneverforget

Daniel, 08 Aug 2019More market share for Asus, Lenovo, or whoever keeps the jack. A... moreYou guys are heaps of hypocritical geeks.

Here stands LG V30, V40, V50 and even V60.
All equipped with not just mere 3.5mm jack but also dedicated -
HiFi Quad DAC that drives all high impedance Headphones you have,
and no matter how expensive and detailed it delivers no problems.

Look at HTC with front facing stereo speakers and Boomsounds that blows
your audio experience out of the water... These two are audio giants, no?

BUT, is this audio excelencies translate into sales?
We know the answer.
Because you didn't support them and buy $ cheap chinese craps and
saying the quality doesn't make much difference LOL.

I'll stick around with LG V35 and waiting for V60, I continue to support -
audiophille phone brands UNTIL THEY ALL EXTINCT!

Dometalican, 08 Aug 2019As an audiophile, wireless headphones don't sound as good as wir... moreAs an audiophile, that really depends on the AMP and DAC, which will always be worse inside a phone.
An example with Wireless headphones like wh-1000xm3 or bose is that it sounds better wireless than on cable as it's internal battery supplies more power than the cable. Plus with LDAC minimum quality loss.

  • Anonymous

It allows for bigger battery. That's why the regular one lost 500mah from last year...
Supposedly almost 600mah...
And even why the large plus only gained 300may....

What a load of crap.
That's the poblem. There has been zero benefit to it yet. Phones are not cheaper, thinner, have larger batteries, offer improvement in audio... A technical decline whether noticed by most or not, or bring any other feature. Just took away one that is superior and important to many and offers some flexible benefits in many scenarious. Even saves the port from more rapid degrading. And never effected anything physically or capability wise by being there. Only added.

It has been taken away for zero benefit to anyone. Except profits to companies.

Dometalican, 08 Aug 2019Or... Hear me out Samsung... Just MAAAAAYBE... You could've made... morenot just Samsung
I hope all other phone manufacturers too... please do away with ugly camera hump, I wish my phone can rest flat on table like it used to be in the earlier years

  • Hmmm

I'd rather sacrifice that tiny 100mah for the headphone jack

  • Duh!

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019In today's wireless world why do we even need a headphone jack?? The Bluetooth interferes the wifi signal when gaming, so we need a headphone jack

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019In today's wireless world why do we even need a headphone jack?? Exactly.

additional 100mAh is so meh...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Hahahaa Apple is laughing at you Samsung. Your Note is copie... morewake up this 2019 not 2017.

  • From Hell

Wrong move. They could have made the devices 1mm thicker and have keep the 3.5mm jack. Since there is no adequate new standard port why remove a good working one? I mean if the industry had introduced a new headphone jack standard I would say okay time to move on but there wasn't. And usb-c or going wireless isn't an adequate replacement. Wireless headphones doesn't deliver the same quality and also having to charge to devices instead of one isn't something I'd call innovation.
The only reason why they remove the jack is to boost sales of overpriced wireless headphones. Sorry no headphone jack no buy. Simple as that.

  • Jual

Rog phone 2: 6k batt and a jack

  • Anonymous

"to save pennies on our $1000+ phones, duh"

  • Anonymous

Hahahaa Apple is laughing at you Samsung.

Your Note is copied from iPhone, no slots no jacks.
Your Note+ is barely excusable, no jacks but slots.
Both lose the faceID.. And you give the same excuse Apple did on jack LOL.

Android makers always try to compare and try to beat Apple iPhone.

But hey samsung, samsung.. Let me tell you a secret. Why are you so confused, why you sold your phone cheaper yet higher specs then iPhone, yet you failed to destroy your Fruity rival. How come your fanboys keep defending you, helping you.. now you turn your head away from them

The secret is.... iOS and Android are different. You are in the Android land.. DO what your fans wants. Things may look great in iOS land.. but DO NOT COPY, you will lose out. Because Android OS will hamstring you..

Go back 3 years ago.. See that Note 7 .. Or FE? Use that.

  • Anonymous

So its space for battery they saving for?

  • Dometalican

Or... Hear me out Samsung... Just MAAAAAYBE... You could've made the phone...IDK... THICKER to accommodate EVERYTHING!? The stupidity of paper-thin phones...

These phones are rip off. Not worthy half price

GAMIRSFM, 08 Aug 2019That is TOTAL bs, Note9 has larger battery than Note8 AND a head... moreIts so true I agree with you, but they most be reason for that dong you think?

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019In today's wireless world why do we even need a headphone jack?? As an audiophile, wireless headphones don't sound as good as wired. Also, dongles ruin the quality of wired headphones so... Slap in the face of consumers who paid a hefty amount for studio-quality headphones.

  • Jimbob

Samsung finally has the courage to remove it now that its been a couple years.