Here's why the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ don't have a headphone jack

07 August 2019
The company anticipated the backlash, and thus had a few reasons at the ready.

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  • mazrim

Yep Samsung are talking bollocks here, if its for the battery why not remove the S Pen and get another 100 in, and I've never in my life heard some one say thank god for that haptic improvement, this is just Samsung trying to hide the fact their to cowardly to commit to their fans and not follow the apple trends, I for one wont but a phone with out the headphone jack and their is still lost of available phones that include it

No jack, no sd, no IR, no VR, no FM, No Heart rate sensor, this is pretty much death release of note series that was do it all and was once my favorite.

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019there are good quality of wireless headphones guess you just don... moreAmuse me with a pair of properly driven CIEMs performing at UE Reference levels with at least one of LDAC or aptX-HD supported lasting at least 6 hrs on a charge.

Operation Blitz, 08 Aug 2019SD Card is useless??? Really? Name me one cloud based storage th... moreMan as they hacked cloud storage they can do same with your phone.
A good hacker can hack anything even ministry of defence in Pentagon USA.

Silver, 08 Aug 2019And then I ask them, was that even practically necessary? A 100m... moreLet's support LG and Asus, they still release largely proper flagships.
Seriously a millimeter or two of bezels, a friggin' ToF sensor for fake bokeh those are total gimmicks compared to the actual features they're deleting from their flagships.

That is some very series blunt ethics from samsung

  • Anonymous

Poor Samsung, still drinking Steve Jobs' Koolaid, sad!

Dometalican, 08 Aug 2019I LITERALLY had this same idea when they revealed they were axin... moreWell technically impossible, the battery for a decent BT adapter that lasts ~3hrs on LDAC is 6 times the size the integrated battery of the S-Pen, it just won't fit not to mention a wireless adapter doesn't sound the same as a straight connection.
The S-Pen would at best pass through the signal when in its socket.
OR they could've just kept the jack, kept the haptic feedback, and added 500mAh more to the battery by adding 1mm or slightly less to the thickness of the body.

jeez, quit complaining, it comes with a USB C port, and wired headphones plug right in. They are making headphones with USB C connection now.

  • Anonymous

they have fitted long S-pen and giving excuse for 3.5mm jack.

  • Anonymous

AverageUser, 08 Aug 2019Losing headphone jack has been disappointing. But we honestly al... morePeople like you caused that b.shit.
There is no reason to remove headphone jack.
Its a sucking marketing trick to sell Type-c sh.ts.
So, speak for yourself smarty.

Losing headphone jack has been disappointing. But we honestly all knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

Same like with removable batteries.
SD slot will go next...

But main feature of Note series has always been the S-pen. Not headphone jack... so keep that in mind aswell...

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019You get type-C earphones out fo the box Note10 which you can als... moreSome people like to buy their own headphones.

Some people watch videos or listen to music while they charge their phone...

FreedaBees, 08 Aug 2019No headphone jack - no buy.Your comment is like if she don't have big Kass no marriage. Grow up dude...

  • Anonymous

extrabigmehdi, 08 Aug 2019Anyways Bluetooth headphones are not so convenient. I use one fo... moreoff from topic, where did u downloaded all those flac collection? is it free?

  • Anonymous

there is only one way to make Samsung really listen..

you need to pre-order/ buy the phone day 1.. wait a couple of days and return it and state the reason of 'no headphone jack', and get all your money back.

those reports do go to Samsung.

so Samsung will see many sales, be happy at the thought of all the bonuses, then see all the returns and loss of bonuses and the reason why.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Maybe we can't be bothered having to charge headphones as well a... moreThen Don't Buy It

That's not the reasons, these are shitty excuses. They could have made the phones 2mm thicker and accommodate even larger batteries.

Anyways Bluetooth headphones are not so convenient. I use one for doing jogging that's all. Most of the time I prefer wired. I'm a "'lossless freak", all my music collection is in flac. Why would I accept the sound to be degraded by a stupid wireless connection ?

  • FreedaBees

No headphone jack - no buy.