Here's why the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ don't have a headphone jack

07 August 2019
The company anticipated the backlash, and thus had a few reasons at the ready.

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  • Anonymous

RIP phone jack...

  • Anonymous

Asus made a phone with a headphone jack, a 5000 mAh battery, and an expandable storage. Those reasons aren't valid.

  • Anonymous

I'm tired hearing lame excuses removing jack so they can put extra 100-200mah.. its like hearing excuses of an architect when designing a house why you only put 3 bedrooms not 4 because space limitation, while other architect can design houses with up to 4 bedrooms with the same space/size. The real problem is, the architect itself didn't intend to design the house with 4 bedrooms from the first.

  • Androidaddict

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019To all those people crying over headphone jack . If you are will... moreLOL.😂😂😂. I think you're right.

  • Gandalfdenvite

A slightly shorter pen would have made room, in the already bigger phone, for a 3.5 mm headphone jack! A slightly thicker phone would have made room for an even bigger battery even with an included 3.5 mm headphone jack!

It's never goodbye, just farewell. I'm sure in a couple of years the headphone jack will return as an extra feature, just like the 3.5 mm jack din in 2005 06

S Yu, 08 Aug 2019The Razer Phone doesn't have a headphone jack either, simply rid... moreYeah, but the Razer Phone 2 deserves to be in the list because they include IP68, and 120Hz, and Compact size, and Front-firing stereo loudspeakers.

The last phones that "had it all" were the Sony Z3c, LG G5, and Samsung Note4.
Features that are rare are Removable Battery, IrDa blaster, Headphone Jack, microSD, Front-Speakers, in combination with Waterproofing.

  • MG

they have a space for the S Pen, but they don't have a space for the 3.5 jack!!! it's a joke.

Translation: Buy out galaxy buds.

Pixel is the new HTC, 08 Aug 2019I'm sorry for your experience with your LG V20... The thing i... moreI don't based my judgement on a single phone model. Nor purely on my own experience alone. If you go around reading comments on LG, you will know that they are a deceitful company. To put is simply, they are full of shit. So my judgement is not based on one bad experience, but many.

My brother used to own a LG G4. In his own words, it was flawless for 1 year. Then it went into bootloop. That kind of shit is a whole new level, similar to Samsung's Note 7 but worse due to the significant number of occurrences. It is no longer about slow phones or lousy UI or great audio. Your entire phone just bricks.

G5 was promised to be supported for a long long time, with their modular design. What happened since then? V10 also had the bootloop, and also over heating issues. V20 didn't have major bootloop, but heat management and performance throttling is still a major issue. So no, I am making my comments not based on a single experience, but a string of lousy products by LG.

If anything, Samsung, Huawei, Apple and even Oppo, Xiaomi and Oneplus are better companies than LG.

  • Anonymous

Actually all smartphone manufacturers can remove headphone jack from their upcoming phones. But before they do that please make sure USB Type C headphone getting cheaper and more cheaper. The problem nowadays were premium price for both smartphone and headphone.

[deleted post]I heard it being sh** from apple owners as well dude I dont like Note 10 not having SDcard slot or 3.5mm but it still has better screen and screen ratio than all apple products as well as base product storage, S-Pen, faster charging etc

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Wireless charging while listening to Bluetooth headphones. No issue.That's just disgusting. Until wireless charging on the 2.4Ghz band (which at least covers a 1m radius) it's not an option beyond corporate greed talking. When you charge with Qi you can't even use the phone, it's a huge step back from a simple cable, not to mention current magnetic solutions that automatically attach just by holding the adapter to the connector.
As is the current quality of BT earphones, and the additional battery that needs charging.

Kangal, 08 Aug 2019Here's what I think Samsung should've done: - Increased the bat... moreThe Razer Phone doesn't have a headphone jack either, simply ridiculous for a gaming phone but true.
For the moment it's LG or Asus for me, or if somebody else has the senses to actually replace the 3.5mm with a C port, not remove it for laughable excuses.

  • Anonymous

Athi, 08 Aug 2019Super Samung, Remove 3.5mm to save 100ma. Some more suggestion... moreIt's indeed super. Nothing stops you from having an adapter permanently connected to your headphones basically turning them into USB c. 3.5mm jack has been useless for year. Time to move on...

Here's what I think Samsung should've done:
- Increased the battery size (can easily match the competitors, add another 200-500mAh)
- Put in the Headphone Jack
- In the box, have USB-C Headphone
- Add in the IrDa blaster
- Reduce the price by 20%

...but they did the opposite.
- The alternatives is they increase thickness by 1mm, add in two vibrators, the headphone jack, and increase the battery as well
- OR they keep everything the same, but add in a second USB-C port

As it stands, the best phone Samsung makes is the S10+ which is now going to be $600 which is half-price of the Note10. By removing the microSD slot and Headphone Jack here, Samsung established what they're going to do for 2020 S11-variants. And it means there's no reason to choose a Samsung over a Huawei device now, or even Google Pixels/OnePlus.

The power-users should look forward for the LG G8/G9 and LG V60/V70, or the Razer Phone/RoG Phone. And if enough people manage to vote with their wallets, then maybe these pro-consumer companies can be profitable and incentivised to go forward, whilst the anti-consumer companies lose revenue and have to fire managers and restructure their business model.

Well, the only companies who still kept the headphone jack and undisputed winner on holding the title of "savior of headphone jack" after the demise of the headphone jack since LeEco, Moto Z, and iPhone 7 series are LG and Asus. Samsung just dropped itself.

  • Sam

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019Whether you accept it or not, it is the fact. The same thing wit... moreThat is not true. We don't need to accept it while we have other alternatives with those features, so the only one losing money removing it is Samsung. At least, from those who still want those features in their phones and will buy flagships from other brands with them while they are available.

The non removable batteries was another history as many brand used their flagships with IP rating to justify it and then the rest profited the situation for extend it to all models, being customers the losers, losing that feature for the rejoice and benefit of the brands with its abusive prices in their technical services, planed obsolescence, etc.

A shitty practice today in a lot of products, sadly. So what we must to is avoid them as much as we can. And at least talk with our closed wallet. Only buying those have sense and learn to wait till the initial overprice drops enough. But yes, some people will never do that and in consecuence less money in the bank along the years. Each one in with their decisions.

Too many interested people here promoting the comsumption without common sense and the waste of money needlessly. Someone sent their commercials in a desperate try it seems. But reading the comments it'll fail, no money this time.

  • geordie8t1

I dont care about the 3.5mm jack any more, it comes with usb c headphones and wireless headphones like my powerbeats or galaxy buds are just as good as out of the box headphones, what I dont like is that the standard note 10 is actually a downgrade in many respects from the note 9, first no micro sd slot....ok i can handle that given its 256 storage but why the need? 1080p screen vs 1440p? Slightly smaller screen, smaller battery, 3500 vs 4000, and its slightly more expensive then the note 9 on its release, only the plus bersion is a genuine upgrade but even then all theu have done is added the micro sd slot, a tof sensor and tweaked the s pen and bigger screen, the design is pretty enough but to then charge a £100+ premium, and there is no free goodies with either model either and all in all this is a bit off putting, I will skip the note now and see what the competition offers

  • Anonymous

Sa,msung is hypocrite. Mak3s fun 8f notch but releases n8tch phones. Now this. The world would be better without samsung, apple and google. At least chinese companies etarted copying apple before have moved on and innovated and They don't mock competition's features only to do the same like samsung and google did regarding notch and jack. Apple sucks too. Low quality hardware/software crap priced like even more valuable than people's lives.