Interview: Realme's Madhav Sheth talks Snapdragon 855, Realme XT and Realme OS

25 August 2019
Sheth tells us that the company doesn't believe in adding a feature to its product for the sake of marketing.

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  • Anonymous

Imran, 25 Aug 2019"stock Android is not a really good OS because it's not a stable... moreYes

I mean WOW what an interview man APPLAUDS & Hats off man you earned it the title of world's most

of the Year

Congratulations Mr Madhav you have beaten the one and only Mr TRUMP in this category.............LOL

  • Sunny

Ah man it really hurts to see a CEO(if i'm right that his position is) of a million dollar tech company failing to see the major advancements SD855 duo brings to the table over the 710/712 lineup. This is just being downright ignorant to the facts. I was really hoping to see a Redmi K20 pro competitor this fall.

"The innovation is so fast and so dynamic that people need... our users needs more and more. The lifecycle has gone shorter, hence they need more."

Wait... I thought that the phone lifecycle has increased since people are holding on to their devices for longer, which has caused the mobile phone market to decline this year... Also there's nothing inovative here. What's inovative about the RM5/Pro? Repurposing a depth sensor as a macro lens? Yeesh.

  • Lg Lover

That was a really nice interview

  • Anonymous

Very impressive interview, the man has clear vision about the product and company

  • Imran

"stock Android is not a really good OS because it's not a stable OS"
Really?? 🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

This dude is just plain clueless talking about stock Android not being stable. Nothing is smoother and has better update track than stock Android.
I'm not really encouraged in buying from a company whose CEO is completely unknowledgeable.

Snapdragon 855 is vastly superior to Snapdragon 712 , try running pubg mobile , fortnite on max settings on 712 , ie it doesn't even work.

The heck of a comment he did on dumping Memory card slot in Realme X, there are many Pop Up camera mobiles having triple card slot or even Hybrid slot.

  • Mack

Raw android is not stable.. Do u mean OS from google is not stable?

  • shawman123

855 is not a gimmick. its lot more efficient than 710 on 7nm process vs 10nm. Plus it has A76 based soc vs older architecture on 710.

That said its ok for Realme to focus on midranger. Let Vivo or Oppo release high end flagships. Focus should be on improving the OS. They are currently behind Xiaomi on software front.

Realme targets budget and midrange segment that's why they didn't bring any flagships. It's funny to see Europeans bashing Realme phones even without using it. Their devices are as good as Samsung and Mi. Yeah, color os looks bad but it's perfectly usable and optimized. Also Asians prefer custom OS than stock android. Stock android is barebones. Oxygen OS and Zen UI does a good job of looking close to stock android while adding neat features.

bjorg18, 25 Aug 2019This guy is so wrong with the stock android part. His opinions o... moreExactly! Even though i like what RealMe brand is doing but some answers were really dumb.

- 1st about DSLR quality in a low end phone(LMFAO!!!)
- 2nd about 855 being no better than 710? WTH!
- 3rd about Stock Android being not stable???!!!! I mean WTF???

  • Anonymous

shappy, 25 Aug 2019So funny....why he is comparing realme phones with DSLR?? Even a... moreLOL that was really funny i literally laughed a loud on that statement.
How can he compare realme phones with DSLR camera.

  • Anonymous

LOL stock android is raw? So heaving bloatwares which of no use is a featured os?. In our daily life we use Google services such as Chrome, Maps, Photos, Contact, Messages, Files then what is the use of other bloatwares?
And curious to know that what kind of software support they are providing as he is in full of confidence to say that and even he said we are not in rush but what about launching difference between realme 3 pro and realme 5/5 pro about just 4 months LOL.
What realme os could be just a copy of Iphone os with similar style icons like color os.
Great marketing strategy nothing else.

"What's the difference between Snapdragon 710 and 855 when we are talking about day-to-day usage? Do brands want to use the 855 as a marketing gimmick, or because it has any practical usage?"

He can't be serious? This guy is totally clueless and boring. Epic fail interview.

This guy is so wrong with the stock android part. His opinions on why smartphones shouldn't have stock android is completely wrong. How did he become CEO of a mobile phone company, lol?

uk7866, 25 Aug 2019Very well said! This Realme company is another knock off of the ... moreBecause if other brands makes 50+ different devices per single year makes sense yes???
Just look at Sudokwon and to whom it belongs and how much they accumulate every single day.
These strange people ewwww.............................

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019Another milion types of phones with no innovation from the old g... moreBecause making M10 to M90 a10 to A90 A10e to A90e A10s to A90s then plenty of S10 and S10plus and 5G verioants and the 2 types of note series which is like 50+ devices from one single manufacturer per year makes sense right???