Huawei Mate 30 and Mate X will ship without the Play Store and all other Google apps

06 September 2019
A new report confirms rumors we first heard at the end of last month.

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  • Lee

I think got Google Android OS inside Huawei smartphone,but didn't get Google play and their apps.And people think can download after buy in the device but I guess can't download it from website Apk.If not,USA ban policy is no meaning for Huawei.

  • Talks

Doom, 07 Sep 2019Great! A new alternative will emerge from this. I would sti... moreIf , and only if , you would be able to install them , at all!

Google just sabotaged Huawei’s work by doing this...

I think the world will soon have third OS and it'll basically be West vs East... Russia will support Huawei like they already do, for example, so that says enough...

  • Anonymous

Mailman, 07 Sep 2019People in China are using phones without google services al... moreI'm not from China, and have all Google services disabled or removed
There are plenty of alternatives that work well without spying on you all the time.

People in China are using phones without google services all the time. Now rest of the world can experience how is it :)
But outside China, phones without Google services (apps) can not survive, that's for sure.

  • Anonymous

Great news. My next phone will be huawei mate 30.

  • Anonymous

This is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket and rely on a single software provide. A bet Huawei are wishing they’d just created their own os and ecosystem now.

MicroG / Nanodroid is there, zero Google's code, zero Google's tracking/ads, much lower memory print, support gms for messaging, can be tweaked faking Google service to allow most Google service dependent apps to run, Aurora store can download and install playstore app collection ANONYMOUSLY without account and without download pending mess

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2019Great no more spying from Google. If only we could unlock b... moreSo everytime an app updates you have to reload everytime? Seems like a massive risk and inconvenience

  • mariisraptor

No problem Huawei. Ship without and just make a video of supported method to sideload the Google play store and services.

Great! A new alternative will emerge from this. I would still buy Huawei phones, as long as APK can be sideloaded. At least now I get full control over which Google services to install.

  • Anonymous

maybe its time to get a distance from google. not all g apps are needed and you cant delete them

  • Downer

Will you be able to download gapps yourself or will Huawei be forced to not allow you to install any google services on your phone? What will happen if you have a subscription to say 'Express VPN' which needs play services for their android app to function....This is a joke; How on earth is a Huawei phone a danger to US security - its not as if all of the US senate are using them (they aren't even sold in the US), why stop the rest of the world from having one. This couldn't be due to the fact that Huawei were well on their way to overtaking 'Apple' in the global sales market. Im gutted - the Mate 30 Pro was going to be my next phone ;-(

  • justtheotherguy

it really wont bother them they will just have to root it and then install gapps easy as 1 2 3, or install any apks online..i dont really get what this point all of this, it is useless because many people will still likely to buy this phone over the fugly upcoming iphone..

  • Anonymous

This is a tremendous incentive to buy. Google has turned evil and anything sans google/android is on a winner! My next phone.

ProJames-CHM, 07 Sep 2019Hmm... How about green. I mean, red is too much like FF0000... moreThere are many green, either green lattern or hulk, do you met green lattern as famous as hulk, if it only well-being in a garden.

  • Ariana Grande

They will fall in the same place where Nokia X series was 5 years ago, run android without google

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2019Yahooooooo... No more bloat ware. .. Pure experienceIf you think that way, the most probable scenario is that you will never buy a mate30 or for that matter ANY current flagship device, that's it, pure and simple

Personally no Google apps wouldn't bother me one bit, but i understand why the average person wouldn't want to use a device like that.

Here's to hoping they come to a settlement soon after release, so that they can fix this issue ASAP. All they'd need to do is release a software update that includes the Google apps.