Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro and Porsche Design images leak

16 September 2019
The Porsche Design has a long camera bump, similar to the racing stripe of last year's model. It comes with a cool new case too.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019Are you confused? First you talk about the Mate 30 and then... moreI'm not confused. The back of Mate 20 Pro looked way better, cleaner. În terms of design, atleast for me, îs a downgrade unfortunetly.

dude111, 16 Sep 2019Have you seen any news or articles about that tv after the ... moreIt does exist here is another proof for you.

and i have for you this:

And finaly:

  • Anonymous

Waterfall display aka 90degree curved edges is hilarious. you have 6.7 inch display while 0.4 inch is useless because you can't see those parts of display from front. Samsung introduced 45degree curved edges for having more display in a compact body and those edges can be seen from the front of the phone perfectly still were annoying now just imagine these waterfall screen with useless 90degree curved edges!

Dealler, 16 Sep 2019A brand with no identity. Just copycat everything on the m... moreand with locked bootloader, it is a final nail in the coffin.

  • Odie

Well google was never included in the China version so i'll be happy to cross border into Shenzhen and pick one up at the Huawei shop.

  • Love the Community

Yousef1, 16 Sep 2019Why the notch is still existed ?? While other many brand re... moreBecause it has a high tech selfie camera system on board. 3D Face scanning or some bit of ToF sensors are great. iPhone's reason of the notch is to not only give an all-screen look but to give leeway for the state of the art FaceID. Huawei did it right by adding something high tech to justify the notch.

You guys call yourselves techies but you didn't know the real reason why a notch is there. It's because of the high tech camera modules there. Others are a waste because there's nothing high tech there (no ToF, no 3D scanners, no infrared, no flood scanners, no anything.) Huawei finally copied Apple correctly unlike any other companies out there.

The non pro version looks the best, again.

KnightX, 16 Sep 2019Hold on to that only excuse you can literally come up with ... moreHuawei hater? This implicates that someone actually cares for this brand.

A brand with no identity. Just copycat everything on the market. Curved screen from Samsung, camera alignment from Nokia, UI and notch from Apple. On top of that without google service. Yeah, this is DOA. Thanks but no thanks.

hwklap, 16 Sep 2019I have to say it will most probably my first notch and curv... moreSo you don't like Google services because Google steal your info and spy on you BUT you still need google services and sideload google app. Doesn't make any sense to me lol

Looks really gorgeous. Probably has the best specs too. Looking forward to the launch event.

Zac, 16 Sep 2019Looking good why not just use harmony Os with this phoneIf you think a new OS would be even remotely close to a well established one then you are sorely mistaken. Harmony OS won't be comparable to Android, at least not in the near future.

CptPower, 16 Sep 2019Thats not true. Harmony OS was unveled n some Huawei TV l... moreHave you seen any news or articles about that tv after the presentation?

Dont you find it weird that no one did any hands-on or review to show all the features of a new and quite hyped OS?

Its like it doesnt exist!

what an ugly phone

  • Anonymous

.alpha, 16 Sep 2019Mate 30 X with flat screen pleaseBetter wait for the new honor note 11. No leaks on mate 30X coming this year. I'm waiting for the honor note 11 with M pen support. I'm still worry whenever the mate X (not folding type) will cut off on the future or not.

  • M30X or bust

.alpha, 16 Sep 2019Mate 30 X with flat screen pleaseYup, only thing I'm interested in. Up to 7.5 FLAT, 12gb, headphone, wireless,256gb enough for me and 5g and I'll leave everyone alone for 4 years. Oh same cameras as the Pro

  • .alpha

Mate 30 X with flat screen please

  • SmgUk

123, 16 Sep 2019Lol I am getting excited already! 10x optical zoom maybe? S... moreNice joke Note 10+ already has this beat

Winner of the best Mobile phone plus great design for 2019 & 2020 as well! Well done Huawei! Too bad this will not be available for many outside Asia !!

  • 123

Lol I am getting excited already! 10x optical zoom maybe? Soon we will forgot about note10+ and iphone 11 max pro