You can no longer install Google apps on the Mate 30 Pro

02 October 2019
Long story short - it's unsafe so Huawei and Google no longer allow it.

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  • Anonymous

CallMeJoker, 02 Oct 2019I have a Huawei phone, honor play to be particular. I am afraid... moreall the phones release before the mate 30 series are safe.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Is this problem going to affect me in the future? My family only... moreYou should try Oneplus. Very good phones!

Not a problem for me. I have experience using custom AOSP ROM without Google apps, and I actually rather like it.

Whackcar, 02 Oct 2019Personally i find the P30 Pro more appealing anyway. That 5x zoo... moreTrue, it does have more zoom. Personally I am partial to the design of the Mate 30 Pro, especially the vanilla model's design.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019You unlock the boot loader and install an aosp based rom?Those bastards have been recently blocking unlocking bootloader.

Their goal is to hide existence of the spyware that is installed in their every phone.

If they allowed unlocking bootloader, the spyware could be easily detected and removed.

Modest Mind, 02 Oct 2019If that action is supported directly by Huawei (and there is no ... moreIt existed way before Mate 30 Pro came out or even before the sanction became the thing to Huawei, though. It was originally made for older Huawei phones that didn't come with Google Services pre-installed due to being the Chinese variant.

  • Anonymous

Someone will make a custom rom or something not like they a hardware block

harwey, 02 Oct 2019Yep,that's a possibility,but went to check it out by one of thos... moreYeah, very few Chinese models cover all the European bands but the Mate and p series always do, along with a few others like Oneplus, the Oppo Reno 10x zoom and Xiaomi's mix series and some of the Vivo Nex series.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019So mindless fanboys who said Google apps wouldnt be a problem on... moreYou unlock the boot loader and install an aosp based rom?

I hope President Trump oblige Huawei to pay a huge fine just like ZTE or even more for be an Apple wannbe !

  • 123

Why don't just Huwaei sell mate30pro with bootloader unlocked version with warranty only for the hardware and no warranty for software. So you can install whatever you want that way. Then watch global sales go 3 digit :)

  • Modest Mind

Nick Tagataka, 02 Oct 2019Wait, so if there's one special API that allows specific apps th... moreIf that action is supported directly by Huawei (and there is no doubt about that) with the sole purpose to bypass sanctions then yes that is illegal.

  • 123

LG Superfan, 02 Oct 2019Its finally deadis it ? wait for the new app store from huawei, and new OS from huawei, in 1-2 years or less. then everyone else will be dead. apple in 1st place

  • Anonymous

Safetynet tests? Oh, for grants Google to be the exclusive spy business with your private data and resell it to their partners. That is the only thing it safes... what a joke.

  • 123

Well done, Trump. But we will still NOT buy your crap american Apple Iphone, okey?
Huawei will be better without google, yes it can be in 2021, not 2020, but they will be better without google. And you and every communication and or smartphone company in the world will cry.
Mark my words.

Homer-Simpson, 02 Oct 2019Remember that Chinese phones are working on different networks t... moreYep,that's a possibility,but went to check it out by one of those sellers,Mate 30 he's selling covers numerous LTE bands,including B3,B7,B20,those are used in my country...

but can't I just go to if I want to use Google Maps

or when I need Google Translate to

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 02 Oct 2019Not true at all. Huawei's primary sales come from China anyway (... moreyes true ... for mainland china, the prc, people of republic of china, that has 1.3 billion population and self sustaining ... they just dont care what the world will say ...

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Samsungs fans rejoicing like little kids lolAlways one. Please grow up, everyone has a choice whether it be Samsung, Apple,Sony,Huawei et al.

I choose Samsung because it offers the best balance of functionality and design, even though the design isn't great, it's better than some.

I don't choose Apple because of its restrictive ways and lack of ability to Bluetooth files from iPhones to Android devices. If it did then I'd probably change, it's not going to change anytime soon, so I will be staying firmly in the Android camp.

  • CallMeJoker

I have a Huawei phone, honor play to be particular. I am afraid Google services will be banned of my phone all of a sudden and I'll lose access to Google services which I rely on.. I don't even have money to buy another phone.. Please do not do this cruelty to my phone... Spare my phone please..... :(