You can no longer install Google apps on the Mate 30 Pro

02 October 2019
Long story short - it's unsafe so Huawei and Google no longer allow it.

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Funny to think you are ''safe'' + Sad to not enjoy anywhere because of one country decision.
Time to do the math of the safe way for the future so we will not end up in the same situation.

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NBMSCH, 02 Oct 2019You are more at risk because you have google services, fb and bl... moreI been using Google for years and have no issues with them.

All you guys saying Google is spyware I bet majority of you guys have been using google devices and their services for years.

But now all you guys are up in arms? :D

If I had the choice of google spyware on a Samsung or Pixel

Or google and huawei spyware on a Huawei device then im going Google.

NBMSCH, 02 Oct 2019You are more at risk because you have google services, fb and bl... moreYeah. Go ahead and install custom Chinese app with full device administrator rights. That's definitely a fool proof way to stay safe on the internet.

Can you stop making drama? There is no drama... everything is fixable. No one will knock on your door, no one will block your Google Apps on your Huawei phone.

If you don't have basid knowledge of Android dev, software.. don't use Mate 30 series and peace in house. If you know how to flash new rom etc just enjoy your amazing Mate 30...

All of you kids with comments: hahaha Hauwei is dead, End of Huawei.. Think a bit, do you really want Only Apple and Samsung on the market? Do you know what will happened later, prices will go up, monopol is on the horizon. Don't be stupid fan boy, phones are already way too expensive comparing payments around the Globe. And thanks to Huawei and other Chinese brands phones are "cheaper" in few segments.. And because of the power of Huawei, Samsung ect also Apple cut the prices with new iPhone 11. Be thankful and stop talking against one company. And date, talking how China collecting your date while you using Google Services, Apple products or Samsung TV's? pathetic

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Nice. Just continue US governtment propagandaYou need psychologist... Brainwashedkid

You are more at risk because you have google services, fb and bloatware preinstalled and the intelligence are spying on every bit of action you do!
Hello illegal risk, give me a hug... the legal one tookover!

Don't tell me people are actually ok with something called Hongmeng OS......
No, just no.

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Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Just like they say you are at risk if you use cracked copy of Wi... moreI see you

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[deleted post]Was about to say the same thing. What a huge accusation.

123, 02 Oct 2019is it ? wait for the new app store from huawei, and new OS from ... moreDevelopers will not be too keen on developing apps for OS which is used by only one manufacturer unless they get something big in return
If Huawei wants HarmonyOS to be successful they should make it support native android apps without any coding or minimum coding and pay high
If windows died there is big chance harmony might too unless it has support from others say chinese govt or other chinese oem
Currently Mate 30 series without Google services is dead outside china but surprises can happen

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Modest Mind, 02 Oct 2019I hope so. When Huawei stops stealing intellectual property to f... moreAngry much, bruh?

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Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Samsungs fans rejoicing like little kids lolWait. Why some huawei fanboy bringing up other company name in their own company related article? Did you really that pissed huh LOOOLLLLLLLL

123, 02 Oct 2019Why don't just Huwaei sell mate30pro with bootloader unlocked ve... moreCos they don't want us detect the spyware in it

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123, 02 Oct 2019Well done, Trump. But we will still NOT buy your crap american A... moreSo you're against all other companies other than Huawei?

CallMeJoker, 02 Oct 2019I have a Huawei phone, honor play to be particular. I am afraid... moreNo nothing will happen to your phone and Google services won't be banned you won't receive updates from Google anymore like android 10, 11

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CallMeJoker, 02 Oct 2019I have a Huawei phone, honor play to be particular. I am afraid... moreall the phones release before the mate 30 series are safe.

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Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019Is this problem going to affect me in the future? My family only... moreYou should try Oneplus. Very good phones!

Not a problem for me. I have experience using custom AOSP ROM without Google apps, and I actually rather like it.

Whackcar, 02 Oct 2019Personally i find the P30 Pro more appealing anyway. That 5x zoo... moreTrue, it does have more zoom. Personally I am partial to the design of the Mate 30 Pro, especially the vanilla model's design.

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Anonymous, 02 Oct 2019You unlock the boot loader and install an aosp based rom?Those bastards have been recently blocking unlocking bootloader.

Their goal is to hide existence of the spyware that is installed in their every phone.

If they allowed unlocking bootloader, the spyware could be easily detected and removed.