Flashback: Nokia Lumia 520 was smoother than any Android twice its price

07 October 2019
That's largely because the price was as low as we've seen on smartphones - it started at $100 and regularly went for around $50.

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Smoother, but slower.
Animations and what they can do to a perception.

oh yes, i bought myself nokia N900 instead, monster of a phone back then in 2009.
that maemo OS didn't work out well too.
I still have that phone though, its like an award, the sliding keyboard and everything is still so magical

true that, the apps didn't work out for them, I almost bought myself lumia 1520, still love it today
im on the galaxy note since 2012, never switched, never thought of switching

I wish Windows phones didn't die off. It was good to have more competition, and Windows phones were so nice and smooth when compared to Android. Basically the only problem was app support. Even today, Android has a problem with smoothness. I don't like Apple, but when I recently went to a store and used an iPhone for a while, and then some high end Android phones (Samsung, Huawei, and some others), the iPhones were much smoother, the difference was really noticeable. The whole interface was a lot more fluid, in both the OS and apps.

  • Anonymous

Android was akin to the Windows desktop OS. Just like Windows, they are banking on the improvements on the future hardware to be fast enough so that it can run the OS smooth.

Windows Phone itself was great, but Google killed it by not willing to develop any Google related apps for it. So it's pretty much dead.

  • its_me_suryan

Surprisingly my Nokia Lumia 520 is still working!

It was my very first smartphone it was such a good phone,camera was good, battery life was great,it was butterly smooth compare to galaxy s duos it's rival, it also helped me make new friends on my first day of college due to its unique look(people approach me just to touch my phone) but the only problem that killed this phone was lack of app support, which was worst.

  • Anonymous

TonyGT92, 07 Oct 2019I got the Lumia 525, which was the same phone as the 520, b... moreYeah, i was using the 525 too, and it has the ability to run a version of windows phone 10 preview build buttery smooth.

  • Anonymous

I used one, but it was stolen from me after 1 year

  • Anonymous

I still got this phone in a drawer somewhere... Like the article stated it was incredibly smooth for its price today. Budget android phones at the time was a total mess.

Such a shame that windows phone got killed, we could really have used a third OS to compete with the shitty Android and IOS.

What made the 520 so good was the OS. Pretty much all the budget Lumia phones felt really smooth. Windows Phone OS is a very optimised OS and is much more impressive than iOS and Android in terms of performance. The fact that the performance difference between their budget phones and flagships is small shows how the OS is very lightweight and not resource-intensive. I've never bought or used one but I know 2 people who had it and their experience was very satisfying. Due to the lack of app support and poor sales, Microsoft had to kill it anyway.

Even on android Nokia phones are still smooth than others

  • Ezio

Fortunately, I still have my Lumia 520 working, I prefer him using for Photography, listening music and to read out some news. I still love him as he was my very first Smart phone. Windows phones could have continued, they were better and classy in comparison with Android.

It is one of the best phones by Nokia. I got 520 for my wife in 2013 and a year later I got Lumia 630 for myself apart from my business Blackberry phone.

Both Lumias are working till this day. Unfortunately no more software updates. Yet it's difficult to throw away. I have moved on to pure Android from past 3 years ( sadly given up Blackberry and Windows )

But I wish windows OS phone to revive and these two phone (520 & 630 ) are rebooted with front cam and improved ram and storage. I don't know if revival is done by Nokia or Microsoft, but it has to be done.

That's like saying Linux($0.00) is cheaper than Windows 10 but why is everyone still using Windows 10. Plus, Linux is definitely smoother than Windows.

Windows has killer apps (gaming, productivity) compared to Linux.
That's all that matter!

* I'm a Linux user.

  • HiWay

During those years, the main reason from switching from windows to android was call recording as windows policy did not allow to have. Now in newer version of Android, Google did the same. At least for me, there is no more difference anymore.

Agreed, lumia 520 was the first windows phone I bought, and I have good experience with it. I hope windows phone is coming back

r31ya, 07 Oct 2019"Nokia Lumia 520 was smoother than any Android twice its pr... moreWhat to expect when quality is more important than quantity. We heard numerous stories about "dangerous" apps roaming around in Google Play Store, but no such thing for Microsoft Store. Even after one apps have been taken down, there will be more others coming in.

IThe 520 was my first Lumia phone. The screen broke and ibpuhgt anothe one! I bought 3 Lumia 520's back then. It was a good phone!I

  • Roland

I have that phone. Smoother? Facebook, Internet Explorer and some games was a laggy, in Camera is hot.