Weekly poll: face recognition vs. in-display fingerprint readers

03 November 2019
Apple and Google have gone all-in on face recognition, other makers prefer in-display fingerprint readers. Which side are you on?

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  • mobileman

naah, i never understand where you need 'face' to log in your phone??

its totally some1 clever way to get this 'brand' to all and reason is,what they say, safety....hehehe

totallu b-shit

4 dift code is beat or finger print sencor,they are all you need.

if some hacker want hack you phne and i took pro hacker he do it for sure.

its so ididiotics watch ppl when tehy look phone tutrning the head all over and try log in..phone!!omgosh!

face and iris scanner are make only sypying, belive it.

  • Anonymous

NimaTheShadow, 03 Nov 2019One day you're gonna get in some serious trouble by someone... moreIm fine without. There is no sensitive info in my phone, not using instagram or facebook at all. Who wanna mess can mess, I will just laugh.

Obviously just one kind of authentication is not enough safe, forget better user experience. 3D face scan be useful for interactive gaming visuals, fps for more accurate touch control - rejecting unintended touch, just to send kisses through chat or whatever else.
Even ordinary camera with AI access to it may recognize its not you or your intention to unlock based on whats happening before camera...
To prefer one is suicide as smartphones are meant to be more smart, deriving them of sensors is like going backwards.

Why not have both?

TheGoldenMellifluous, 03 Nov 2019I would like to have both authentications biometrics method... moreRemember the Mate RS? Rear-mounted and in-display fingerprint readers plus facial recognition.

  • Anonymous

Physical fingerprint scanner is the best

NimaTheShadow, 03 Nov 2019I'm literally surprised that 24% ('til now) of votes were i... moreMy Honor 10 has ultrasonic fingerprint reader at the bottom of the screen which is kind of integrated with the screen works perfect without issues when I kept screen protectors. But Huawei didn’implement the same in their flagship as part of onscreen fingerprint reader

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2019Both of them are waste of time. Phone security against who,... moreOne day you're gonna get in some serious trouble by someone who's theft your phone, a hater that has seen your phone laying on the library's table or a friend that's just going to mess with you, just sayin'... :D
ps: Seriously, put a PIN, pattern or finger lock on your phone. Even an easy one is really better than nothing.

This poll is EXTREMELY flawed and should have had capacitive reader as an option. It is faster than both of these, more consistent, cheaper and much more secure than face unlock without ToF.

I'm literally surprised that 24% ('til now) of votes were in favour of face unlock!
Optical in-display scanners (sorry Sami fan-boys again) are far better, faster, more reliable and more secure than any other option that even makes you pick up your phone each time... :))

  • Anonymous

Both of them are waste of time. Phone security against who, yourself? Double tap or pressing the power button is pretty hard task nowadays.

One big reason why the In-Display Fingerprint Reader is better than Face ID is that the former doesn't require a notch to be placed on.

Rear mounted fingerprint readers such as on huawei phones are superfast and accurate. They hv their utility. In display option should come as additional.

  • Pablo Fisher

S8 9.0, 03 Nov 2019Face unlock would say more secure Well, face unlock can be disrupted using your photo/picture/image/(ok I ll use .gif), finger print is better, yet its a personal opinion based on personal advantages. Ye, shall we?

I would like to have both authentications biometrics methods, like on Huawei Mate 20 Pro & 30 Pro, and if I can get more, with Iris Scanner (implemented on some phones such as HTC U19e, Note9-S9, even Lumia 950 series)

Why not just have both like Mate 30 Pro does?

  • Anonymous

ASUS ROG Phone 3, 03 Nov 2019Today I faced classic situation where I couldn’t unlock usi... moreYou can also put no lock on the phone it's about the same if it unlocks with helmet on... What I use for this is iris scanner, which also no longer exist in newer phone while being much safer.

  • Anonymous

Where is the they both suck option?

In-display fingerprint scanner is great, but it can't match normal fingerprint reader, especially the rear-mounted one.

For face unlock, the best implementation is from Apple's iPad Pro, which can cover more wider angle and doesn't need to be in one position, unlike Apple's iPhones.

Swm1, 03 Nov 2019The best isn't there to select. It's a proper fingerprint r... moreHaving used both front and rear fingerprint readers, I prefer front which looks natural and lower part of the screen where we always tend to touch for operations. Rear is not bad but it looks but your hand is expected to perform additional action unlike onscreen FP sensor