A week with Huawei Mate 30 Pro: is there life without Google services

03 February 2020
I was missing a lot of apps, but I found a surprising amount of free time in the process.

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  • Anonymous

Morsel, 03 Feb 2020@GSMARENA @Yordan I like the way you wrote this article. I ... moreDisagree. The article was written for already know-it-all.

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2020No Google apps, no proper social media app, no nothing, jus... moreBut can you deny the fluent UI ? We were stupid to deny windows phone as it would have been much better than android.

Well now its looks like Huawei is balancing on two ropes. Wich is getting unstable.
I reallyhope soon this will be solved and Either GSM services will be allowed to Huawei or Huawei will gets own GSM Services obeying monopol called google and make everything own from the scratch.
That would be best.

With restore the GMS, all ecosystem google works fine. Jus a only app dont work with the last verstion is NetFlix because the DRM.

  • Anonymous

No Google apps, no proper social media app, no nothing, just barebones...the basics...very basics... Sounds like a review of a Nokia Lumia device....I know because I have owned and used quite a few Lumias, from 525 to 950xl. I can understand the frustration.

  • Anonymous

You can already buy it in Bulgaria on a plan, with really good price (lower than Note10+) and you also get wireless charger and bluetooth earphones.

  • Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous, 03 Feb 2020A pity he didn't try using Micro-G (open source replacement... moreExactly and may I add he is not using YouTube alternative which let you download videos with Google account too using the application you just mentioned .

A pity he didn't try using Micro-G (open source replacement for google services).

  • Edi

Netflix still don’t work.

For me personally the best looking slab from 2019, the phone's notch isn't ideal but the extremely curved screen adds some extra design language. Besides of that the back is a nice combination of super glossy luxury feel and Lumia 1020 Oreo camera design. The lack of Google services is what keeps this phone from being the best released in 2019.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2020A conclusion that was just as I expected even before readin... moreYou ARE a novice, I have a Black Shark 2 china rom and installed GMS myself, if the Play Store is stuck waiting for download then close and relaunch play store, check if play services are up to date or clear store app data. Certification can be done manually by obtaining your play services framework ID and registering it with google via the link they provide (mine is indistinguishable from original Play Store), as far as other bugs go there is usually a solution but the point is you CAN get GMS to run PERFECTLY on your device.

BUT not on the Huawei non-certified phones as they don't have a "play services framework ID", that means you CANNOT side-load GMS without compromising it's OS.

  • hwklap

There're more than enough youtube tutorials for Mate 30 pro easy installing google and I can do it in 5 mins..

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 03 Feb 2020Cause GMS only cost $15 for certification and a price reduc... moreI think he mean as a inferior device than its predecessor it shouldn't even increase the selling price . In fact they should reduce it .

Morsel, 03 Feb 2020I didn't do it by myself, but I know that direct installati... moreI believe the restore-LZPlay-from-backup method still works, as it restores the app data of LZPlay which was extracted before it was taken down. If it doesn't function properly then Idk, but I'm yet to see voices of those who claim that it no longer works.

Nick Tagataka, 03 Feb 2020He specifically said that the installation method "involves... moreI didn't do it by myself, but I know that direct installation won't work. The app will install but it will never run. To run it you have to root the device but some people say Huawei has locked it. So, to approve it one must change Huawei's core security command which is in the hardware like UEFI on PC. But there is always another way, may be I just don't it. May be the writer doesn't know it either or that is no legal to share.
Here I guess the writer indicated about the security compromising method to install Google service.

Kissio, 03 Feb 2020I have GMS installed on my Mate 30 Pro 5G (LIO-AN00) thanks... moreThis tutorial is very very very simple, it has no difficulty in understanding it and Google Services can be installed perfectly by anyone without compromising the security of the phone at all.
Just you have to do exactly what comes in the YouTube video and nothing else, and you don't need to be a geek to understand it.

  • Pajson89

it just works great

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2020There is one thing I dont understand: I do agree with the f... moreCause GMS only cost $15 for certification and a price reduction of $15 will benefit no one

  • Nanees

I have a huawei p20 working normally with GMS, but I'm using the Huawei email, gallery & music apps.
I also have my backup and photos on huawei cloud, and I don't even like chrome and use Firefox and Edge in addition to the Huawei browser.
So, I think I can use a phone without GNS, I'm actually looking forward to the experience and waiting for the p40, and any missing apps not in huawei's app gallery can be downloaded through amazon app store, apkpure and aptoide, even netflix has an old version on apkpure that works on mate 30 pro, and youtube can always be opened from browser.
The only problem would be maps I think but huawei is working on that.

no big deal..., 03 Feb 2020the google apps won't "parse" anymore. but for google music... moreYeah but it's going to be a hassle to copy photos from phone to computer and than upload it to photos