A week with Huawei Mate 30 Pro: is there life without Google services

03 February 2020
I was missing a lot of apps, but I found a surprising amount of free time in the process.

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  • sayabosanhidup

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2020There is one thing I dont understand: I do agree with the f... morewell u dont have to understand it
but people with money will buy it

Just give me a fully functioning Google Maps and Photos thats all I need, I can use anyother email app to sign in to Gmail and can you browser for YT (I rarely use the app anyways) and thats all I need

  • no big deal...

the google apps won't "parse" anymore. but for google music you can use pulsar or musicolet (without ads) and copying the music on your device with a cable. if you want to upload to google photos, then you can copy the photos on your windows computer and use backup and sync from google. if you want use your calendar there is simple calendar. it also has advantages: there is no way that it could upload anything unwanted... (more privacy without google). the emui email app understands pop3 and imap, so therefore also gmail and other email providers are compatible.

I have GMS installed on my Mate 30 Pro 5G (LIO-AN00) thanks to a Spanish tutorial by Eloy Gomez at YouTube, and it works absolutely perfect, I have been able to install all apps that I have wanted without any problem.

*** This phone is a great MASTERPIECE ***

Arena u forgot to mention gapps can be installed manually..

  • sinamaniac

thank you so much

  • Anonymous

There is one thing I dont understand: I do agree with the fact that Mate 30 Pro is a good phone. But without Google's apps, why the price of Mate 30 Pro is still around 1'000 in Europe? I am asking this not because I ever want to buy a Huawei phone, as probably I will never go for it as I dont trust it from point of security. Just dont understand the price of it.

  • gringo

Nick Tagataka, 03 Feb 2020He specifically said that the installation method "involves... moreTo use google apps, there must be some permissions files in system partition (/etc/permissions and /etc/sysconfig) + some .jar files in /framework folder. so there is no way to make that working without rooting.... and rooting is impossible since huawei locked the bootloader forever !

So... the problem isn't the lack of Google Apps, but the lack of apps generally. I seriously don't care about google photos or maps, they are both replaceable, there just aren't available yet. Facebook, Spotify, etc, aren't Google's. They just don't support Huawei's market... yet. Why didn't Huawei buy and ressurect MeeGo that could emulate Android controls and apps? Or, how difficult would it be to build a web/browser based software? Why did they follow Google's way of doing things, which followed Apple's way of doing things, instead of building sth new???

  • Anonymous

Tanase Adrian, 03 Feb 2020the fact is simple:it takes 2 minutes literally to install ... moreYou can always disable those background apps.
Even the apps that can't be disabled or removed can be hibernated.

  • Anonymous

These annoying google services only know how to use internet, updating, complicated slow reset.

AnonD-754814, 03 Feb 2020Can you please be more precise here ? I think what he meant... moreHe specifically said that the installation method "involves a bunch of security compromises", which is plain wrong. Also, would you be more precise about what you mean by changing the core command? Google installers do not modify any system files, they temporarily ACT LIKE a system app to place certain files under data partition.

  • tomo100brt

So, in the end we are crippled. No proper Google Maps, no poper Netflix, no Hulu, no YouTube, no lokal banks apps... And what is not important for me no Custom ROM and no rooting. Well, goodby Huawei for me.

  • Anonymous

huawei is dead outside china if no google services support out of the box..

Put up the video guys, not everyone can read this much please. :)

I only need Google Map & Telegram apps ...
I'm 100% going to buy this Huawei when the price is not so insanely expensive.
My Mate 20 Pro is sooo good.

  • Anonymous

kerul, 03 Feb 2020Yes it's not impossible, but as I told before to beat the w... moreSpot on.. its about app and developer support. Huawei needs a new eco system. Most customers outside China dont care. They are more than happy with Android or IOS. So why should developers and companies post billions of dollars into developing all their apps for a new platform, just because one Chinese manufacturer wants it ?

  • Anonymous

Tanase Adrian, 03 Feb 2020the fact is simple:it takes 2 minutes literally to install ... moreI would like to see you get Netflix to run in HD then on the Mate 30 Pro..

  • Anonymous

Tanase Adrian, 03 Feb 2020so what is wrong with a stretched fullhd resolution on a sc... moreThe point is that it is a downgrade from 20 Pro, and that many reviewers claim that Mate 30 Pro has a Quad Hd+ display which is incorrect..

  • Anonymous

Every govt should make it mandatory to install their own opensource communication apps. Then watch the market fun.