AppGallery review: Can new Huawei and Honor phones work without Google?

15 March 2020
We take Huawei AppGallery for a spin to see how well it can replace the Google Play Store on the latest Huawei/Honor phones.

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  • Anonymous

heeneycs, 16 Mar 2020Thanks for your reply. I don't know what you mean by Vanced... moreYouTube Vanced is an alternative app to the official YouTube app (much better than the official app) with added features.
MicroG allows you to login through the app without using Google Play services.
So phones lacking Google Play services or custom Roms running AOSP can still log in through Google account without the need of Google Play services on board.

  • Anonymous

For me it's a no. And you have so many choices now...Huawei is no longer attractive or competitive in price ....honestly you have to be a die hard fan of Huawei to choose instead of others who offer Google play store ...

Kuk1997, 15 Mar 2020Also don't forget Google Pay doesn't work too, so the NFC b... moreNope, many banking apps have NFC payment build in. At least in Europe. Google certification is not required for them to work.

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020YouTube Vanced with microG allows casting to other devices ... moreThanks for your reply. I don't know what you mean by Vanced and I don't know what microG is. Could you explain? Thanks :-)

Telegram is the only must have app for me ... so I'm sorted.
Just waiting for the Mate 30 Pro price to be discounted.

  • AnonD-833125

Outside China, probably not.
I remember the same was with Windows store/phones back in the day. Everybody was so hyped about it and in the end the idea just washed away. And Microsoft and Nokia are big companies too, even bigger than Huawei at that time.
Nobody can challenge Google and Apple for operating systems worldwide. They have too many dedicated apps that are connected together and work perfect together.
It could work only if app companies will take a risk and invest in Huawei app store. But, it could be a costly risk.

  • Anonymous

BioDiesel, 16 Mar 2020Just face it, without whatsapp and youtube, these phone wil... moreI can't deny that there will be people who want the app (I am in what might be a minority that thinks that you do not always need an app as a consumer, but you should probably make one as a developer), but if you do not want the extra features, the web version of youtube is actually pretty usable (in contrast to facebook ones). I was using it when I had a Windows 10 Mobile phone and never had an issue. I would originally say otherwise, but I checked before writing this comment and they changed the web version so that videos are locked in non-zoomed form rather than zoomed in screens taller than 16:9. I actually prefer the web version as it doesn't automatically play videos and add them to the viewing history, if you have the history enabled. Youtube studio/music/kids should be considered independently.

As I mentioned web browsers and I haven't downloaded the store, it stays to be seen what browsers will be available, for people who use alternatives like privacy focused ones, let alone VPNs. But this is a smaller demographic than the users of missing apps usually mentioned, so it's less of a priority.

I have never used Whatsapp, but the same applies as with every messaging app.

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020I cannot agree 'AppGallery is trustworthy' without any proo... moreGMS has nothing to do with ban, ban was or is with regards to only networking equipment which is 5g.
however, orange head ban all other platforms/connections who were in the business with huawei -_-
and there is not proof yet from USA with regards to the same. -_-
Besides, Check This --- >

Google themselves applies for license to work with huawei.

Just face it, without whatsapp and youtube, these phone will be a no go in many part of the world.

GSMArena. That is a Sensational and pretty thorough review and advice. It is excellent I think in fact. Well done.

I am so impressed that I have downloaded App Gallery and Amazon store thing as well as APKPure.

If HMS has started this good... In such a short space of time... And remember that they will be launching a map suite soon...

Just think what Huawei will be like in a few months from now...

What may have been a curse to Hauwei... Has now become a blessing... Loyal Hauwei fans out there now probably have something better already than some Google services...

There is still a bit of a way to go... But Huawei has come in strong. And they have done more than superb.

It is refreshing that an alternative Google minimal pure Android handsets are out there.

This brings much more choice for the consumer. It's win-win once again.

Well done to the loyal hauwei fan base. Well done to hauwei. Well done to GSMArena for having the clever courage to help the consumer with more knowledge and understanding.

A grand Master piece. Your editorial has helped millions...

You should have a donate button somewhere.

  • kewen 2

Snapchat and Twitter are available...

  • Anonymous

As Huawei gets better and better at this, Huawei needs to provide this to all phones makers for free (not like Google charges $60 for each phone) and that will really take off.

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020Official documentation of Facebook also says they'll never ... moreDid you compare FOSS documentation with greedy companies' PR statements? Ok I'll just ignore you from now on. I don't want to know how you'll react to Linux or anything similar...

  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 15 Mar 2020So we have some random anonymous user making personal attac... moreOfficial documentation of Facebook also says they'll never use your data for ulterior purposes, we all know how that turned out.

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020Says the guy who never used microG in their life. Come bac... moreSo we have some random anonymous user making personal attacks based on thin air vs the official MicroG documentation.

I'll go with the official documentation thank you

  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 15 Mar 2020It's more complicated than that. I suggest you check the in... moreSays the guy who never used microG in their life.
Come back and talk to us after you use it on your phone.

Mr. Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020Thanks for this great review! I wish you still tried the m... moreIt's more complicated than that. I suggest you check the instructions on the official MicroG website. It kind of explicitly asks for a certain feature only found in some custom ROMs to work.

"Your Android system needs to support signature spoofing so GmsCore can pretend the existence of the official Play Services to applications calling Google APIs. See the linked page to know about ROM providing out-of-the-box support and what you can do about the other ones."

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020So short answer is NO. Long answer is it's possible but tr... moreA lot of banks are moving apps on HMS. Maybe not all, not everywhere. Hms is android so is easy enough to ad their apps in.

  • Anonymous

I stopped using WhatsApp after they revelaed all messages of 1 billion users tranfered to other companies without users consent.

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2020So short answer is NO. Long answer is it's possible but tr... moreBanking app depend on your banks. In my country, most of the major banks and eWallets app are available in Huawei App Gallery.