Huawei Mate 40-series might get a 108MP main camera with 9P lens

13 June 2020
A special free-form lens should improve picture quality by a bunch.

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If it really is 108MP it might be Nona bayer and what is free form lens?

YUKI93, 13 Jun 2020It's great to meet fellow Lumia user here. I'm also rocking... moreUnbeatable , Seriously ?

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YUKI93, 13 Jun 2020Lol, GApps? Huawei is banned from using Google Mobile Servi... moreMate30 and p40 have google , use internet ,youtube or idk where u live under the rocl

Is it going to be the same 9-in-1 Nona Bayer pixel binning like Samsung or the usual 4-in-1 Quad Bayer pixel binning? Is the lens will be made of glass?

I really hope that the Mate 40 Pro can recapture that same stupendous photo quality as last year's Mate 30 Pro.

Jake420, 13 Jun 2020Greatttt!!! Now we all need is qhd+, and 120hz andGappsLol, GApps? Huawei is banned from using Google Mobile Services since last year, don't hope for such thing.

geek-a-contra, 13 Jun 2020"Nobody is forcing you to use it only for 2 years". perfect... moreIt's great to meet fellow Lumia user here. I'm also rocking a Lumia 950 as my daily driver. While it doesn't have the camera versatility like today's smartphone, the photo quality is still pretty much unbeatable to this day. It's so hard to find any modern smartphone that can capture the same photo quality as the Lumia 950 (and even the Lumia 1020).

Real.Talk, 13 Jun 2020" No one will buy any phone when you can't even put your ba... moreI agree with you in some points, but, there are sevices where you must use the app because certain operations are only available this way, and that is ineludible, the bank I use, just allows very basic operations, for the more complex and security related things always tells the user to go to the app, I can safely guess a lot more services do this also, conversely, there are other services that tell you to use a pc browser, so, it is a mixed bag

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MATE 30 PRO, 13 Jun 2020Ladies and gentlemen ... !!! The real King of smartphone... morereally? where?

I mean the Xperia 1 ii is already released...

  • Real.Talk

Nowhere tech, 13 Jun 2020Beast is coming..No matter what shape, form or existence, what you've said is actually true and bound to appear sooner or later.

  • Dometalican

You know...if they keep this as a 4-to-1 pixel binning with that 40MP wide-angle sensor from the 30 series and throw in a 13MP Periscope cam, this will shape up to be the best flippin' camera in existence. All the Mate 40 series needs is stereo speakers among all models, QHD and 5,000mAH battery from the pro, and no curves and this thing will be phenomenal; even WITHOUT GMS.

Still kinda hoping the X series makes a return since the Mate 30 X never happened due to the 5G version of the 20X taking over that release...

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Are they still using RYYB?

Greatttt!!! Now we all need is qhd+, and 120hz andGapps

Real.Talk, 13 Jun 2020" Why would they use a new sensor ? " uhhh... let me gu... moreI've got no complain against you.
A stupid-ignorant headed guy like you can say this.

Do you have any idea that How much will it cost to rewrite the new camera software over the current one that has been released only 3 months ago ?
If so then huawei has to say bye- bye to the profit or the camera will be half-baked like S20 ultra.

There is a reason why Apple and Pixel is still sticking with the 12MP while QB sensors offer many more advantages. That is, Software development isn't a easy thing. It costs a lot more money than you think.

I can easily say this will top all photography charts (especially DxOMark) when it's released.

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Nick Tagataka, 13 Jun 2020I smell BS from this news. First of all, Huawei updates th... moreThe name you called me is not me but exactly just you.

You did this to yourself because you didn't think ahead for what may come after you say something is BS when it's actually not and that's why your comment got removed.

It's also great you identify yourself as a random as that explains everything quite nicely, thanks for the clarification but nevertheless go get that smelling sense checked out as there is no BS in this article because if there was, then it wouldn't be here on GSMArena. In essence all you've shown is your negativity, with that BS smell and it should seek a different corner of the internet if not a different place altogether to keep smelling it further...

Nick Tagataka, 13 Jun 2020"why should i pay every 2 years" Nobody is forcing you to ... more"Nobody is forcing you to use it only for 2 years". perfectly true, but please check first and agree with the battery :) statistics show the accumulators (technically they are accumulators, not batteries...) have an average life span of some 400 recharge cycles, this some 20-26 months, and replacing them is not that easy. and, yet, 1100-1200 eur/camera is less than 1400 for a smartphone.
p.s. 1 i do prefer by far the quality of the pictures i get from my g7 and 2. my current smartphone is a 4 years old lumia 950. i really don't care much of being up-to-date when it comes to a stupid dumbphone....

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Inonothing, 13 Jun 2020No one will buy any phone when you can't even put your bank... more" No one will buy any phone when you can't even put your bank app on it, it will only be a matter of time before they will be able to duplicate everything that Google can do "

Lol, that " no one " of yours is strictly just you cos' why on earth would I want a space wasting telemetry sending, constant authentication requiring, spying banking app on my precious private phone when online websites work perfectly fine?

Real.Talk, 13 Jun 2020Yeah... and you know that because your information is strai... moreHuawei introduce new main sensor every year with p series not mate series and why would they use new sensor since imx700 is new and excellent one

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MATE 30 PRO, 13 Jun 2020Ladies and gentlemen ... !!! The real King of smartphone... moreLOL that name

And yeah when Samsung did 108mp they were stupid now there is a high chance Huawei is following the same strategy :D

Fanboys and their hypocrisy

I wonder if it's Sony or Samsung.