Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra unveiled with upgraded screens, S Pen and cameras

05 August 2020
Both Notes have larger displays than their predecessors - a 120 Hz panel in the case of the Ultra, 60 Hz for the vanilla model.

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To me the note 20 seems like the better deal, you get pretty much the same stuff for a high end midranger less

iRajApple, 05 Aug 2020B E A UtifulTrue

  • .alpha

iPhone 12 is making Note 20 series stillborn this year. Samsung should have aborted the entire Note series

SamsungRules, 05 Aug 2020Huawei only surpassed Samsung because of Covid-19. China re... moreTheoretically.

The cameras on both don't really impress me now, No Autofocus on either one, so is it gonna be significantly delayed like with my S9+ now and the S20 Ultra? No mention of the Selfie Camera on either one, I'd like to know if Samsung fixed the excessive Skin Softening the S20+ and Ultra has. The 108mp on the S20 Ultra was just a Gimmick so I'm sure it is on the Not 20 Ultra too, and I'm sure Samsung didn't fix the fact photos come out fuzzy at 10x Zoom like they do now on my S9 Plus and also do on the S20 Plus

  • Anonymous

vrvly, 05 Aug 2020Android apps on W10 devices like surface tablets, that also... moreAlready working for Notes. Note9 + surface 6 Pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020Recently bought Exynos Note 9 for 300$US and it does everyt... moreI agree 100%.
I do not understand the Snapdragon fuss. As a custom rom user for ages, I'd rather have an Exynos, no matter what.

  • Dometalican

AnonD-947580, 05 Aug 2020Well, that was easy.. I'm done with Sammy - for good t... moreYou do realize Samsung isn't the only Android brand...right?

So they are reusing the display from the Note 10 lite for 950 Euros. Are these people serious?

No reason to this phone (Note20 Ultra).... Except some aspects (a very few)... It is just worse than the S20 Ultra (especially in Europe). So with the actual price... Buy an S20 Ultra and a sylus....

  • goku

i would rather buy s20+ 5g instead of note 20 5g

  • AnonD-947580

Well, that was easy.. I'm done with Sammy - for good this time. Been a Sammy/Note and Galaxy user for the last 5 years. Goodbye.

Waiting for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  • Dometalican

Compared to the S20+/Ultra, the Note 20 Ultra is a decent package although lack of headphone jack automatically kills it for me.

Note 20 is dead. No sane person would go with that when the ROG 3 and LG V60 are significantly better.

  • Anonymous

EnergyGap11, 05 Aug 2020I'm glad I bought mi 10 pro than the regular galashit ... moreYes even poco f2 pro seems better exept ois and stereo speakers for half the price and sd 865, it has even better build quality

Plastic back in the Note 20 and 60Hz and they still charge $1000? I mean a premium phone like this? They must be out of their minds....Fail.

I'm in SA, I love the Note range and I own a Note 9. I wont be buying the Note 20 Ultra unless its a Snapdragon, an Exynos chip is a reap-off or unless if Samsung is willing to sell it 80% of the price :(

I am hoping someone from Samsung reads this, The Exynos chip must be used on the cheaper or midrange phones. I am not willing to pay R24k for the Exynos version ...

  • Anonymous

I’m sure this mystical plastic would become mystical dull in a couple of years. In fact it looks pretty dull already.

  • Anubhav

Quite Disappointed with the launch,
No new update with S Pen, as note series is popular for S pen.

  • FireView

miaumiaumiau, 05 Aug 2020I work for a big company, I know how things work and etc. t... moreNothing wrong with a plastic back, I'd even pay more for a phone with one. Harder to break and easier to repair or replace. As you said, even cheap phones have a glass back so it doesn't show prestige or anything.

  • Anonymous

Stupid of them, looks like I will stay with my note 9 in Europe.