Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra unveiled with upgraded screens, S Pen and cameras

05 August 2020
Both Notes have larger displays than their predecessors - a 120 Hz panel in the case of the Ultra, 60 Hz for the vanilla model.

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  • Ex Samsung

It is simple: No Snapdragon = No Samsung.
You don't even "test" you 990 in your home country - why do you expect EU to buy/pay your "test" ?
I was burned once - never twice.

I'm glad I bought mi 10 pro than the regular galashit note 20 🥴

  • Anonymous

Recently bought Exynos Note 9 for 300$US and it does everything I need and has:

*expandable memory

*headphone jack

*no notch/punch hole

*headphone jack ;]

Yep, battery life isn't the greatest, but with unlocked bootloader, root and custom rom + debloat, I can live with it.

Just wish it had a flat screen. Oh well.

I will never buy a new Samsung s-pen device without * listed above.

The Note series should be dead soon. Disappointed with Samsung this time around

  • Dr.X

you have to be a complete M0R0N to buy the European version

written by me on my galaxy s20+ Europe exynos version

Android apps on W10 devices like surface tablets, that also got a jack, is probably the best news here. No need for 2nd tablet, I just wonder with what devices will it work, or is it just for notes?

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020Android 11 was not official yet. Howmdo you want it to co... moreThey could have kept their schedule how they did it back in the Note 4 days. Just announce it in September with the latest Android version. I mean even when LG announced The V20 it came with Android 7 out of the box, even before Google released it their phones. So it should be possible for Samsung as well.

Anurag, 05 Aug 2020Not buying Samsung unless Snapdragon also unless 40W+ charging and 120Hz full res.
not in a rush to upgrade to half-baked products.

Samsung, Please STOP releasing NOTE phones with curved screens!! Have you ever tried using a stylus on a curved screen???

dead before arrival. waiting for mate 40 pro

  • RS

Anurag, 05 Aug 2020Not buying Samsung unless Snapdragon No one is forcing you

Mike9625, 05 Aug 2020Dissapointing AF no doubts why Huawei is overtaking its pla... moreHuawei only surpassed Samsung because of Covid-19. China recovered while the rest of the world was starting to feel the weight of covid-19 So it affected Samsung shipments. Plus it's not sales its shipments dont get ahead of yourself. Samsung will retain its position once this covid-19 is over.

  • Anurag

Not buying Samsung unless Snapdragon

Shui8, 05 Aug 2020Yes. LiDAR > ToF > Laser AF. Weird that Samsung... moreLidar is for kids. No professional person will ever use that

  • Anonymous

60 Hz display in note 20. Come on this is 2020

Some brands coming with 144hz and have hidden features upto 160 Hz..
Another drawback is not improving their chipset.

Only US gets latest Snapdragon chipset. Why this old chipset for rest of the world?

Shut up and take my money. That is a gorgeous phone Samsung I love the bronze and white colours

  • Anonymous

Goodbye Samsung, it was a good 10 years...

vijay krishnan, 05 Aug 2020Don't know why you haven't mentioned UWB in the s... moreYes it's the next big thing

  • Anonymous

Shui8, 05 Aug 2020Yes. LiDAR > ToF > Laser AF. Weird that Samsung... moreLidar is Tof.

  • Brad

The Article mentions that only Europe and India got Exynos 990. Is that means except those two, every where will get Snapdragon 865+, including country that got Exynos 990 on S20 series?