Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra unveiled with upgraded screens, S Pen and cameras

05 August 2020
Both Notes have larger displays than their predecessors - a 120 Hz panel in the case of the Ultra, 60 Hz for the vanilla model.

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Woah. Not much innovation & upgraded parts on this year Note series. Note 10+ suddenly makes more sense, given on todays price.

Note 20 series Auto skip in my wishlist phone.

Don't know why you haven't mentioned UWB in the spec. Its the next big thing in phones. Note 20 has UWB.

  • Ftrrr

Booring ...

LG Superfan, 05 Aug 2020Isn't ToF better than Laser AF? Yes.

LiDAR > ToF > Laser AF.

Weird that Samsung ditch it. Considering they dont know how to use it properly on previous S20 Ultra, make sense lol. Huawei P30 & P40 Pro makes good use of it (exceptional low light AF, great bokeh separation, especially in the adjustable Aperture Mode). LiDAR will be applied to iphone 12 & Huawei Mate 40 series this year, looking forward into it.

Note 10 to Note 20 has some minor upgrades but it feels like an overpriced flagship killer and the use of "glasstic" is a very unusual change for a flagship but it's not so bad. Plastic has its strengths against glass so I'm not complaining. Anyways, Note 20 Ultra is a league above the Note 20, it doesn't make sense that the latter exists alongside the former.

If it was called Galaxy Note 20 Lite, chipset changed to S855, bring the price significantly lower, it would be pretty decent like the S10 Lite.

Dissapointing AF no doubts why Huawei is overtaking its place as the number one. All the samsung smartphones this year were a Huge failure.

  • Anonymous

Hahaha it looks like Note 10 is better, and most importantly, cheaper. Better to buy Note 10

  • Anonymous

Oppo reno 4 is that you?

  • cherry

Hassan90, 05 Aug 2020Note 20 shouldn't be regarded as a flagship anymore! ... moreExactly, Note 20 is a crap phone. S20 5G with Snapdragon it is just excellent, hast all the top specs one could wish in 2020 for an excellent price (700 Euro).

  • geordie81

the price for the Ultra is in the UK is £1179 for the 256gb version, and £1279 for the 512gb model, you get free buds live, or a game pass and controller as part of the bundle....

  • Anonymous

Anders, 05 Aug 2020So the Ultra has micro SD support again but the standard do... moreThe mircosd slot will be present in the Note 20 lite along with the headphone jack. lol jk.

The Guesser Leakster, 05 Aug 2020Read before you even answer kiddo. The 64 mp is 1.07x op... moreOkay, you think that the 64MP camera is all that is doing the zoom work? what about focal length? Have you even tested out the samsung galaxy s20's 64MP zoom yet?

And yes, ToF sensor is supposed to be useful in bokeh, but it virtually makes no difference in everyday use. Take a look at the photos. Samsung galaxy s20's photos look the same as the galaxy s20+'s photos, even though s20+ has a 4th sensor. These kinds of sensors are purely marketing gimmicks and provide no extra use for the phone. But like I said, huawei's ToF sensor is actually used to improve portraits.

The problem with "picking the worst side of 2 worlds" is that people don't care and don't realize these kinds of differences.

  • Anonymous

"The bet here is that the longer zoom and brighter f/3.0 aperture will make up for the smaller 1.0 µm pixels "
Samsung's website states that the tele camera has a field of view of 20°, then one can calculate that the camera will capture less light per time from distant objects than the S20 Ultra despite the better f number.

  • Anonymous

Watch sammy release Note 20 Lite with headphone jack and microsd card slot in a few months.

  • Anonymous

A bad deal fro Europe with crap chipset again. Only decent upgrade is longer optical zoom rest is much the same old

The Guesser Leakster, 05 Aug 2020if huawei got gms, the note 20 series will be destroyed ins... morelol how much do you want to bet?

Wait a second, dissapointment is SUBJECTIVE lol.

Where did you get iPhone 12 series will be a "dissapointment"? Heck, the $650 iPhone 12 5G is cheaper than your $800 oneplus 8t 5G. Especially cheaper than your $999 galaxy s20 5G and note 20 5G. Probably even better than the $1000 mate 40 5G model. Seriously though, +90hz refresh rate isn't worth the $150 gap. And yes, 90% of people don't care about 128GB of storage.

All you people care about specs, specs, specs. When specs don't deliver, nothing will. Uh huh.

  • Anonymous

For fans of the stylus there is no substitute...

While true there is not really a winner anymore either. It's just better of the crap now.

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 05 Aug 2020Isn't ToF better than Laser AF? Yes.

Even better when you have double ToF like V60 and 1 ii (emission and reception parts).

  • Anonymous

miaumiaumiau, 05 Aug 2020I work for a big company, I know how things work and etc. t... moreI agree, that a $1000 phone should not have these cuts.
But these companies are too greedy.

  • njsilva84

S8 9.0, 05 Aug 20201000 thousand for galaxy a71 in different name lmaoo not wo... moreThe sensor size is something that anyone who really cares about photography quality will take that into consideration.
The ultra-wide autofocus is super important, at least to the ones that care about photography.
You can take some amazing photos with the ultra-wide camera with auto-focus, like focusing on a subject that is really close to the phone and having the background naturally blurred.

Clearly you don't know anything about photography, as many Note buyers don't know either but it doesn't mean that there are not photography enthusiasts that really care about it.
Basically, most people know little to nothing about photography but they just pretend that they do.