Better Business Bureau finds T-Mobile to be misleading Americans about 5G in ads

06 November 2020
T-Mobile has agreed to change the wording of its claims about 5G.

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  • Anonymous

No good

  • Debra Mann

T mobile just hijacked my phones that I own. I have been trying to cut off my service since the middle of April! I had the phones cut off yesterday at the store, and by 7pm after having a new carrier put a sim card in, the Tmobile highjacked my account and put a "stolen report on it". I had to go back into the new carrier today and purchase a new phone because Tmobile is being treacherous and I cant trade in phones(that I own) to a new carrier with that tag on them..

  • Anonymous

Have 5g and zero service. Won't even send a text!!!

  • Rory69

I’m a sprint customer but the T-Mobile guy tried switching up my plans after I told him not to, I had to then speak to several reps to get it switched back to my old sprint plans and discounts which I’m not sure they are all accurate until I see a complete bill. Then the T-Mobile guy swapped out our SIM cards to T-Mobile which now my service is horrible slow networks speeds and dropped calls, unclear call quality while in a call in my vehicle. The T-Mobile experience plain sucks!

  • Anonymous

Ihatetmobile, 24 Apr 2021I've had t-mobile for 3 weeks and I absolutely hate e... moreJust signed up with T Mobile and am enjoying the blazing fast speed of 3 MB / Min - no really WTF?

  • Ihatetmobile

I've had t-mobile for 3 weeks and I absolutely hate everything about their service with the exception of one nice chat agent who was kind. I cannot text the other person on my line. I cannot receive verification texts. They told me I could retain my old number but failed to disclose its thru a digits app that is costing an extra $10 a month and I have to utilize that specific app instead of this $900 phone messaging app I'm paying for. T-mobile is an absolute joke. I will switch away as soon as I possibly can.

  • PRTitan

Was at Walmart to buy a new SIM card for my unblocked phone. The clerk suggested TMobile/Sprint. However, in checking the IMEI number (to confirm the phone was not blocked) TMobile ran a credit check! This was totally unauthorized. If the phone was not accepted on their network, I could stop at that point in the process and did walking out of the store. Two weeks later, I get a credit application denial! Bastards. Do not trust TMobile/Spint.

  • Slickalick

Spent all this money on a NEW phone with t mobile and was told the voverage was better than sprint and so far the coverage is GARBAGE! Even WIFI sucks on this phone. I HATE T MOBILE!!!!! WITH THEIR LYING BEHINDS!!

  • Anonymous

When switching from T-Mobile, they billed me for a whole month even thought I switched 4 days into my billing cycle. When I called to complain, they threatened my credit rating if I didn't pay them. T-mobile is run by thieves. Never forget what you are signing up for.

  • Anonymous

Hagan, 03 Dec 2020It’s disgusting how companies like T-mobile lie to the Amer... more6 days in and not happy only reason I had to switch because they told me my old phone battery would not keep up with new upgrades.. with sprint 20 years and no issues..Im about ready to throw this phone out the window I'm so damb mad..I know its not the phone it's T-mobile. Not a happy camper rite now!

  • Anonymous

Mobile is no G

  • X

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2021T mobile sent me a letter that was totally incorrect as to ... moreI received a text message that I had fished paying off my plan, but my bill never went down. When I went to the store a balance, for my phone, appears on another phone line on my account. This is not the first time Stange things happen on the bill.

  • X

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2021I go way back with sprit at the time of nextel since t-mobl... moreSame here. I had Sprint for over 15 years and never had a problem. Ever since I switched to Team Mobile my calls drop, don't come in and my text messages are constantly failing. I have had the worst experience with Team mobile. The service is awful and it's not like they are inexpensive.

  • Anonymous

Hagan, 03 Dec 2020It’s disgusting how companies like T-mobile lie to the Amer... moreI go way back with sprit at the time of nextel since t-moble bought sprint I have very little service. I am in my 70's and can no longer call my husband or family my area only gives me 2 bars were I live and when I drive to Grantville Pa it puts me in roaming never had these problems with sprint.

  • Ty

Anonymous , 04 Mar 2021T-Mobile is advertising a Magenta Unlimited 55 plan for $35... moreTmobile is misleading!! Be warned. There are add-on fees for them to even bring your lying over $10 fee for a Sim card plus I just determined that I’m only getting 4G as opposed to 5G on my magenta plan

  • Anonymous

T-Mobile is advertising a Magenta Unlimited 55 plan for $35/line for 2 lines with AutoPay ($70/mo), taxes and fees included. No one seems to know why the actual bill amount is $83. The advertising seems very misleading.

  • Anonymous

T mobile sent me a letter that was totally incorrect as to my financial history. I will be getting another carrier tomorrow. And whoever is responsible for this should be terminated immediately

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2020Like any american company from any sectorT-Mobile is not an American company so perhaps that is not the source of the evil and we need to dig deeper to find the problem maybe its because they are foreign o wait so is Unilever and Philps with 1 l damn perhaps national origin has nothing to do with it

This advertising is only arguably misleading I find the latest ad offering a free fone for new customers switching service is flat out misleading as there is under no conditions a free fone in your future ; it comes with some hidden strings 1 ) not free you must have apple 6s or higher to trade in (still not free) 2 ) There is always a charge no matter what version apple you have 3) If you haven't an apple forget it 4) No matter what you will waste considerable time
5) They get testy as though they are the aggrieved party
Note : These are broad brush comments the while misrepresentations are all real some minor details maybe wrong due to laziness and lack of interest.
Best Regards and Please be careful out there

  • Hagan

It’s disgusting how companies like T-mobile lie to the American government just to be CLEARED to buy out other companies with fake promises.
I recently had to switch from 10years of sprint to T-Mobile. This was months ago, and I was lied to IN MY FACE, that “ we now have all sprint towers, and have the same reception & service that you had on sprint.” Meanwhile I’m paying 200$ a month for 3 phones that NEVER EVER have good working service. Absolutely disgusting, T-Mobile backs out on promises to the government for sprint merger & nothing happens. The government conducts a random test and finds T-Mobile service is less than HALF as operational as the company claims, AND NOTHING HAPPENS.
I will NEVER let someone I know willingly go to T-Mobile.