First OnePlus 9 CAD renders surface

14 November 2020
Three cameras on the back, off-centered punch-hole selfie camera on the front.

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  • Pandit

Please Don't buy Chones phones.

Demongornot, 14 Nov 2020Cons : *Horrible and useless punch hole as usual, as if th... moreSame old copy paste blah blah blah

  • jNO

Nice move, remove all those useless 2MP cameras and retain wide, ultrawide and telephoto only.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020Looks fine but i don't understand why they are putting... moreU r basically saying this is ugly too.

  • Anonymous

Front Samsung Galaxy and rare iPhone especially with that camera design.

OnePlus lost its uniqueness

  • excuse me wtf

what is this condoluded crap design? more steps of this may cause oneplus to join the likes of lg and htc

Oneplus 8 Pro is the last oneplus phone I'll ever own. 1+ is heading into the very wrong direction.

Ugly design

  • AnonD-955101

Demongornot, 14 Nov 2020Without even talking about no front camera... Considering ... moreUsefulness and implementation design are two different things,you know that right.
It is useless because you are afraid from spying and you cant hide it right?
Agree,big notch is useless if there are no ir,face scanners. but for the ffc? Punch hole, notch, bezzel,pop up or any other design doesn't make the front facing camera more or less useful at all.
There is literally zero logic when you say punch hole has less quality that the others, and many flagships(mostly all with a decent sensors) are pure example that the design doesnt matter.

That looks very reminiscent of a certain phone, don't we think?

Oh well. Looks cheap as hell anyway.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 14 Nov 2020Cons : *Horrible and useless punch hole as usual, as if th... moreAgain with the high res ToF crap?
It does not exist because it has no use, otherwise Sony and Samsung would be already doing.

This speech is even worse than saying Pixels are good phones like paid youtubers do.

  • Anonymous

Y'know if ZTE already figured out how to cut this punch holes and notches crap with their under display cam and sensors on their Axon 20 5G , I would have thought that 1+ being the better performing OEM already has plans to provide a better solution?

  • Anonymous

nanagdad, 14 Nov 20201+ should continue placing camera modules on the center lik... moreEasier to use larger battery when cam goes to corner.

1+ should continue placing camera modules on the center like previous phone. The top left corner camera lenses get easily covered with fingerprints and smudges especially when playing a game in landscape unlike on the center like 1+ 8 pro and the 7/t pros.

  • Carbon copy

So a "carbon copy" of their own Oppo Reno design. Looks good though, pretty minimalist, but better have a proper camera upgrade in overall camera setup.

It looks pretty cool

  • Anonymous

Looks fine but i don't understand why they are putting lenses on square shaped camera bump platform thing. Makes it look like an ugly iphone.


AnonD-955101, 14 Nov 2020Horrible for some people?sure. but useless? Cmon man, dont... moreWithout even talking about no front camera...
Considering how many sensors a phone like the Galaxy S8/S9 had in his bezel :
*True and effective proximity sensor (those under display work poorly).
*True and effective ambiant light sensor (same, the old one were much more responsive).
*A good front facing camera (those in punch hole are shrunk so much they are really bad).
*Iris recognition (regardless what peoples have to say about face recognition VS any other methods, a more secure like Iris or 3D is ALWAYS better than a 2D one).
*Color notification LED.

Vs punch hole :
*One, tiny, lower resolution camera.

Even a notch do better, at least teardrop notch can allow proximity and ambiant light sensors to be put next to the camera, even if they are smaller and therefor less effective (the only proper implementation on a small notch was the Essential PH1).

Sure, the bezel of the S8/S9 was "big" by today standard, but considering phones like the Google Pixel 4/4XL amazing sensor suit that except for the useless soli radar was great, and how slim a bezel can be, proven by phones like the Meizu 16 serie and the Nubia Red Magic 5 and Xiaomi Black Shark 3, it isn't much of a problem as the biggest part of the body is already used for display.

So considering the annoyance, issues and ugliness of the punch hole, only for a single camera and no other sensors, yes I'm gonna say it is useless.

A good implementation would be a bigger hole with sensors densely packed around it, like a small notch, and using the space on both sides to display exclusively, and on two lines, the status bar's notifications and status icons.
That would be a great use of space, in fact that what Apple should have done, allowing the space around the notch to be only for status and putting it on two lines (as a single one isn't enough even for status icons only).

There is also pop up which can host multiple sensors, from one to two camera, front facing floodlight, 3D facial recognition ToF or Structured Light, and the slim border is enough to host ambiant light and proximity sensor and notification light.

We are paying more expensive devices that can do less and have less expensive but worse performing sensors because of the punch hole.
The notch was ugly, but when properly used at least it was justifying its presence.
Though display interruption is partially compatible with iOS, would also have been partially with Windows Phone, but is not at all compatible with Android that require every available pixels to compress all possible icons up there.