First OnePlus 9 CAD renders surface

14 November 2020
Three cameras on the back, off-centered punch-hole selfie camera on the front.

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Anonymous, 14 Nov 2020It looks more unique than the 8T, which was just a Samsung ... moreAnd this one doesn't look like Galaxy s20 FE?

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We all know this is a true oppo phone now Carl pei has left. We all know that right?

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Demongornot, 14 Nov 2020Cons : *Horrible and useless punch hole as usual, as if th... moreHorrible for some people?sure. but useless?
Cmon man, dont bring those arguments again.

Devil , 14 Nov 2020Another rebranded Oppo? Same company m8

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It looks more unique than the 8T, which was just a Samsung copy basically

Cons :
*Horrible and useless punch hole as usual, as if there wasn't already enough phones with this.
*Camera hump and poor camera island design again, just make the device thicker to hide that horrible hump, it would also allow for bigger battery.
*The two main sensor look big, which is good, but that third small one smell like a crappy useless 2Mp/5Mp resolution.
*Probably no 3.5mm Jack as usual, no ,visible signs of it...And all other typical bad OP things, including bloatware and way too expensive compared to some others.

Pro :
*FLAT DISPLAY ! Only the hole to be gone now and they will get close to decency again.
*Less camera, which CAN be good if they are smart enough to properly combine them, the ideal configuration is :
*Main (Standard/Wide) and Ultra-Wide combined, with a continuous zoom lens.
*Telephoto as Periscope with deep focus control that allow Portrait and Macro mode.
*There is really low chances about that, but the third sensor COULD be a specific type of ToF/Flash LiDAR using all pixels and which depth map resolution is equal to the sensor resolution, allowing for high resolution depth map, which in turn can allow for many things currently not possible because of how low resolution most ToF/LiDAR are.
Though there is many useful things that third sensor could be without necessarily being directly usable by the user but that could make a significant improvement to computational photography.
In fact, a regular but ultra fast 12Mp sensor with a simple super shallow depth of field and a super fast focus change from a certain distance to the closest could allow to map with a good accuracy depth (way less precisely than with a pulsed ToF Flash LiDAR, significantly less than a modulated ToF Flash LiDAR, and extremely less than Structured Light) that is more than enough for simple AR content and good for computational photography as it is both in color and don't require data computation while being almost real time.
It is basically almost the same as Gated Imaging but using phase detection autofocus to sort out data (as you control the focus first and then through that you get distance data), but sadly, it won't happen, phone manufacturers aren't clever/imaginative enough for doing that.

Just put back the 3.5mm Jack and make a Pro variant without curved edge and with the good old pop up, and it will have a huge success !

Yes I did say to combine Macro with the Telephoto.
You DON'T put Macro in the Ultra-Wide, those are the two extreme opposite, the Macro beg to be put in a Telephoto.
For obtaining the same subject size in the picture, the Ultra-Wide require a way closer minimum focus distance than the Telephoto would, and Ultra-Wide usually have a deep depth of field which make things worse (as the range between minimum focus and usable focus is quite big), while, with magnification, you can get along with a further minimum focus distance on a longer focal length lens than with a 1x one, meaning the Telephoto would be great for that purpose, only requiring to being capable of lowering his focus range/depth of field to a shallow one, which by itself allow for real Portrait, and at the same time a closer focus range which naturally turn it into a Macro.

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Rosso, 14 Nov 2020Looks like shitThat's way too polite haha

Still horrible camera position. Hopefully 9t will be made smarter.!

Devil , 14 Nov 2020Another rebranded Oppo? "It's what I do " - OnePlus

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TEtech, 14 Nov 2020I don't see why a op phone is unwanted Because until 2017 they had higher antutu score (not honestly btw).
So geeks fell in love.

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Why am i looking at iphone camera??

SHAPESHIFTER, 14 Nov 2020URGH ,😠 never 😱I don't see why a op phone is unwanted

Rosso, 14 Nov 2020Looks like shit👍

Looks like shit

TEtech, 14 Nov 2020Soo what wanted? IPhone? URGH ,😠 never 😱

  • Devil

Another rebranded Oppo?

SHAPESHIFTER, 14 Nov 2020More unwanted phones on the planet,as if we are not scratch... moreSoo what wanted? IPhone?

"A smaller 6.55" one"?!

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U G L Y .