WhatsApp introduces new privacy policy, will share your data with Facebook

07 January 2021
For non-EU users, it is either this or deleting your account.

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  • Anonymous

Note9 User, 07 Jan 2021General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should now become... morePlease... The only thing EU knows what to do with GDPR is suing company to get their pocket loaded. People don't even use GDPR for things really matters. And when it comes to enforcing, EU is doing very little.

  • anyone

while i'm sure whatsapp already shares the users data with facebook, making it official disgusts me to no end. i despise facebook for everything that is (that's why i quit the platform many years ago) and try to stay away from it, and now it seems that is time to look for alternatives. even tho they say uk and eu will not be part of this (like anyone will believe that).
it really is time for some really tough rules about data privacy

  • Judith

royo1e, 07 Jan 2021I have allowed my whatsapp to access only contact and micro... moreI agree with that i also have it on my WhatsApp also i am letting a few people in and the rest are denied Facebook cannot take that away from no one it is your privacy what you are writing to not theirs

Note9 User, 07 Jan 2021WhatsApp and Facebook to share users' data outside Eur... more"although they will need to accept new terms."

  • Anonymous

This hurry I think is linked to the fact that all ready Facebook got infos from WhatsApp and they don't want to be caught, risking a lot of loses in court over privacy.
Have you seen that every time you put a new number on agenda after few hours you got a recommendation/question on Facebook about the relation to that person?

  • Note9 User

JohnW1981, 07 Jan 2021What about UK? We're like officially no longer in EU a... moreWhatsApp and Facebook to share users' data outside Europe and UK:

  • Anonymous

abigfanoftechs, 07 Jan 2021Time to remove Whatsapp from Apple & Google stores. Th... morethis is very true.
Misuse of Consumer behavior

What about UK? We're like officially no longer in EU anymore.

use signal if you care about your privacy

  • Kang

"if you're not paying for the product, then you are the product"
All the countries needs more stronger laws like GDPR now more than ever.

What a joke, ftc and us legislation institutions should just stop putting a show of "fair competition protectors" and save their budget for something more useful.

Time to remove Whatsapp from Apple & Google stores.
This is retrospectively forced compliance.

Maybe be it's OK for new users but not existing users.

  • SR

OwnFix3, 07 Jan 2021You went from one pos to another pos. even telegram and Twitter also share data.
but their scams aren't public news yet.
in future it will happen.
every company is using public data to fund their business.
they don't have any other option than doing this.
they have options to charge for the service but as usual no guarantee of data privacy.
I still use Facebook and Google and will use it for future till I need.
cause I know if this billion dollar companies are running by selling data then the others are selling much more than these companies.
telegram is probably a Russian company.
I don't need to use their service.
both Russian and Chinese companies are called as spy countries around this world and often criticized for their malicious hacking tactics on other countries websites.

will stay with Facebook.

  • kek

well, nothing of value was lost. The more you keep yourself away from Facebook/Twitter, the better your mental health is

Anna, 07 Jan 2021Since last two years, I am using Telegram and Twitter and h... moreYou went from one pos to another pos.

Weren't they already sharing data with Facebook after the purchase?
Still have to keep this since a few people are too lazy to install another app called telegram.

I have allowed my whatsapp to access only contact and microphone since long time. Rest all are denied.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Thanks Mark for killing WhatsApp. What's next? Instagram?There actually was a recent update to the terms of use of Instagram - right now they have access to your camera in order to suggest you new filters or masks.

I honestly don't think it gets more 1984 than this.

I've been waiting for a chance to completely switch to Telegram, and now I have that. I'm that few people paid $2 for WhatsApp when it was first launched and questioned why they made it as free app later. When they sell the app to FB, I thought it was a foolish decision and knew that sooner or later FB will interfere with the way the app works.
Time to send WhatsApp broadcast that I'm moving to Telegram.

  • Zuckingduck

saacir, 07 Jan 2021New Telegram user here.To *hel* with WApp now, all me and my homies use telegram.
Time to donate some BTC to telegram...❤️🔥