Weekly poll results: The ideal display is a flat 120Hz panel of 1080p resolution

17 January 2021
On the flip side, high resolution curved displays are an unpopular option, especially if the refresh rate is just 60Hz.

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  • Anonymous

wolf, 17 Jan 2021What about the elephant in the room.....the goddamn annoyin... moreNothing. People are just fools and herd together to hate on things that don't fit some unrealistic criteria.

  • Anonymous

False. Quad hd being able to be lowered to 1080p is clearly and logically far superior

  • wolf

What about the elephant in the room.....the goddamn annoying holes in screens without possibility to even "hide the notch"?
What's so wrong with a minimal bezel to house the camera?
Just look at Meizu 16th....perfect screen solution!

  • AnonD-804996

4K panels on tiny devices like phones is dumb use of resources. There is NO point in having such high resolution on such tiny displays except for bragging with specs. We had 1080p on 32" TV's and suddenly that's not enough for 6" phones? Sure there is viewing distance difference, but not enough to make any kind of sense. You put more strain on GPU, more on battery as whole for what? A minuscule difference in sharpness that might be noticed by 5% of users? While I may complain over Samsung dropping expandable storage and using plastic on their flagship S series, using 1080p display isn't one of them. It's the most reasonable high end panel anyone really needs on a phone.

  • Anonymous

4K > rest

You will all say this when Samsung or any chinese phones adopt 4K.

  • Anonymous

Olym1mk2, 17 Jan 2021Doesn't matter what screen, 1080p is enough. Stop tryi... moreWell true but, what if people like me who want to have the extreme, even if it's technically not better?
Like my work phone has a 720P screen and my main phone has a 1440P screen, I can't really notice that much of a deference. You have to go pretty close and use a magnifying lens to see it the difference. Also my work phone with the 720P screen, 4000mAh battery and SD430 lasts longer than my main one.

*I also like the high resolution, cause I can take native high resolution screenshots! XD

Firewarrior96, 17 Jan 2021so true , people like you who made us came this far 😏Wrong. If it was because of people like me, 4.7" and 720p with flagship hardware and performance, would still be a thing. Bezels were even so clear that you could put on a cover and play NFL, NBA and NHL without the screen and phone would break or crack.

I don't care what y'all say. The S21 and S21+ are insane downgrades. Even in performance. There's literally nothing better about them.

abc-to-xyz, 17 Jan 2021I've never met anyone who says that curved displays ar... moreLook at the round corner of all the phones out there. Then look at the tv's we have today. Before, the TV had round corners and the phones had square screens. Now the TV have square screens and the phones have the rounded corners.

The first cellphones needed a briefcase for battery, now phones needs a powerbank to survive a day without a power plug. So yeah, we are evolving the wrong way again. Or should we just call it devolving.

I've never met anyone who says that curved displays are good to use. Don't know the Chinese obsession of that. They make phone look like a 90s CRT tv.

Davy Jones, 17 Jan 2021For me a perfect phone display Size - 6" Resolution ... moreYou totally want a Razer Phone 3 like I do don't you? Lol. That was my ideal phone apart from its battery...

  • Vic

Curved screens are not only useless, but also more prone to break and expensive to repair (actually to replace).

  • boostaboosh

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021Yes that’s what I votedHigher refresh rate screens are not useless, the difference between 120Hz and 60Hz screens is big and definately noticable.

  • Anonymous

Hello Life, 17 Jan 2021yup in theory, for the same display size and resolution, a ... moreOled TVs are RGB only, no pentile.
You forgot to mention.

The poll choices were not accurate.

So the results are not accurate.

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021I don‘t know how it is with OLED, but a 1440p panel needs a... moreYeah you're jumping on another realm of technology there. TV panels are completely different. But we've already had QHD OLED (I only ever considered OLED panels as I was talking about flagships) panels on phones and they've been breaking records of brightness, colour gamut and colour accuracy each 6 months (Go back to see GSMArena's display reviews of the S6, then Note5, then S7, then... and you'll see it too)

  • DSHR

[deleted post]Display width- C (65mm), anything wider is difficult to grip.

Screen Aspect- H (21:9), perfect for watching movies and more real estate in compact-like form factor.

Screen Vertical Pixels- L (2160), same reason as 512GB storage, 16GB Ram, this is flagship phone! More seriously most people hold phones about 8-10 inches away and at that distance you need high res panel. Plus if you record 4K video on phone you can tell the difference between a 1080p & 2160p playback (test it on two devices to see what I mean, transfer the same video across to both phones, made by one of them). Also VR!

Screen Refresh Rate- Q (120Hz), we need more content in this though.

Display shape- T (Flat, rounded corners), less likely to break your screen. A lot of people broke their S7 Edge vs those who used the regular S7. Plus edged can lead to accidental touches. Rounded corners are just more cool in my opinion though.

Bezel Size- Doesn't matter, as long as no notch/ cut-out that will mess with my head while watching content on my phone that I paid over £1000 for! Plus that space can be used for front-facing stereo speakers.

Other stuff, we want lower prices! More innovation from companies which means more VR integration, better ways to share content. We can make 4K 60fps video and what do we do with it, whatsapp it in 480p. Better battery life, longer update support, more cool features, etc.

  • Joao Goncalves

The best display is a flat 90Hz panel of 1080p resolution, U dont even put that option, longer battery with a great refesh rate!

  • Joao Goncalves

Best is with 90Hz