Sony Xperia Pro is finally nearing launch almost one year after its unveiling

21 January 2021
Firmware for the upcoming phone has started to hit Sony servers.

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  • Big Ted

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021My xz 2016 is doing great So is mine.

For the love of God. Releasing a phone which announced a year ago. Just another Sony producing/marketing disasterclass. Just how idiot this Sony is.

I really love this phone.

  • Anonymous

My xz 2016 is doing great

  • MoonWolf

Okey I'm surprised ! And SONY is the best for me i want to see this device. When will be in Bulgaria?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Most professionals are using iPhone?? For their professiona... morePeople continue to fall for this marketing gimmick of a phone

  • Anonymous

vrvly, 22 Jan 2021Top brands are doing it successfully, or more like any bran... moreYeah OnePlus is very successful. It's a BBK write off brand.

  • J dog

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021What are you people talking about? Don't tell me you w... moreReading your post your right on point with everything. Still rocking my ultra a1. I've been using Sony phones about four years now and love them. However being in the market place for a new phone, Sonys phone prices a gone up Alot for mid range phones.. Going to look at other companies. I see sony pulling out of the phone market in a couple years with loosing profits.

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021What are you people talking about? Don't tell me you w... moreTop brands are doing it successfully, or more like any brand that sell more than sony, coincidence?

All I want from Sony is...Sony Xperia 1II and 5 II with...their own launcher apps for photo etc. and better camera. They selling huge amount of camera hardware to other companies but year by year lose in their phones to Samsung, Huawei, Apple sometimes LG (not V60) now Pixel maybe even OnePlus, Xiaomi.
Just Sony Xperia 1/5 II with +15% better camera and for me if they use their launcher (because I dont want to install 20 apps for basic stuff) they win vs Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OP.
If they want 800-1200€ for their phones sorry but you need to show something really good.
If you consider yourself...a big player in the photo market.
It's nice that there are two "pro" photo applications but for others, these functions are in the auto. In addition, this mode works well , very well at their competition and Sony must at least have an equally good application. Manual mode should be something extra, especially since the competition has a lot to offer in camera - night mode/photos.

Sony is like:

Kaiba: Screw the rules, I've got money !!!

You know the kids with spunk hair, neon shoes, colorful jackets. And then there's this guy in a suit. A well ironed suit, and pants, polished black shoes, combed hair. That's what Sony looks like to me. A well dressed guy.

  • Imran

I have read some really negative comments about Sony phones, but I can positively say Sony is the only company that produces some of the best smart phones ever. I've been using Sony phones for many years, and no other phones can compare them. Personally Sony is the best on the market.

  • BeeAnt

Last year phone with last year chipset about to launch now? TOO LATE

  • LucasN82

Xperia PRO + alpha 7SIII. 4K 6.5inch OLED display for real-time preview :) Thats Pro kids.

nice, looks like a rugged phone design

  • Saddam

Wel come sony lets do it,wish u all the best,and good luck

  • Anonymous

Unb1453d, 22 Jan 2021DOA device, by the almost-extinct greedy company. You won&#... moreYou got no clue what you are talking about so you and your comment are LOL.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021At this point the name should be switched the the Xperia 1 ... moreParticularly this phone was made for realtime wireless data transfer between devices and as EVF so SoC inside makes very little difference. I would assume these phones will be sold in batches to production companies. Sales will be miserable no matter what.

DOA device, by the almost-extinct greedy company. You won't be missed if sooner or later your division is going downhill and hit it fast. Lol