Sony Xperia Pro is finally nearing launch almost one year after its unveiling

21 January 2021
Firmware for the upcoming phone has started to hit Sony servers.

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Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Sometimes I wonder if Sony is actually trying to lose customers.They are already losing whether they realize it or not. Lol

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Shui8, 22 Jan 2021'They do not plan to make it their daily driver phone&... moreWell, this "professionals" might needs some point and shoot with their hand ready phone. so the camera of that Xperia Pro is still useful.

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vrvly, 22 Jan 2021Sony should consider releasing first then introducing, it&#... moreWhat are you people talking about? Don't tell me you would consider this phone if it was announced today and released tomorrow. You wouldn't consider it no matter what. It's all psychological buzz in your head justified by some koolaid hype that doesn't exist. Those who are in the market will buy it no matter if it's released tomorrow or two months from the announcement.

What Apple, Samsung and OnePlus are doing are strategic launch parties that costs hundreds of millions in advertising expenses from announcement keynotes, to presales with sales partners through pre established sales channels, to physical and digital advertising space, to paid promotion in terms of "outstanding" day zero reviews. It's an expensive chain of product promotion wrapped as "product announcement & launch". But it's a lot more than that.

Why would Sony or LG or Nokia ever do such thing when they don't even have carriers worldwide who would sell their product? And why would they even have carriers on their team? So they could take the chunk of each sale? Should they give out presents worth hundreds of dollars together with the phone that already costs four figures to every Joe the tech blogger just so he could write up nice review on day zero? It's different ball game for them altogether. Them releasing the phone very next day after the announcement makes zero difference.

Do people still buy Sony PHONES?

Even in TV segment Samsung QLED is much better than Sony.

Good bye Sony!!

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Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Name one professional who is using a flagship smartphone fo... moreIt is to connect to the camera and use as monitor.
Not to replace the camera.

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Shui8, 22 Jan 2021I dont need to name them. Most professionals I've saw/... moreMost professionals are using iPhone?? For their professional work?? ROFL... Just stop it man!!!

Oh Sony, so much about your phones appeal to me but the timing and release schedule is just stopping me.

Shiny Dave, 22 Jan 2021Sony at least offer occasional relevance - even if it'... moreYes the lite editions like s10 lite,note lite and the budget M series and A series saved samsung...also their marketing and promos..something which sony or lg needs to adopt

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I wish sony will come back to philippines😔

It is obvious, Sony does not want to compete with the market. Well idk while they are still in business when clearly they do not compete, the mobile divisian is extremely reliant on Sony fanboys (that includes me) but I wish Sony will reorganize it's mobile division and starts to seriously compete again.

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no notch or hole cool this is nice hope its affordable i will buy

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Name one professional who is using a flagship smartphone fo... moreI dont need to name them. Most professionals I've saw/met definitely using an iPhone. Check it for yourself.

As for me, theres a better phone. But the point it, professionals dont care because they had superior hardware with them already.

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Shui8, 22 Jan 2021Your exaggerating. But nice joke 😂😂😂Name one professional who is using a flagship smartphone for their professional photography.

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Is clear Sony doesn't care much about mobile division. There are still here just to show people that they can do this too. Is like they are releasing prototype phones, not standard phones for everybody.
True, their phones are somewhat original and different than what you find in the market nowadays. But sadly, that makes them appealing only to a small percentage of population.
Sony is more like the Apple of Android world. And I am not saying that as a compliment.

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The best design and phone Ive ever seen. Dream pure PRO smartphone for me.

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At this point the name should be switched the the Xperia 1 make, and then still a snapdragon 888 into it. Otherwise this has no chance of selling, and will be the true downfall of the mobile division.

Sony should consider releasing first then introducing, it's embarrassing otherwise, 3 months later is enough to cool down excitement, forget 1year. A lot of recycle happening lately.

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Ah Sony, back in the days you were king, you have it all right though with some issues with your phone plus a very bad administration you have have cost not only your popularity, but also those who believes in you.

Then again, a year late is still short compared to not being released at all...

then again, Sony mobile doesn't exist in our country...